inspiaura atul chanodkar atul chanodkar integrating human resources in strategic decisions integrating hr strategies with corporate and funct key elements of strategic hrm key elements of shrm organizational human resource strategy differentiating traditional and strategic hrm strategic human resource management strategic hrm types of compensation administration objectives of compensation administration components of salary administration principles of wage and salary administration nature of compensation administration compensation administration compensation collective bargaining process of collective bargaining factors leading to employee unionization why employees join trade union trade union approaches of discipline definition of discipline discipline guidelines for handling grievance sources of grievances sources of grievance grievances grievance handling grievance t&d types of training and development process of training and development measurement of training training need analysis training needs analysis tni tna training and development development training process of selection methods of selection sources of recruitment selection recruitment writing job specification writing job description uses of job analysis information purpose of job analysis process of job analysis methods of job analysis jds jd job description job specification job analysis astd model of hrm astd model astd roles and responsibilities of hr manager line and staff relations staff managers staff manager staff line managers line manager hr for competitive advantage introducing hrm basics of hrm basics of hr objectives of hrm introduction to hrm definitions of hrm duties of hrm changing environment of hrm duties of hr characteristics of hrm function of hrm hr management human resources hrm hr
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