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Journalism & Communication Consultant / Trainer

Contact :
Phone number : +216 22 59 36 22
Email : belaid2.nouha@gmail.com

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Journalism & Communication Consultant / Trainer

  1. 1. WORK HISTORY Since 2013 till now JOURNALISM & COMMUNICATION TRAINER NOUHA BELAID Internews Frederich Neumann Foundation United Nations Development Programme Arab States Broadcasting Union Academy Network of Mauritanian Women Journalists Tunisian Governmental institutions Tunisian NGO, etc. JOURNALISM & COMMUNICATION CONSULTANT / TRAINER Since 2013 till now UNIVERSITY PPROFESSOR Associate Professor at Vitual University of Senegal Contractual Professor of Multimedia Institue of Tunis (ISAMM) • Permanent Professor at Centtral University of Tunis - Honoris United University ACADEMIC HISTORY UNIVERSITY OF MANOUBA (TUNIS) & OTTAWA UNIVERSITY (CANADA) - 2017 - PhD in Media & Communication - Certificate of Doctoral Studies CENTRAL UNIVERSITY & TUNISIAN DIPLOMATIC CIRCLE - 2019 Short MBA in Economic Diplomacy & Lobbying Mobile: +216 22 59 36 22 Email: belaid2.nouha@gmail.com Website: www.nouhabelaid.com Blog: belaidnouha@wordpress.com CONTACT INFO • Fact-checking • Data Journalism • Web editing and social media management • Transmedia • Communication SPECIALIZATION With more than 10 years of experience and a proven track record of success, I am a creative and innovative web editor and trainer fueled by my love of Digital World. PERSONNEL PROFILE • Strong Working Knowledge of Creative Software • Web Journalism Skills • Communication Skills • Organizational Skills • Time Management Skills SKILLS AND ABILITIES OTHER POSITIONS 2017-2018 Regional Coordinator of Wealth of Nations Programme at Thomson Reuters Fondation ( United Kingdom /Tunisia) Since 2016 Co-founder and web editor of Arab Journalism Observatory (Switzerland /Tunisia) 2015-2016 Research Assistant at American Research Institue and Princeton University (USA) 2013-2015 Coordinator of Journalism Department at Central University 2013-2015 Head of Public Relations Department at PressCom Edition Agency 2008 - 2013 Journalist in several media (Ashourouk, Le Quotidien, Espace Manager, Al Hasi, RTCI, etc.) • * Since 2019- Academic Porgramme Manager of Centarl University's school of Communication - Honoris United Universities ( United Kingdom /Tunisia) AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS 2018 - Nominated as a member of the Board of “Arab Data Journalists’ Network” launched the 5th of March, in American University of Cairo 2017 - One of the 100 Tunisian experts, selected by UNESCO and European Union (UE) 2015 - The third prize of the Jury + the Audience prize in the International • *2018 - Nominated as one of 100 “Change Young Maker” by Swiss Confederation, and University of Lugano Competition “ Thèse en 180 Minutes “, local competition. This competition was organized by Kairouan University (Tunisia) and the « Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie” (AUF). 2013 - The prize of “Scientific Excellence“ by Manouba University (Tunisia), the Prize of the Regional Union of Tunisian Workers (UGTT) and the academic prize from the IPSI (Tunisia
  2. 2. SPEAKER IN INTERNATIONAL CONFFERENCES (+ 50 SPEECHS) ALGERIA, CANADA, EGYPT, FRANCE, SAUDI ARABIA, TUNISIA, ETC. Albania, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Italy, Lybia, Morocco, Mauritanie, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Senegal, Sudan & Switzerkand. COUNTRIES VISITED (21) Abha, Addis-Abbeba, Aix la Chapelle, Alexandrie, Asouan, Bari, Bruxelles, Caire, Come, Casablanca, Cologne, Dakar, Dusserdolf, Kingston, Khartoum, Le Havre, Lisbonne, Lugano, Luxembourg, Luxor, Maastricht, Metz, Milan, Montréal, Nouakchott, Oran, Ottawa, Paris, Poitiers, Prague, Québec, Stuttgart, Strasbourg, Tirana, Toronto, Toulon,Tripoli and Wroclaw. CITIES VISITED (38) Arabic, French, English and Italian LANGUAGES • Facebook : fb//belnouhaa Twitter : @BelNouha LinkedIn : in/nouhabelaid SOCIAL MEDIA BOOKS Teaching Data journalism in some schools of Journalism: The case of the Arab world”, in World Journalism Education Congress “Teaching Journalism during a disruptive age”, Paris Dauphine University (France), July, From 09 until 11, 2019 The online television coverage of the first democratic municipal elections in Tunisia after January 14, 2011”, in UNESCO ‘s academic conference Journalism and elections in Times of Disinformation”, Addis-Abebbas (Ethiopie), May, 1st ,2019. "Communication Strategies of Arab Film Festivals in the Age of Social Media: New