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Weather used as weapon of the silent war & tool of destruction

3 major causes of weather disturbances

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Weather used as weapon of the silent war & tool of destruction

  1. 1. Weather Used as Weapon of the Silent War & Tool of Destruction AGAPE FOUNDATION (AGASOFT) December 2019
  2. 2. 3 Major Causes of Global Warming/ Climate Change & Weather Abnormalities: 1. Mankind use of fossil fuel (gasoline) and burning of forests, plastics, etc. 2. Mother Earth detoxifying. 3. World Elite (Illuminati) using HAARP (communication towers) to manipulate the weather and turn it into a weapon of the ongoing silent war & tool of destruction to kill 6.5
  3. 3. What is Global Warming & Climate Change? • First, when smoke from the earth blankets the lower atmosphere, heat from the earth is trapped and cannot exit to space. • Hence, global warming.
  4. 4. What is Global Warming & Climate Change? • Second, when the same smoke from the earth reaches the higher atmosphere in the ozone layer, the ozone layer is displaced, depleted or holed and cannot anymore serve as filter to the excess heat from the sun; hence, excess heat (ultra-violate rays) coming from the sun enters the earth via the ozone hole, strikes the oceans and boils them to produce hurricane and super-storms, heats the forest and helps create wildfire, or heat up the temperature to produce heat waves killing easily the elderly when hot air enters the air-conditioned rooms to suffocate them, heats the land to create El Nino, crop failure and hunger. • This too is global warming resulting to climate change or weather abnormalities.
  5. 5. What is Global Warming & Climate Change? • Climate change is more than global warming. It refers to the Weather Irregularities where rains become too much (La Nina), summer becomes too much (El Nino), storms become hurricane and super-typhoons, volcanoes become killer, quake becomes mega quake, you name it.
  6. 6. What is the cause? Or the causes? 1. MANKIND. Man’s use of fossil fuel (gasoline) is a major cause. The smoke from hundreds of oil/gasoline refineries spewing tons of smoke and millions of vehicles and thousands of factories and people burning forests and plastics, etc.
  7. 7. What is the cause? Or the causes? 2. MOTHER EARTH vomiting the excess poisons man has been pouring on her, resulting to mild storm, mild quake and mild volcano eruption. But these are the usual signal 2 storms or magnitude 3 quakes, not the mega storms or the mega quakes. Mother Earth does not produce mega storm, mega quakes, etc., during her detoxification process.
  8. 8. What is the cause? Or the causes? 3. ILLUMINATI’S HAARP. HAARP is the laser beam coming from the round discs attached to communication cellphone/ wifi towers. HAARP is not for communication but to change weather, to manipulate weather, to use weather as a weapon of war and destruction: (a) when the laser beam is aimed at clouds, clouds melt, El Nino (drought) is the result. (b) (b) When the HAARP laser beam is aimed at the regular wind routes, also clouds-rain will not arrive on time or not at all, because the clouds are being pushed away or driven off by the heat beams, hence, also El Nino or drought where clouds can no longer reach, as what happened to California for 5 years, (c) (c) while on the other hand, La Nina (too much rain, flooding) will occur where these clouds are jammed;
  9. 9. What is the cause? Or the causes? (d) If aimed at the ground, HAARP heat produces strong pressure so that when the small time bombs secretly placed inside caves can already produce mega-quakes even in places that have no tectonic plates, such as in Bohol in 2013; (e) If aimed at the eye of the storm, even a small storm can turn into mega-storm like Yolanda (Haiyan) in the Philippines and can be guided by HAARP to landfall on their target; (f) The same HAARP can be aimed at houses or places they want to burn by their laser fire as what happened in California; (g) Or can be quietly aimed at people to slowly but surely fry them or solidify their blood and die from blood thickening (heart attack, stroke or arteriosclerosis).
  10. 10. What is the cause? Or the causes? HAARP discs which are attached on their communication towers is the silent major culprit. They use HAARP to ride on mother Earth’s detoxification process; through HAARP, they turn signal 2 storm to signal 5, they turn magnitude 4 storm into magnitude 9, and so on. They use HAARP to intensify mother Earth’s storm, quake and volcano, or where there is none, to create artificial (man- made) storms, quakes and provoke volcano eruption. One best way to remove these towers is to make them obsolete – How? By shifting to light fidelity (LIFI) system to replace the tower-depended WIFI. LIFI does not use towers; it only travels via the LED lamps of homes and buildings. No towers needed.