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Dynamic Discounting: New Opportunities for No-risk, High-yield Cash Returns

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Dynamic Discounting: New Opportunities for No-risk, High-yield Cash Returns

  1. 1. MC Dynamic Discounting and Working Capital Management: New Opportunities for No-Risk, High-Yield Cash Returns© 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Erin Chumbley Republic Services, Supervisor Ariba Platform Tim Bennett Dollar Tree, Director of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement T.D. Eureste ONEOK, Director of Treasury and Finance Matt Suggs Mediafly, Vice President Enterprise Sales2 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Ariba Offers Collaborative CommerceSolutions to Help Companies Buy, Selland Manage Cash Better Buyers MANAGE Sellers BUY SELL CASH Improve spend control and The discipline of using Accelerate sales through Sourcing & performance with reduced collaborative solutions to efficient processes Sales & Procurement costs, lower risk, improved make your money work for fostering stronger Marketing and you and your trading relationships with new and enhanced compliance. partners existing customers. Finance Finance Collaborative Working Capital Collaborative Accounts Finance Management Procurement Accounts Payable Receivable Electronic Invoicing Discount Professional PO Automation Scanning & Workflow Receivables Finance Supplier Portal Matching & Compliance P-Card Settlement Supplier Enablement IT IT Payment Automation Assessment Services Connectivity Services3 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Working Capital Tension Situation and Objectives of Buyers and SuppliersBuyers SuppliersHistoric Cash Reserves: $1.9T+* Payment Terms StretchedLow Interest Rates: 0% - 0.3% Working Capital Tension Limited bank creditInvestor pressures for greaterreturns Low visibility into cash flowsSupply Chain Risk Cash flow is critical4 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Best Practice: Increase Discount Capture Capture Missed Discounts & Increase New Discounts 5x Ariba solutions drive early payment discount adoption Enroll suppliers at enablement Engage right supplier audience Recent Aberdeen study shows 50% of pre-negotiated 3x Introduce sliding scale discount discounts are never captured Include net term invoices 2x < Capture missed discount opportunities through Smart Invoicing < 50% currently captured5 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Pillars of Success Technology, Community and Services combine to deliver value Technology Community Services • Cash Optimizer • Largest B2B • Diagnostics & • Flexible network Strategy Integration to • Active resource • Rapid Ramp ERP • Active community • Program • Dynamic Management discounting6 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Republic Services Early Payment Program Erin Chumbley© 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Republic Services, Inc. • Leading provider of solid waste collection, transfer, recycling and disposal services • Provide solid waste services for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential customers • Serve markets in 39 states and Puerto • Approximately 30,000 employees • Recent largest merger was in 2008 between Allied Waste and Republic Services8 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Deployment Strategy 2010 • Efforts of onboarding vendors onto the Ariba invoicing module to have one Procure-to-Pay system • Engaged in conversations with vendors about the Early Payment Program towards the end of 2010 2011 • Grew onboarding efforts from 45% of addressable invoice count at the beginning of the year to 62% at the end of the year • Grew number of vendors participating in the Early Payment Program nearly 500%9 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Leveraging the Early Payment Discount Program • Worked with Treasury Department for acceptable hurdle rate • Identified target vendors based on annual spend, commodity type and current payment terms • Supplier Enablement Team partnered with Procurement Commodity Managers to assist in identifying priority vendors • Cleaned up any aging payables of target vendors as part of outreach program • Sold benefit of improved cash flow and flexibility of Standing Offer or Dynamic Offer10 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. 2011 Discount Savings $1M11 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. Five Key Learning Points • Alignment with all departments • Need to establish an approach with vendor participation • Instill robust vendor training program • Manage your users through Key Performance Indicators • Provide role specific tools/training for system users12 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. MC Dollar Tree: Adding Value to P2P Initiative Tim Bennett© 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Company Info Dollar Tree, Inc. (NASDAQ: DLTR) • Leading operator of discount variety stores selling everything for $1 or less • Headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia • Sales $6.6 billion (FY11) • 4,351 stores (FY11) • No price increases to our customers in 25 years for Dollar Tree stores14 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. Dynamic Discounting • Ariba Background Implemented Sourcing in 2004 Invoice Automation live July 2010 for Merchandise, live April 2011 for Indirect P2P live February 2011, phased rollout Dynamic Discount capture fueled the ROI for P2P15 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Dynamic