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  1. 1. What do you feel upon viewing your classmate? What do you feel when you are dancing?
  2. 2. Learning Objectives At the end of the session, the students must be able to: identify the roles of physical activity assessments in managing one’s stress; discuss the origin and characteristics of cha-cha-cha; identify the basic steps of cha-cha-cha; and perform in dyad the cha-cha-cha.
  4. 4. PA’s that manage stress  Humor  Meditation  Exercise  Writing  Dancing
  5. 5. Humor  Laughter is not only free but it is contagious, once you start laughing usually you feel some of your stress and anxiety instantly release.
  6. 6. Meditation  Deep, slow breathing and positive thoughts can help ease any stressful mind.  Meditation is one of the easiest and most convenient stress management techniques, and it is also free.
  7. 7.  All that is necessary is a quiet space with a comfortable place to sit or lie down.  Meditation can be done in many forms ranging from guided imagery or visualization (focusing on being in a beautiful place),
  8. 8. Exercise  The health benefits of daily exercise are indisputable.  Research unanimously suggests that daily exercise can improve most chronic conditions and improve overall emotional health.
  9. 9.  It is a great way to reduce stress and there are different forms of exercise you can participate in: a short run, a power walk or even an organized class or exercise video. Group exercise promotes collaboration among your peers, which can also help you talk about what may be making you anxious and stressed, therefore mitigating some of your daily frustrations.
  10. 10. Get right by writing  Think about keeping a task list or journal.  Write down what you need to do and cross it out when it is completed.  At the end of the day, look back at the list and you may be surprised by how much you accomplished.
  11. 11. DANCING When the body feels good, the mind does, too! The scientific reason for why dance has the ability to act as a stress reliever stems from the idea that when the body feels good, the mind does, too. Any type of physical activity releases neurotransmitters and endorphins which serve to alleviate stress.
  12. 12. Let’s Talk About Cha Cha Cha
  13. 13. What is Cha Cha Cha?Cha-cha-cha is a Latin dance which existed in Cuba. The music is a combination of African and Cuban rhythms blended into a Latin beat. “Cha-cha” was the name of the component bell, that when rubbed produces noise and this bell was used by the Haitians.
  14. 14. The important thing to remember in any position with a handhold is to maintain the “connection”. This is so the dancers can move together, so to speak, even when they are apart and accomplishing different foot patterns.
  15. 15. Its rhythm requires very small steps, a chasse or a series of gliding steps. It is danced in 4/4 time signature. The count is slow-slow-quick-quick-slow.
  16. 16. Cha cha cha Get Into Mood
  17. 17. Legend: L - Left Foot R - Right Foot C - Close Step Fw - Forward Bw – Backward Sw- Sideward
  18. 18. Basic 1: Weight Transfer (Rock Step) Step Pattern: R-Bw, L-Fw Counting: 1, 2
  19. 19. Basic 2: R Chasse Fw Step Pattern: R-Fw, L-C to R, R-Fw Counting: 1 and 2
  20. 20. Basic 3: Weight Transfer (Rock Step) Step Pattern: L-Fw, R-Bw Counting: 1, 2
  21. 21. Basic 4: L Chasse Bw Step Pattern: L-Bw, R-C to L, L-Bw Counting: 1 and 2
  22. 22. Basic 5: Alemana Turn Step Pattern: L-Fw (Pivot Halfway Turn R), R-Fw (Pivot Halfway Turn R) Leading to a Chasse L-Bw Counting: 1, 2
  23. 23. . Basic 6: New York (L over R) Step Pattern: Step L across R in Front, Step R in Place, Chasse L Sw, Step R over L in Front, Chasse R Sw Counting: 1, 2, 1 and 2 1, 2, 1 and 2
  24. 24. Basic 7: New York (R over L) Step Pattern: Step R across L in Front, Step L in Place, Chasse R Sw, Step L over R in Front, Chasse L Sw Counting: 1, 2, 1 and 2 1, 2, 1 and 2
  25. 25. Basic 8: Spot Turn Step Pattern: Same with Alemana Turn but done Sw-leading to a Chasse Bw Counting: 1, 2
  26. 26. Divide your class into 4. Then, each group will be performing in front the basic steps of cha-cha-cha dance including the basic movements (the back and the forward 1 basic movements) they will be given 5 minutes to prepare and 3 minutes to present.
  27. 27. Each group will be graded according to the following criteria: * Mastery of the basic steps 10 pts. * Execution and clarity of steps 10 pts. * Synchronization with the music 5 pts. TOTAL 25 pts.
  28. 28. Essay 1. In 3 paragraph compose ideas citing the significance of dancing in coping with stress.
  29. 29. Grading Criteria Outstanding 26-30 Very Satisfactory 20-25 Satisfactory 15-19 Fairly Satisfactory 10-14 Did not meet Expectations 9 Below Content  Presents accurate information and insightful ideas; thorough and well written  Always expresses many ideas supported by relevant evidence.  Meaning and intent are clear and engaging throughout the text.  Always makes personal connections with the essay.  Presents accurate information and complete ideas; fairly well written  Oftentimes expresses ideas supported by evidence  Meaning and intent are clear oftentimes in the text.  Oftentimes makes considerable personal connections with the essay.  Presents some accurate information and some ideas  Sometimes expresses some ideas by relevant evidence  Meaning and intent are sometimes unclear in the text  Sometimes makes personal connections with the essay.  Presents incomplete or inaccurate information and ideas  Seldom expresses few ideas with limited support by relevant evidence  Meaning and intent are frequently unclear in the text  Seldom makes personal connections with the essay. No essay
  30. 30. (Same grouping) Create combinations on the basic steps and movements of the cha-cha-cha dance. It will be presented next meeting

Notas do Editor

  • Ask the following questions:
    *Are you familiar with those steps?
    *Have you followed me well while executing the dance steps?
    *Are you familiar with the cha-cha dance?
  • And of course you should remember also that the boys will be the leader and the girls will be the follower and you must respect also each other.
  • How do you read this in mathematics? 4/4
  • Will you pls stand and find your partner, boys pls get your partner.
  • I have a question in mathematics do we consider 0 as counting no.?
    0 is not a counting no. it is a whole no. and in pe we start counting at 1
  • In Anatomy or Science we have the muscular system, what part of the muscular system specially in our lower extremities will be developed?
    Gastrocnemius,gluteus maximus, tibialis longus.