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The User Revolution - DWCNZ2023

  1. Ben Mountain Watercare THE USER REVOLUTION
  2. INTRODUCTION • End User Compute Platforms Manager at Watercare • Passionate about Digital Technology • Trains Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu • Loves playing Golf
  4. The User Revolution How COVID-19 kickstarted a new Watercare Digital Experience Ben Mountain – End User Compute Platforms Manager, Watercare
  5. We supply more than 400 millionlitres of water to Aucklandevery day. We collect, treat and dispose of around409 millionlitres of wastewaterdaily. Each day, we provide lifelineservices to 1.7 million Aucklanders.
  6. From sky to sea
  7. Our scale
  8. Diversity of workplace
  9. Managing & extending the network Our teams work night and day to upgrade and expand our waterpipes, wastewater pipes (sewers) and other assets.
  10. Our challenges in 2019 • End of life technology – Windows XP & Windows 7 • Poor user experience • IT was getting in the way of the business • No proactive management or remote support • Technology friction We needed to make some changes!
  11. Trends driving workplace transformation Mobile – anywhere, anytime 5G will be 10x quicker than broadband and allow staff to be connected from almost anywhere. Distributedworkforce Many staff expect to work from home, with partial working from home becoming the norm. Cloud growth Widespread and accelerated adoption of cloud-hosted workplace technologies to support flexible workstyles. Cyber Security Remains challenging for organizations that have not adjusted technology, processes and procedures to support a highly distributed workforce.
  12. Our Guiding Principles 1. Self service 2. Devices that fit user needs 3. Work from anywhere at any time 4. Be proactive, not reactive
  13. 2020
  14. Deployed 300 laptops in the first 3 days of lockdown to our most critical workers. Over the following 3 weeks, deployed a further 300 laptops to traditionally desktop bound staff.
  15. Designed and implemented new remote access solutions. Beefed up our Cyber Security tooling and practices.
  16. Rolled out Microsoft Teams to everyone in the company. Ran virtual ‘Teams 101’ training sessions to upskill staff.
  17. What next?
  18. Why doesn’t my laptop work like my mobile? Easy to deploy Starts up immediately Always up to date Battery lasts for a day Rarely crashes Same Experience Everywhere ?
  19. Legacy Device Deployment Deploy image to a new computer, overwriting what was originally on it Build & maintain a custom image, which becomes out of date quickly DRIVERS POLICIES OFFICE & APPS SETTINGS Cost significant time and money, making this very inefficient
  20. Modern Device Deployment Un-box and turn on off-the-shelf Windows PC Setup process with minimal user interaction (Windows Autopilot) Device is ready for use
  21. New Device Lifecycle Key Benefits:  Less maintenance of images, drivers & BIOS  Integration in the device supply chain  Simple process for users and IT  No need for IT to touch the devices  Reset device back to a ‘business ready’ state and redeploy easily! Business ready Break fix Retirement Management Procurement Deployment
  22. Self Service Applications • Over 150+ applications available for installation. • Licensing & governance happens behind the scenes. • Applications are forced to automatically update to ensure security.
  23. Reporting and Analytics APPLICATION RELIABILITY • App ReliabilityScore • App Performance • Model Performance • Device Performance • OS Version Performance STARTUP PERFORMANCE • Start Up Score • Model Performance • Device Performance • Startup Processes • Restart Frequency PROACTIVE REMEDIATIONS • Scripted remediations • Automaticallydetect & fix common issues • Notify end users • Reduce the number of Service Desk calls
  24. Real world examples
  25. Cyber Security Secure biometrics • Hardened biometric implementation in Windows & hardware • Biometric never leaves the device Strong authentication via multiple factors • Uses two factors for authentication (e.g.: PC + PIN or Biometric) • Asymmetrical Keys (Private/Public) User credentials protected by hardware • Hardware generated credential (keys) • Credential isolated and protected by hardware
  26. Tackling our mobile devices
  27. The benefits 1. Staff get devices fast and can be productive in 30 minutes. 2. People can self service install applications they need. 3. Staff get devices to match their needs. 4. Device upgrades or replacements are easy. 5. Our solution is easily scalable and secure.
  28. The challenges 1. Staff working in very remote locations 2. Multiple lockdowns complicating device upgrades 3. Long lead times on new IT hardware 4. A very complex laboratory environment, plus a unique field team use case 5. Unpicking legacy ways of doing things that don’t fit the “new world”
  29. Where to next?
  30. Legacy Modern Dual Screen Modern Single Screen Workstation Design
  31. MeetingRooms
  32. Redesigned for productivity, creativity, and ease. At a time when the PC is playing a more central role in our lives,Windows 11 is designed to bring you closer to what you love.
  33. Quickly organize open apps. Quickly group open apps.
  34. Windows 365 Cloud PC
  35. Our biggest learning
  37. EVALUATIONS We value your feedback! Please tell use what you thought (also available on mobile app)