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Pinterest platform that helps you grow fast

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http://goo.gl/RrkAEm - New businesses are running more towards Pinterest as this is counted as the new and easy tool for promoting businesses online. It is obvious that you have a Facebook and Twitter account but now you have to make it obvious that you have a Pinterest account.

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Pinterest platform that helps you grow fast

  1. 1. Pinterest: Platform That Helps You Grow Fast When you decided to grow your business did you use any social media platform for promoting it? If yes then which one? Did you use Pinterest? Actually Pinterest is not the only platform for promoting your websites but yes it is one of the effective Medias for promotion. Once you have created your profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter your customers will also look for you on Pinterest. Not only customers but it is the duty of the business owner to have their accounts on Pinterest for their continued success online. Pinterest has now become one of the best sources for Social Media Engagement. When you look into the statistics of Pinterest, they are highly impressive. But if you still have some doubts in your mind regarding Pinterest for your business then this post is especially for you. Here we are discussing some points that will make your realize how important it is to have an account on Pinterest. This platform is designed specifically for promoting your business and making your reach global. This is the time to have a good look at using Pinterest for your business if you have not made an account till now. Here we are discussing some Online Marketing Tips to grow your business using Pinterest. Read the given points, implement them into your business and see the growth 1. Always insert the Pinterest ‘Follow Us’ Button whenever you design a blog. If you are having a WordPress blog this thing is very easy to maintain. With this you are providing your visitors with and easy and quick way to check your Pinterest account and follow you. 2. Do not forget to install a Pinterest Board Widget on your blog website in order to show all your latest pins and providing social proofs of your activities. 3. Always connect your Pinterest account to Twitter Google+ and Facebook and find more followers that are already aware about you. Follow then so that they could recognize you and will follow you back.
  2. 2. 4. With your blog visitors check out your most active member on those platforms and connect with them via Pinterest also. Let them see your Pinterest presence and show them that you are ready for to engage with them by liking a few pins and commenting on some of their pins. 5. When you are using Pinterest, follow the boards with the same keywords as that of yours. This will also help you in connecting with your pinners having the same interest. It will also give you a great place for searching for the new pins or vice versa. As a result they might follow you back and will repin to your board. 6. Do not forget to remember your pinners in your industry, especially your competitors. Repin their pins. They will notice your pins and will follow you back. 7. Like the pins with the same keywords as of yours. Liking a pin will make it very easy for you to find that pin to repin later, but more importantly it will also send you a notification about the pinner who has pinned your page. If those users are active and engaging on Pinterest, they will go back and will check you out. 8. Always comment on pins that you find are relevant to your business and will add value to your business profile. Commenting on 2-3 pins per day is good if you are a beginner and performing the same for 5 days per week is more than enough. Per week you are leaving 10-15 comments on other’s website which is actually good way to get noticed and letting others to follow you back. 9. Also mention some other businesses with their names when you write a descriptions and comments. Make sure that you are not spamming your comments while doing it. Make things relevant. 10. Also join some popular shared board that must be available related to your industry. Once you are aware of what they are start making your own group board too. So if you are new to Pinterest, these Online Marketing Tips are going to help you in making your business grow on the platform of Pinterest. Everything is unique and strange at the beginning but at the end you get to know what it does and how you manage it.