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When technology meets culture at mons 2015

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Mons 2015 : When technology meets culture, technology opening a wide range of opportunity for culture, culture inspiring new technology usage

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When technology meets culture at mons 2015

  1. 1. MONS 2015 WHEN TECHNOLOGY MEETS CULTUREAurélie CouvreurHP CITY 2013, BRUSSELS – 12 JUNE 2013
  3. 3. When technology meets culture…MONS2015WHENTECHNOLOGYMEETSCULTURE
  4. 4. Redefining culture…Culture = everything around usCulture is the characteristics of a particulargroup of people, defined by everything fromlanguage, religion, cuisine, social habits, musicand artsMONS2015WHENTECHNOLOGYMEETSCULTURE
  5. 5. Mons 2015Where Technology meets Cultureo  Warm technology, Slow techo  Fluid cityo  Social innovationo  Social interactiono  Digital and creative hackingWhen technology meets culture… at Mons 2015MONS2015WHENTECHNOLOGYMEETSCULTURE
  6. 6. European Parliament’s creating a 360° screenexperience…The Parlementaruim, BrusselsMONS2015WHENTECHNOLOGYMEETSCULTURE
  7. 7. Art at the centerTechnology creating a true immersive experienceMarseille Provence 2013, Carrières de lumièresMONS2015WHENTECHNOLOGYMEETSCULTURE
  8. 8. Turning every surfacein a touch screenthanks to MicrosoftKinect.. Generatingnew opportunities forcultural projectsMONS2015WHENTECHNOLOGYMEETSCULTURE
  9. 9. Theaters go social mediaNorma Terris Theater, Connecticut , USAMONS2015WHENTECHNOLOGYMEETSCULTURE
  10. 10. Augmented art experienceMomaMONS2015WHENTECHNOLOGYMEETSCULTURE
  11. 11. Crowd-curated art exhibitionBrooklyn Museum, New-York, USAMONS2015WHENTECHNOLOGYMEETSCULTURE
  12. 12. MONS2015WHENTECHNOLOGYMEETSCULTURECafé Europa: social trends impacting the way we interact with culture
  13. 13. WONDERMIND : Serious game exploring neurosciences for kidsTate Modern, London, UKMONS2015WHENTECHNOLOGYMEETSCULTURE
  14. 14. EXQUISITE FOREST : online cocreative art experimentTate Modern, London, UKMONS2015WHENTECHNOLOGYMEETSCULTURE
  15. 15. AURÉLIE COUVREURaurelie.couvreur AT serendipities.be - +32 497 47 47 69Thank you !