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Awoke CV ,2016

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Awoke CV ,2016

  1. 1. Awoke DigsuTefera awekedigsu@gmail.com +251-921776379 Awoke Digsu Tefera +251921776379/+251 983 686 364 awekedigsu@gmail.com Amhara region South Wollo, kombolcha P E R S O N A L I N F O R M A T I O N Date of Birth: Nov 18, 1980 in North Gondar Zone - Gondar Citizenship: Ethiopian Marital status: Married Language: fluent & perfect in Amharic & English Listening, writing & Speaking Sex: Male WORK HISTORY Feb.24, 2014–Up to Now: Organization-Ethiopian Agricultural Commodities Warehousing Service Enterprise (EACWSE) Job Title: Head Branch Operation Duties & Responsibilities  Assigning and directing all works to be performed in the branch and supervises all areas of operation (warehouse, quality, member and client relation) in accordance with established company policies/procedures, objectives and applicable laws.  Through management decisions, communication and behavior, creating a culture and a team that works together to meet customer needs and achieve desired results and ensure the overall activities of the branch are planned, coordinated and implemented.  Managing all branch staffs including the outsourcing units in achieving efficient service deliveries through directing, motivating, controlling and evaluating.  Ensure the proper functionality of the weighbridge, warehouse and office equipment’s and make sure that proper maintenance are given  Managing the proper handling of leftover, excess commodities and shortfalls.  Monitoring the sampling, grading and the re-sampling and/or re-grading process of commodities.  Ensuring the timely approvals of GRN (Goods received Note) / GIN (Goods Issues Note) by the warehouse supervisor and data assistants.
  2. 2. Awoke DigsuTefera awekedigsu@gmail.com +251-921776379  Makes investigation with regulatory bodies when any bribe has been reported.  Reconciling inventory discrepancies and adjustments. Randomly checking the correctness of deliveries of trucks loaded /unloaded and make an immediate report for any discrepancies.  Checking and cross checking the reports for validity and accuracy and forward timely, daily, weekly, monthly quarter and yearly branch reports to the concerned bodies.  Maintaining positive attitude towards clients and members by being friendly and courteous. Successfully resolving clients and members issues timely.  Managing effective requisition supplies of needed equipments, supplies, and services.  Developing annual plan and expense budget for the branch operations.  Anticipating staffing requirements for the branch to meet operational needs.  Identifying training needs as well as fostering development opportunities for all branch personnel as required or needed.  Periodically evaluating the performance of branch personnel, develop goals and objectives. Provide both formal and informal feedback on a regular basis. Oct.1, 2010--Feb.23, 2014 Organization: Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) Job Title: Quality Coordinator and later Quality supervisor. Duties & Responsibilities  Ensuring implementation of Ethiopia Commodity Exchange standards and procedures  Coordinating and participating in quality assessment and certification of grain, pulse and oil seeds (sesame, white pea beans, maize and wheat).  Inspecting and make recommendations for any quality deterioration on commodities  Creating a positive working environment that engenders a strong team spirit.  Participating in grading as well as panel discussions and reconciles any differences between quality assessment using established parameters.  Cross checks on any suspicious samples and orders re-sampling as per established procedure. Reviews and approves issued grade certificates and submits the result  Ensuring periodic calibration, proper handling and maintenance of laboratory material  Submitting daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports. And taking the responsibility and accountability of all grades that come out of the laboratory.  Ensuring the periodic inspection of commodities stored in the warehouse to keep the quality of stored commodities safe, in unsafe cases giving advice or recommendation for proper handling.
