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4-Concept of fruit bud formation.ppt

  1. Week 3 Lecture 2 Flower Bud Initiation & Development
  2. BUD: Buds are undeveloped and un-elongated stems composed of a very short axis of meristem cells from which arise embryonic leaves, lateral buds and some time only flower parts.
  3. Bud Classification: 1- On the basis of function  Vegetative Buds  Reproductive buds  Simple buds  Mixed buds  Compound buds
  4. 2- On the basis of activity 1. Dormant bud 2. Growing bud
  5. 3- On the basis of position 1. Apical or terminal buds 2. Lateral or axillary buds 3. Adventitious buds
  6. On the basis of Morphology • Scaly bud/Covered bud • Hairy bud • Naked bud
  7. Vegetative bud: Those buds which bear unfolded or unexpanded leaves together with primodium of vegetative buds Flower bud: Those buds in which bear unfolded or unexpanded parts contain only flower parts. They may contain brackets, hairs and are called fruit bud Simple bud: Those buds which contains either flowers parts or vegetative tissues. Example: Cherry, Peach, Plum etc.
  8. Mixed bud: Those buds which contain flower parts as well ad vegetative parts. Example: Apple, Pear, Quince etc. Compound buds: Those buds which contain two or more vegetative buds or mixed buds. Example: Grapes. In grapes both branches and leaves on single bud some time leaves as well as tendrils and fruit bunch. Mixed Flower Buds in pear
  9. Apical or Terminal bud: Those buds which develop at the apex of long shoots or spurs; Example: Mango, Banana, Walnut, Letchi, Loquat, Apple, Pear etc. Lateral or Axillary bud: Those buds which develop at the axil of leaves or on the nodes of branches. Example: Plum, Cherry, Citrus, Date palm, Mulberry etc.
  10. Dormant bud: Those buds which do not grow into shoots or spur during dormant period of growth. Example: Plum, Cherry, Apple, Peach etc.
  11. 1. Growing bud The sprouted bud which started to grow is called as growing bud 1. Scaly bud/ covered . Covered with scale or leaves to protect the embryonic 2. Naked not covered with scales 3. Hairy . Covered with hairs