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  1. 1. Kingston Frontenacs Analysis of Results and Future Recommendations for Brand #ChalkAboutIt Kurtis Cowan
  2. 2. Cross Media Optimization StrategyThere were too many different social media sources to keep track of during the execution ofthe “Flash Mob”.Two of the nine platforms were stand alone because they didn’t need any help from otheroutlets. Those two outlets were Twitter and Facebook because it is easy to reach theaudience we were looking for as a marketing team.I felt that the cross media optimization was well done. Individual analysis of results and future recommendations for brand ( CMOST, Channel, Analytics, content etc…) 10%
  3. 3. Cross Media Optimization Strategy OpportunitiesWe should have decreased the number of social media platforms in order to focus on thelogistics of the assignment as a whole.We could have used traditional media sources, but everyone one had the same mind set ofsocial media is our only option.An earlier startup time to the project would have allowed for accounts to be createdspecifically for “ChalkAboutIt”. Individual analysis of results and future recommendations for brand ( CMOST, Channel, Analytics, content etc…) 10%
  4. 4. ChannelsFacebook Twitter FoursquarePosted map of location During the event Tweets of “K”s were Worked wellStarted off slow, due to lack of uploaded. Not a large social media channel inexposure to the community, stronger We used personal accounts because of Kingston with the audience we werenear end which made this social media more followers/influence looking for.the most successful. Good tool for flash mob because it Three check in stations, all with pictures25 “likes” showing what was at the stations would keep the number of people who Good for metricsShared other social media channels knew about it to a minimum while Recommended for future because it iscontent simply because it is the largest reaching a lot of people. very measurable.channel and reached the most people.All other forms of social media were Youtube SlideShareposted within Facebook to help spread 173+ views on both videos about the 62 views for the first slideshow of thethe word. flash mob flash mob rulesInstagram The video prior to the event should 2nd slideshow was posted directly after50+ photos have been more interactive and Should have tested the wifi downtown10 followers exciting. to unsure timely posts/updatesWeren’t reaching right demographic Should have used three separate Still have more slideshow to put upWeren’t able to @Chalkaboutit cameras for all three chalk stations to Easy to share over different socialMore followers would have been better create more perspective videos. media channelsIt was good to use cross mediaoptimization (Twitter & Facebook) PinterestWouldn’t work for small companies 4 followers Dood.ly Posted photos of the team & jerseys to Wasn’t very successfulGoogle+ spark interest in Pinterest community Isn’t a popular social media channelGoogle hangout, 32 guests said they Posted daily clues about the flash mob Hard to engage people outside of thewould attend the hangout. Only one Not the right target market classguest actually attended. Not recommended for the Frontenacs Used Twitter to promote Dood.lyPosted teasers to spark interest simply because it targets the wrong Got lost in the main feed of other socialUsed personal accounts for status audience media channelsupdates
  5. 5. AnalyticsUsing channels that majority of our SOCIAL MEDIA class had never heard about was notvaluable to the results of the project, other than the fact that we learned that they didn’twork well.It seemed like most teams didn’t know what their purpose was and walked to each stationto take pictures.Everyone used their social media to the best of their abilities. The Youtube videos got over170 views which was a decent statistic considering our top social media (Facebook) only had25 “Likes”.
  6. 6. ContentThere was not much to say about the “Flash Mob” because we wanted tokeep it relatively discrete so the assignment wasn’t spoiled..With that being said, there was great videos associated with the “Flash Mob”and photos were a key component because this project was 100% based thevisual products.
  7. 7. RecommendationsThere should have been more planning to create a “Flash Mob”.We should have stuck with something more relevant to the Frontenacs (RoadHockey).Using traditional media would be my best recommendation.Letting the students do what they wanted to do would have kept them moreinvolved and eager to create something great.