  3. 3. Awoke DigsuTefera awekedigsu@gmail.com +251-921776379 July 5, 2008 – Sep.30, 2010 North Gondar Zone Agricultural & Rural Development Department, Natural Resources Section Job Title–Watershed team Agronomist and Zone coordinator of sustainable land management program (SLMP) Duties & Responsibilities  Supporting technically woredas in delineating watershed and planning of activities that will be implemented in integrated watershed Planning of budget and activities for woredas that are supported by the sustainable land management project (SLMP)  Providing technical training for professional staffs related to community based watersheds delineation and planning of activities.  Supervise and coordinate SLM project activities to achieve project out puts.  Plan and schedule the implementation all activities in accordance with the relevant project documents and in close collaboration with all stakeholders. Coordinate and follow up progress and issues in project implementation.  Ensuring timely submission of weekly monthly quarterly and yearly financial and technical reports and other reports.  Facilitate and support the proper implementation of monitoring and evaluation of activities in Alefa woreda North Gondar zone according to the SLMP joint results frame work and EU support to SLMP.  Collecting best practices from different trainings and field visits and incorporating those best practices to the respective woredas.  Making field visit and providing valid support for the experts in the project area Sep.5, 2006 – July 4, 2008-Alefa woreda Agricultural & Rural development office Job Title:-Head of woreda Agricultural &Rural Development Office. Duties & Responsibilities  Planning physical, financial and human resources budget for the organization.  Managing, monitoring the work flow and evaluating all staffs including development agents in 25 kebeles based on their plan and performance and Supervising and giving direction for the activities to be performed.  Following ,supporting and fulfilling the farmers training centers based on their demand to train farmers in developing their way of agricultural practices  Organizing and leading the meeting with the management team of the woreda agricultural and rural development office and announcing the agreed decisions to be implemented by the respected body.  Setting activities based on their priority Taking corrective action in case of malpractices and Providing solution when there is challenges arises  Reporting the performance of activities to the respected body
  4. 4. Awoke DigsuTefera awekedigsu@gmail.com +251-921776379 Sep.23, 2005 – Sep.4, 2006 Water hygiene and sanitation program Job Title- Woreda Community facilitator, World Bank program Duties & Responsibilities  Selecting the targeted kebeles from the woreda and communities from the kebeles for the implementation of water hyeigen and sanitation project  Creating awareness for the selected kebeles and communities for sanitation and hyeigen and about the project and how and when the project comes to support the communities.  Mobilizing the community and planning the type of water structure to be constructed /hand dug wall and spring development/ based on the community needs.  Creating awareness for the community about personal and environmental hygiene and to build latrine and mobilizing the community to improve their living standards. Feb.14, 2003 – Sep.5, 2005 Organization-Komblocha Agricultural College Job Title:-Plant sciences instructor Duties & Responsibilities  Instructing students (Development agents) at diploma level different plant sciences course, I have taught fruit crop production, vegetable crop production, Field crop production, crop protection and industrial crop production.  Supporting and supervising Development agent at the field in different woredas and provide feedback to the woredas and development agents and to the college department.  Supervising development agent Students at field on practical work. E D U C A T I O N Sep.1998 – July 6, 2002Alemaya (Haramaya) University, B.Sc.degree in plant sciences. S H O R TT E R M T R E A N I N G (C E R T I F I C A T I O N) AND SKILLS  Quality assurance, quality inspection and grading and quality control& handling of pulse crops, oil crops &cereal crops as a result, I have got two certificates.  Supervisory management & leadership Development training.  Leadership and team building trainings.  Participated on training of Orientation and awareness creation work shop organized by Sustainable land management project of the ministry of agricultural and rural development in collaboration with German technical cooperation( GTZ)  Participated on Community based participatory watershed development planning and integrated technologies training of trainers  I have received certificate on the best performance in supporting Sustainable land management project of the ministry of agricultural and rural development  I have received certificate being the committee member in the preparation of bulletin for the graduation of effective safety net program utillizers and resettlement of the north Gondar farmers  I have got certificate on participation of awareness creation on community based water hygiene and sanitation project implementation.  Excellent working knowledge of MS access , excel ,outlook, Power point, internet accesses GIS
  5. 5. Awoke DigsuTefera awekedigsu@gmail.com +251-921776379 Reference 1. Ato Habtamu Mekonen Grain Warehouse manager : Ethiopia agricultural commodity warehouse service enterprise , Mobile phone: +251 912228567 Addis Ababa 2. Ato Mergiya Bayisa chief warehouse operation officer : Ethiopia agricultural commodity warehouse service enterprise , Mobile phone: +251 911454128Addis Ababa 3. Ato Daniel Anberber coffee Warehouse Manger Ethiopia agricultural commodity warehousing service enterprise , Mobile phone: +251 938063135 Addis Ababa