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CLH Volunteer Kit

Last updated 2012.

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CLH Volunteer Kit

  1. 1. Volunteering-Junior Stars Prepared by Celebrate Living History
  2. 2. A message from the founder of Celebrate Living History I am excited and honored you are embarking on this journey with me! It seems like yesterday I attended my first meeting at Frankston National Seniors where I was introduced to some rowdy oldies! They broke all stereotypes and these loud seniors soon became some of my closest friends! Its funny once they start talking, its like being given an insight into the past. Suddenly their eyes shine and a big smile takes over! Their stories introduced me to a world where Don Bradman was king, Ava Gardner was a starlet and having a car was considered a luxury! After leaving University, I struggled to find a job I was passionate about. All I knew was I wanted doors to open, they never did. So I decided to take things into my own hands and create an opportunity I knew would open doors for myself and other struggling graduates in the same position. Suddenly I was on the Gold Coast speaking to journalism students about my dream to create an intern program, which nurtures relationships between seniors and students. I was very grateful for Professor Stephen Stockwell and Myjanne Jensen who saw potential in my ideas, this is where I got my very first break with two amazing interns who blew me away with their work and dedication to interviewing senior stars on the Gold Coast. I hope through this internship program you will learn to use initiative, create strong bonds with seniors and most of all believe you can do anything! Till Later Folks- Bev Wilkinson
  3. 3. What we do Celebrate Living History is an internship program that works with seniors and students to capture stories for future generations to enjoy. We encourage students and seniors to break down stereotypes, develop friendships and learn from each other. Our focus is on creating a legacy of web content, exhibitions and publications that celebrates everyday seniors that would never get the chance to be showcased within the community. We are passionate about opening doors for graduates and work with education providers to create opportunities to learn outside lectures and tutorials.
  4. 4. Students in the Media
  5. 5. Channel 7 Making a Difference
  6. 6. Achievements • Celebrate Living History of Frankston exhibition (2012, 2014) Showcases stories of local seniors. • Shortlisted for the Walkley Storytelling Grant • Nominated Student to be part of the Young Social Pioneers • Successfully implemented pilot program with Griffith University and Swinburne University
  7. 7. Our Goals • To create the Celebrating Our War Veterans exhibition involving stories from the past, present and future. Our vision is to display stories from all states in Australia to be showcased at Swinburne University in September 2015. • To hold a monthly morning tea • To create a program involving high school students connecting with seniors to share their story • To create an educational website connecting students and seniors with each other. • Offer opportunities for student’s stories to be featured in the media • To offer employment opportunities to those who are passionate
  8. 8. How will I Benefit? Our big goal is to open doors for interns so when YOU graduate it makes it easier to gain positions within the industry YOU love! • Connecting and building relationships with seniors • Creating a legacy for the future • Having stories published online • Networking opportunities • Resume Building • Ability to explore career opportunities • Linked In endorsements • References
  9. 9. Celebrate Living History Magazine
  10. 10. Message from a Senior Star Bev, as President of Frankston U3A (University of the 3rd Age) with over 750 Members. I would like to congratulate you on achieving something that has not been successfully done before. I was delighted In what you did with my life story. I was thrilled with the result of the exhibition and information that you had garnered from so many older Frankstonians. The look of surprise and smiles when a long forgotten friend or relative was featured, was a credit to you. I only hope that you can continue to expand your “Celebrate Living History of Frankston”. For my generation which is dying out, it is important for future generations to know who they are and where they came from. They in turn will be proud of their contribution to Frankston. I wish you every success and at your young age to succeed in your interesting venture. Gail Dudeck
  11. 11. Message from a Junior Star I am writing to state that I have recently undertaken an internship with Bev Wilkinson and her company Celebrate Living History. As Bev’s first intern, I am pleased to say that I was able to be a part of expanding Celebrate Living History and assisting her in her preparations for the Celebrate Living History of Frankston exhibition. Bev is a kind and genuine person, with big dreams for the future of her company and high respect for the history of her community. The past three months of my internship have gone by very quickly and working closely with Bev has given me many insights not just into the world of real- life journalism but also into her ideals for the need to preserve and celebrate the stories of everyday citizens. Bev has worked tirelessly around the clock, making sure every aspect of the exhibition was well planned, ensuring its perfect execution. As the opening day of her exhibition recently came to a close, rather than taking time to rest, Bev immediately commenced brainstorming and planning to continue expanding the possibilities of the Celebrate Living History exhibition. I believe in her and her dreams and would fully recommend her to your committee as an avid dreamer and social historian. Sincerely, Helana Tulloch. Intern, Griffith University Gold Coast .
  12. 12. Celebrate Living History with us! Check us out! • Celebrate Living History on Meet Up • Celebrate Living History on Facebook • Celebrate Living History on Linked In
  13. 13. This power point has been created with heart by the Celebrate Living History team. If you would like to contact us visit www.celebratelivinghistory.com © Copyright Celebrate Living History