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PRIV: Get the Most Out of Your New BlackBerry Smartphone

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Simple steps on how to get acquainted with your new BlackBerry PRIV's key features. This quick how-to guide will help you make the most of PRIV with information on details including:

* Access to over 1 million applications on Google Play™

* Both touch and slide out physical keyboards

* 5.4" Quad HD dual-curved screen

* Long lasting 3410 mAh battery

* Schneider-Kreuznach® certified 18 MP dual flash camera

* BlackBerry Hub and Calendar

* DTEK™ by BlackBerry® warning system app to provide
you with the power of privacy

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PRIV: Get the Most Out of Your New BlackBerry Smartphone

  1. 1. Key Guide.Take Control of your Privacy. Whether it’s your financial reports or your selfies, your data is encrypted by default on your PRIV. Extra steps are taken to authenticate and monitor access to your smartphones features and personal data. Rest assured that your experience is unimpeded, and your privacy is under your control. Best of Both Keyboards. PRIV gives you the freedom to choose between a virtual keyboard or a physical keyboard for speed and accuracy. When using the virtual keyboard, predicted words will also appear above individual letters. Simply flick up from the respective letter to insert the suggested word into your composition. Text Selection and Fine Cursor Control The touch enabled keypad can be used for easy text selection and fine cursor control. When in a text input context, double tapping on the keypad will enter an edit mode and expose a handle so that users know and control their exact cursor position. Sliding a finger across the keypad will reposition the cursor. Users can also enable cursor control by touching the physical screen. TIP: Swipe up or down on the physical keyboard to scroll through lists in most applications. Swipe down when composing a message to access the various character input screens. TIP: Swipe horizontally through application panes within the homescreen.When composing a message, swipe from right to left to delete the last word. Dazzling Photo Quality. Capture dazzling photos with the Schneider-Kreuznach® certified 18 MP dual flash camera. Camera Mode Similar to DSLRs, the viewfinder runs at a high frame rate which means that the users’ subject will always appear life-like and smooth and the camera can focus even faster giving you more time for a great shot. Access Advanced Settings to adjust: • Photo Quality & Geolocation • Video Resolution & Frame Rate – up to 4k /30fps & 1080p/60fps • Enhanced Video Stabilization • Media Card Storage Touch Sensitive Physical Keyboard The keys on the physical keyboard are touch sensitive and can be used like a large trackpad, allowing a user to interact with their device in a more efficient and natural way. DTEK™ by BlackBerry® DTEK lets you know when your privacy could be at risk so you can take action to improve it. Know at a glance the overall security rating for your device, as well as for specific security features. Monitor and control application access to your microphone, camera, location and personal information. Predicted words will appear within 3 columns above the keyboard or above the action bar when using the physical keyboard. Either tap the preferred word or flick up along the left, middle or right area of the physical or virtual keyboard to input the preferred word. For further information: blackberry.com/priv * Based on mixed usage scenario. Many factors affect battery life, including network connectivity, application usage, feature configuration and battery age. Actual results may vary. Screen images simulated. Data plan required. Please check with your service provider for availability, costs and restrictions. ©2015 BlackBerry. Trademarks, including but not limited to BlackBerry, EMBLEM & PRIV Design, BBM and BES are the trademarks or registered trademarks of BlackBerry Limited, the exclusive rights to which are expressly reserved. Android, Google Now, and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. Corning and Gorilla are trademarks of Corning Incorporated. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Volume up Mute (press) Volume down 18 MP rear camera Dual Flash Micro USB2.0 with SlimPort 3.5mm Audio Output MicroSD card Nano SIM card Microphone Ambient Light Sensor Array Slide out to reveal a full physical keyboard that also doubles as a track pad for scrolling and fine cursor control Lock/Power Button Multi-color Pulse Sensor Notification Light 2 MP front camera Take a photo while recording a video Video Mode TIP: Snap pictures by pressing the physical volume keys or the space-bar on the physical keyboard. TIP: To take a screen shot, press and hold the Volume down key and the Power key at the same time. Your screen shot is saved in the Photos app. TIP: Hold down the shutter button to take 5 frames per second. Video light on or off Record button To zoom in or out, slide your fingers apart or together on the screen. Tap the area of the screen that you want to focus on. When the subject is in focus, the indicator circle turns green and disappears. Quick access to Advanced Settings, Flash, Aspect Ratio, Timer and HDR. Swipe left or right anywhere on the viewfinder to quickly adjust the exposure. Access more capture settings such as Panorama or video Shutter Button Switch to the front facing camera Press and hold the preview icon to quickly preview, edit, share, or delete the image. Live filters allow you to see how a filter will look before you capture it.