Promotional Practices", in conference "Promoting a Cultural Porject in the Age of Social Media", 38th Edition of the Kalaa Kebira Olive Festival (Tunisia), December 16th , 2018. « Transmedia: example of cross-platform practices of some Tunisian organizations in Tunisia, in the era of social media», in international conference « Social media and digital communication », Le Havre University (France), l06,07 et 08th of June 2018. « Tunisian media audiences in the age of social media: new platforms and practices, in Annual conference of Centre d’Etudes des Sciences Et Techniques De L‘information et du Réseau Théophraste, Tunis (Tunisia), 23, 24 et 2th of october 2017. « Hybridity of profiles of community managers in Tunisia and professional integration », in International conference « The profession of communicator: atypical pathways and search for status» organized by International Network of professionalization of communicator (RESIPROC), 11 et 12 of May 2017, McGill University (Canada) « Exposition of Tunisian people fo TV on social media during the month of Ramadan», in 85th of Acfas’s annual congress, from 08th until 12th of May 2017, McGill University (Canada). « In the era of media convergence, a degree in journalism for journalism students meeting the requirements of the job market », in International conference «Pedagogic Innovation, accompaniment et professionalization of students », organized by the Centre Nobert Elias (Avignon University – France) and ISET Djerba (Tunisia), 6, 7 et 8th of April 2017, Djerba (Tunisia). « The writer in the era of social media: new platforms et practices », in International conference « Cultural at the crossroads », 2, 3 et 4th of March 2017, Monastir Centre Hotel, Monastir (Tunisia) « The social media effect on the Relationship between children and parents», Mostaghanem University (Algeria), December 2016 The role of social media in the promotion of ISIS in Tunisia », in International conference « Information and terrorism: tools and strategies », University of king Khaled, Abha (Saudi Arabia), December 2016. The television : from broadcasting until webcasting and the new research problematics”, in International conference “Time, Temporalities and Information-Communication (XX Congress SFSIC), Metz (France), 8, 9 et 10th of June 2016. « The distribution of TV content via social media in the era of media convergence », in : International conference « web media and digital communication », University Le Havre (France), June 2016. Topics : social media, data journalism, digital communication, e- learning, political communication « The Dissemination Of Tunisian Tv Series Via Internet And Social Media During Ramadan », in : La revue international de la Communication Sociale , V°5, n°2, Algeria, 2018, pp.9-24. « The radio in Tunisia : practices and public on social media in the era of media convergence », in : Revue Radio Morphoses, n°3, « The Radio in Africa in XXth era : mutations and challenges », France, 2018. « The media coverage of Sousse terrorist attack by Tunisian TV « Wataniya 1 »,« El Hiwar Ettounsi» and « Nesma TV »», French Journal for Media Research, n°8/2017, New media and digital dynamics, Varia, URL : http://frenchjournalformediaresearch.com/lodel/index.php?id=1415. « The practices of young Tunisian journalists against the information relayed by social media », in International Journal of Social Communication, Algeria, V4, N°19, Mars 2017, pp.31-46, ISNN : 1181-2437, RESEARCHES & REVIEWS (+30) “Data Journalism Handbook”, Editor E-GOV Society and Friedrich Naumann Fondation, december 2019 «La communication politique sur Facebook : cas des hommes politiques tunisiens » éditions européennes, France, 2019, ISBN :978-613-9-50527-2 MEDIA INTERVIEWS Political debate during the presidentiel elections,in Al Jazeera, October 2019 Political communication and presidential elections, in Public Tunisian TV, October 2019 The candidate's media participation and political communication ,in Tunisian Public TV, October 2019 Media coverage of presidentional elections and the role of social media, in Tunisian Public TV, October 2019 Journalism university studies in Africa, Radio France International, Juily, 13th, 2019. The Audiovisual Landscape in Tunisia, in Newspaper "The Other Opinion" (‫اﻷﺧﺮ‬ ‫,)اﻟﺮأي‬ November 16th , 2018. The situation of Journalism in the Arab world notably in Tunisia, France 24, November 15th 2018.

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  • BelNou

    Jun. 5, 2021

Contact : Phone number : +216 22 59 36 22 Email : belaid2.nouha@gmail.com


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