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How to add credits in a video (on final cut pro) _________________________

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How to add credits in final cut pro

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How to add credits in a video (on final cut pro) _________________________

  1. 1. HOW TO ADD CREDITS IN A VIDEO (On Final Cut Pro) ___________________________Ashley Boakye-Ansah
  2. 2. FIRSTLY, WHAT IS CREDITS ? Credits appear
  3. 3. PART 1 Once you have your sequence finalized in the Timeline, you can then start to create your credits for the end of your video.
  4. 4. PART 2 Start out by looking at all the tabs above your sequence timeline on the bottom right corner. The capitalised T is where you should click on.
  5. 5. PART 3 Once The capitalised T is clicked on, look at the tabs on the left. There is various types of edits. Click on the Credits tab.
  6. 6. PART 4 Once you have decided the type of credits you want, click on it and drag it onto the timeline. It changes into a rectangle and allows you to type whatever message you want as well as changing the text features. On the timeline you can also trim or lengthen the rectangle which is how long you want the text to show.