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Ideannovaship nl n° 4 en

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Το 4ο Newsletter του Ευρωπαϊκού έργου Ideannovaship

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Ideannovaship nl n° 4 en

  1. 1. IDEANNOVASHIP.EU Newsletter N° 4 – January 2018  IDEANNOVASHIP, final conference in Sofia  The intellectual outputs of the project are ready for download  How to join the IDEANNOVASHIP project The final conference of the IDEANNOVASHIP will take place on the 30th of January 2018 in Sofia (Bulgaria). The project has been taking place all around Europe. IDEANNOVASHIP is funded by the Erasmus+ programme KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Youth. The project involves six partners from six different countries including the Centre for Creative Development Danilo Dolci for Italy. The other partners are: the National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria (coordinator) from Bulgaria, GEA College – Fakulteta za podjetnistvo (Slovenia), IBOX CREATE (Spain), Antalya International University (Turkey) and University of Thessaly (Greece). The final conference will be held at the Central Hotel and many speeches are included in the agenda: Tanya Ivancheva, Project Coordinator from NAMCB will introduce the project; Dario Ferrante from CSC Danilo Dolci (Italy) will talk about the “Guide for Organizing IDEANNOVASHIP Camps”; Achilleas Barlas from University of Thessaly (Greece) will introduce the “IDEANNOVASHIP Audiovisual Manual”; Deyan Blagoev from Bulbera (Bulgaria) will present “An example of social innovation” and Andrea Platero from IBOX Create (Spain) will cover the topic “What UWC can do for Youth”. The conference in Sofia will also be an occasion for the partners to organise the final meeting so to discuss the final steps of the project which is due to finish in January 2018. Newsletter #03
  2. 2. The intellectual outputs of the project are ready for download The IDEANNOVASHIP consortium finalised the two intellectual outputs of the project. The first one is the innovative Facilitator Training Programme on Social Entrepreneurship (FTP-SE).The training programme develops the capacities of youth workers as facilitators for the ideation camps and 18 youth workers were trained on social entrepreneurship in June 2017 in Greece thanks to this new method which relies on informal learning techniques, Project Cycle management and Business Model Canvas. The second output of the project is a Guide for Organizing IDEANNOVASHIP Camps. It is a very useful tool for youth workers training as the guide gives practical information and tips to perform a IDEATION camp. Both outputs are available for download in the “Resources” section of the official web site www.ideannovaship.eu. Results produced by the project  Guideline for organizing “Innovative Ideation Camps”  2 trainers selected by each partner organisation were trained by the experts from partner organisations as facilitators on the methodology to develop these IDEANNOVASHIP Camps for youth. At the end of the training programme, the 10 workers were able to organise and facilitate ideation camps for young people in their countries.  Pilot Innovative Ideation Camp: During five days a pilot “Ideate Camp” was conducted with eighteen young people coming from the six partner countries  IDEANNOVASHIP´s Audiovisual Manual. How to join the IDEANNOVASHIP project Please join the IDEANNOVASHIP community on www.ideannovaship.eu. You will access our “Resources” where you can find useful resources on social enterprises and the two intellectual outputs of the project. Like us on Facebook Follow us and share your experience and ideas about social enterprises on our Twitter page
  3. 3. The partnership D1 Coordinator: National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria NAMCB (Bulgaria) http://namcb-org.bg/ D2 Antalya International University (Turkey) http://www.antalya.edu.tr/?&changelang=EN D3 Centro per lo Sviluppo creativo “Danilo Dolci” (Italy) www.danilodolci.org D4 GEA College – Fakulteta za podjetnistvo (Slovinia) http://gea-college.si/ D5 Ibox Create S.L. (Spain) http://iboxcreate.es/ D6 University of Thessaly (Greece) http://www.uth.gr/en/