  2. 2. Access to over one million applications on Google Play™ Both touch and slide out physical keyboards 5.4" Quad HD dual-curved screen Long lasting 3410 mAh battery Schneider-Kreuznach® certified 18 MP dual flash camera BlackBerry Hub and Calendar DTEK™ by BlackBerry® warning system app to provide you with the power of privacy For detailed feature demos: demos.blackberry.com/priv Getting Started. Out Of The Box Experience When you first power on the device, you will proceed through a setup wizard that will walk you through the initialization of the device. This will consist of setting the preferred language, Wi-Fi setup, Date and time setup, User Name, Google Account Login, and Google terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Content Transfer Switching to a PRIV will be easier than ever. During the setup of your Priv device, you will be prompted to use the BlackBerry Content Transfer app to move contacts, pictures, music and more from your previous BlackBerry, Android, iOS, or Windows phone device. The BlackBerry Content Transfer app is preinstalled and can be used any time after the initial device set up. Tap & Go is a utility that will quickly copy Google Accounts and backed up apps and data from an existing Android device. Make sure the other device is on, unlocked, and that NFC is enabled. Then briefly place the two devices back-to-back until you hear a tone. The data will be then transfered via NFC. You will be prompted to use Tap & Go during the Setup Wizard. The BlackBerry Content Transfer app provides three options for transferring the data from your previous device. • Google Drive: Transfer the data through the cloud storage service that’s associated with your Google account. • Media card: Save data on a media card and then insert the media card into your new device. • Wi-Fi: Connect both devices to a private Wi-Fi network to transfer your encrypted data. Simply follow the on screen directions to complete the transfer. The content transfer app will need to be installed on your previous device. For more information, visit blackberry.com/transfer Exclusive BlackBerry Experiences on Android. Keep life organized with BlackBerry® Hub. This unified inbox is an irreplaceable tool for consolidating all of your messages in one place. Whether it’s social media*, email, SMS, calendar or phone calls. BlackBerry® Calendar The best out-of-box calendar experience on Android. When it’s time to join a call, PRIV presents you with a simple Join Now button that automatically dials you in. When receiving or creating meeting invites, you are presented with adjacent or conflicting appointments. The Hub Message List Powerful search tool that allows you to search the entire Hub or filter by account. Filter The Hub by snoozed, Unread, High Importance, or Flagged messages. Filter the Hub by account, access custom view, access Hub settings, and add a new account. Manage which folders are synced to the device. When a folder is first selected you have the option to ‘sync now’ for one time access, or ‘Always’ to have the folder continually synced. Full integration of Calendar meeting invites from within the Hub. Accept, Cancel, Join, and Delayed are available. Tap the compose button to begin a new message. Calendar Peek Pull down within the Hub message list for a quick view of up to 4 of your next meetings or calendar events. Interact with these by accepting, declining, or warning the organizer that you are going to be a few minutes late. Productivity Tab Along the screen’s curved edge, is the productivity tab that provides an “at a glance” view of the most pertinent info from Hub, Calendar, Task, and Contacts. Tap on any of the four icons within the tab to glance at the most pertinent info for the associated application. Tapping on an item within the list will open the associated application and message into view. BlackBerry® Pop-Up Widgets Widgets are a great way to get information quickly, but can take up a lot of space on your home screen and display content and messages that you may not want all to see. With BlackBerry® Pop-Up Widgets, you can view any application widget by simply swiping up or down across the icon on your home screen, giving you fast access to the information you need, when you need it. Introducing TIP: Keyboard Shortcuts within the BlackBerry Hub allow for quick action. Within Message List C – Compose, S – Search, T – Move to Top B – Move to Bottom, N – Next Date Header P – Prev Date Header, U – Next Unread Message With message Selected C – Cancel Selection, D – Delete Item, W – Flag Item, I – File Item, S – Snooze Item, R – Reply to Item, L – Reply all, F – Forward Item M – Mark as Read/Unread Look for the famous BlackBerry splat for features that are exclusive to Android® for BlackBerry.®