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Wind waker

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Wind waker

  1. 1. Salford City College Eccles Sixth Form Centre BTEC Extended Diploma in GAMES DESIGN Unit 73: Sound For Computer Games Game Title The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Provide detailed descriptions from chosen examples that establish… Clearly state what production technique(s) you think have been used to create specific soundtrack elements Setting This scene is set on a small island known as Outset island in the game. The island itself is surrounded by a great ocean and it’s covered mainly with grass and beaches. All the islands residents stand near the pier as the main character, Link, leaves for a long time on a large ship. The music in a way makes the island feel as small as it is and that there is a dangerous world out there for Link which he must explore. Mood The mood in this scene is especially sad and depressing. This is because the main character must leave his only family and friends and venture from the island he has been on his whole life in order to save his sister. The piece calms down past the half-way point and only uses a violin, then begins to use instruments such as the accordion, one at a time. This works well as it states that there is a large world out there but Links family and friends will have to be left behind. It makes the island feel its size compared to the vast world the player can explore. This scenes music – as with all Nintendo games – plays very well with the scene. It makes the audience feel sad about Links departure but also adds a sense of adventure. The feeling is sadness is heavily seen when Link waves to his Grandma, his only family besides his sister, as the music suddenly changes from adventurous to sorrowful. Game genre The games genre is a Role Playing and adventure game. The scenes music gives a strong sense of these two genres at the start as the instruments used such as the trumpets make the player feel like he is leaving and getting ready to explore what is out at sea. Narrative The music gives the scene narrative quite well. I believe start of the song sums up that there will be lots to explore within the game and amplifies the fact that Link must go out to sea and save his sister. The last part states to us that there will be sad events in the game and says that Link will be missed. I believe the creators used traditional instruments in order to create this piece in the video. This is because Nintendo usually use this method and the instruments used sound real, such as the gong at the start. The beginning of the song has a slow start with one instrument to indicate goodbyes, but then quickly speeds up and booms to insinuate adventure and a voyage which is a fitting technique.