soil mechanics soil soil engineering geotechnical engineering civil engineering construction transportation engineering shrinkage index plasticity index tetrahedon specific surface shrinkage limit plastic limit octahedon montmorillonite liquid limit kaolonite kaolin illite consistency limits clay minerology clay atterberg's limit gap graded soil poorly graded soil well graded soil wet sieve analysis dry sieve analysis sedimentation analysis sedimentation indian soil classification system soil systems soil types water content void ratio unit weight of solids unit weight submerged density specific gravity saturated density sand replacement sand bath porosity oven drying mass specific gravity is 2720 dry unit weight dry density density of soilds density degree of saturation core cutter air voids stratified deposit stratified soil falling head permeability constant head permeability discharge velocity seepage velocity darcy's law permeability of soil foundation engineering ground stabilization ground improvement soil improvement soil sodium chloride stabilization soil calcium chloride stabilization mechanical stabilization stabilisation by drainage soil lime stabilization soil cement stabilization soil bitumen stabilisation stabilization of clayey soil soil stabilization stabilization indian airports transportation engineering terzaghis 1d theory co-efficient of consolidation types of settlement terzaghi's spring analogy types of stations locomotive yard passenger yard goods yard station yard hump yard marshalling yard maintenance of tracks tram line method american method telescopic method types of port types of harbour major ports in india break water wet dock dry dock router signal special signal starter signal home signal outer signal color light signals shunting signals warner signals stop signal objects of signals methods of preventing slope failure stability analysis of infinite slope wedge failure method swedish circle method friction circle method taylor's stability number punching shear failure local shear failure general shear failure standard penetration test plate load test vesic's theory terzaghi's theory shallow foundation application of shear strength vane shear test mohr's coulomb mohr's circle unconfined compression test triaxial shear test direct shear test shear strength aprons wind orientation airport lighting system exit taxiway taxiway runway terminal building airport approval repair documents development project management building infrastructure pipeline roadways railway
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