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NDMP backup models

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NDMP Data Models

NDMP Backup topology

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NDMP backup models

  1. 1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION WRT LIF & PORT REQUIREMENT: Whether Node-scoped or SVM-scoped, Intercluster is a preferred NDMP LIF for both control & Data communication. Ensure NDMP Port 10000 is allowed through firewall policy. However, in cases where Data LIFs are the only available option presented to Backup Applications, then Data Connection LIF selection can be very tricky. This is b'cos you cannot hard-code which Data LIF you want to use. This is purely based on the first available Data LIF in the communicating subnet. In other words - The order at which the Data interface is used depends on the order in which the interface appears in the node-run output of 'ifconfig -a'. This is a very well written KB article if you need more info: https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1001337 Courtesy: NetApp ashwinwriter@gmail.com Sep, 2019