Discounting • Organization All procurement takes place with the Store Support Center Procurement Department is responsible for all supplier enablement for Indirect spend Procurement Department performs all marketing for early payment programs for Indirect spend16 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. Dynamic Discounting • Metrics 900+ indirect suppliers and 600+ merchandise suppliers currently transacting on the Ariba Network Within the first 12 months, 92% of suppliers enable were transacting on the Ariba Network 100 suppliers participated in early payment discounts in 2011 Dollar Tree offers both dynamic and standing discount plans Annual return is 14 - 40% depending on discount plan and terms Dollar Tree was able to pay back P2P investment in under one year with early payment discount capture17 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. Dynamic Discounting • Lessons Learned Must market the early payment program to the CFO / Controller Target the right companies Supplier on-boarding – include discount detail Email marketing Dedicated web page on dollartree.com High level of customer service required18 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  19. 19. MC ONEOK: Ariba Rapid Ramp ROI Delivery T.D. Eureste© 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  20. 20. ONEOK Today A Premier Energy Company • Assets that fit and work together Integrated operations Connecting prolific supply basins to key markets • Proven ability to grow profitably • ONEOK Partners is ONEOK’s primary growth vehicle • ONEOK Partners’ cash distributions drive ONEOK shareholder value • Demonstrated financial flexibility ONEOK Natural Gas Distribution and discipline ONEOK Energy Services • Two Companies – OKE $8.8 Leased Pipeline Capacity Leased Storage Capacity billion market cap., OKS $11.7 ONEOK Partners General Partner billion market cap ($14.8 billion 43.4% ownership (as of Mar. 2, 2012) annual sales – 2011)Page 20
  21. 21. Business Segments Provide Stability and Opportunity ONEOK Partners • ONEOK’s primary growth vehicle • Growth at OKS benefits OKE • Generates primarily fee-based earnings • Provides non-discretionary services to producers, processors and customers Natural Gas Distribution • Provides low-risk, stable cash flow • Rate strategies have improved sustainable earnings and returns Energy Services • Provides premium services to customers through contracted: – Natural gas supply – Transportation – StoragePage 21
  22. 22. ONEOK’s Accounts Payable Journey Prior to 2010 ONEOK and ONEOK Partners accounts payable organization was decentralized, paper based and with a manual entry method • Our vision of a best-in-class accounts payable organization included the following: Centralized structure Profit center versus a cost center Transition accounts payable from manual entry method to an online, automated method with coding/approval workflow Outsource invoice scanning to capture the “long tail” invoice suppliers that are not participating in electronic invoicing process Transition manual check request process to an automated process with workflow Ability to have dynamic discounting available to our suppliers • ONEOK centralized the accounts payable organization in August 2010 • ONEOK needed a strategic partner to complete our vision especially as it relates to dynamic discounting Discounting returns are a key component in business case Page 22
  23. 23. Strategic Partner - ARIBA • Currently in implementation phase of the following with expected go live June 2012 Invoice/PO automation Invoice professional Invoice conversion services • Discount professional services (Rapid Ramp Service) – started immediately after contract signing – October 2011 First wave approximately 500 suppliers – First calling campaign quickly returned an incremental $1.1 million in potential discounts Offered the following terms: 1.5% 15Day Net 30, 1% 20Day Net 30, 0.5% 25Day Net 30, or Net 45 (message: discount our extend our DPO) – Will be more robust once we are transacting electronically Ariba instrumental helping target the right suppliers, strategy of how we structured the calling campaign and flexible on the message to our suppliersPage 23
  24. 24. MC MediaFly – Supplier View into Ariba Network Cash Flow Opportunities Matt Suggs© 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
  25. 25. “It’s a game-changer…” The impact of Dynamic Discounting on Growing Suppliers©2012 Mediafly, Inc. | Confidential
  26. 26. ©2012 Mediafly, Inc. | Confidential
  27. 27. Mediafly: By the Numbers  2006: Founded by Carson Conant 4 Fortune 100 customers  22 Team members in US, Ukraine, Uruguay  100% Staff growth over next 12 months  850% Projected revenue increase ‘10-’12©2012 Mediafly, Inc. | Confidential
  28. 28. Benefits of Ariba  Visibility  Facilitates better planning for  HiringStaff  Feature Enhancements  Cash Acceleration  Dynamic Discounting  Quick access to cash  100% Factoring  Competitive Fee Structure©2012 Mediafly, Inc. | Confidential
  29. 29. Example: Entertainment Industry  Fortune 100 Entertainment Company A  Ariba Dynamic Discounting  One-click collection: Easy, within 14 days of PO  Flexibility: Mediafly gets choice to accelerate  Visibility: Cash planning improved  Fortune 100 Entertainment Company B  Traditional A/P process  Collection Cycle: Resource intensive, 45-60 days  Fixed contract terms: Slow access to cash  No visibility: Cash planning on worst case scenario©2012 Mediafly, Inc. | Confidential
  30. 30. Three Winners Large Buyer©2012 Mediafly, Inc. | Confidential