management complications classification prognosis of nerve repair nerve repair conservative treatment electro-myography (emg) nerve conduction studies (ncv) ulnar nerve tests ulnar nerve injury etiology of nerve injury nerve injury symptoms median nerve radial nerve s palsy erb sunderland's classification saddon's classification regenration of nerve wallerian degenration nerve degenration nerve anatomy avn talus hawkin's sign hawkin's classification canale view xray aviators fracture moi blood supply of talus talus anatomy osteoporosis sprain grading mirel's criteria investigation pathological fracture bursitis bursa ganglion gustilo anderson fracture green stick fracture open fracture fracture radiological views shaft of humerus fracture neers classification proximal humerus fracture humerus anatomy medial epicondylitis cozen's test- golfers elbow tennis elbow lateral epicondylitis hueston tabletop test dupuytrens contracture finkelstein test de quervain’s tenosynovitis scaphoid fracture non union of scaphoid clinical features risk factors and etiology of scaphoid avn avn of scaphoid scaphoid blood supply scaphoid anatomy vit d resistent rickets management of rickets radiological features of rickets clinical features of rickets vit d dependent rickets vitamin d metabolism osteomalasia rickets classification of avn radiological and mri features of avn clinical signs and symptoms blood supply of femur head patholgy etiology avn of femur head avascular necrosis of bone contraindication recent advances in knee replacement knee replacement indications uka unicondylar knee replacement function bone cells ossification periosteum parts of long bone bone orthopaedics radiological features bone disorders paget's diseases of bone osteogenesis imperfecta achondroplasia osteopetrosis
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