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  1. 1. ANDY FLETT – Computer Engineer,Technician and Specialist Email = andy.j.flett@ntlworld.com 117, Plainspot Road Full/Clean British Driving Licence owner Jacksdale Home phone:01773 780575 Nottingham Mobile phone:07759 173620 NG16 5HP PERSONAL SUMMARY: (related to ALL previous employers – see Career Summary below for individual employers) Computer Technician/Engineer and specialist in computer projects, installations and software solutions, network configuration and connectivity of relevant equipment, remote automated and field related diagnostics and solutions related to “incident management”, with testing/auditing and verification of computer systems & networks and relevant documentation. Includes instructional education at all levels.... and keeping customers happy at the same time! MAIN COMPUTER RELATED EXPERIENCE: (Mainly with Computer Sciences Corporation – but incorporating other employments) • PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION = Delivery of various projects, often nationwide, of varying sizes, involving original consultation and design, initial problem investigations, problem solutions while implementing – to enable completion as to planned programme times. Main HARDWARE = Windows/Unix based servers, Windows based workstations, various printer types, various data capture devices. SOFTWARE = mainly Windows/Unix based, SCCM, Active Directory, various email/messaging and work collaboration facilities, plus standard and proprietary “Graphical User Interface” and “command line” based applications and routines. • “FIX WHEN BROKE” work = Incident Management in parallel with the above. Hardware and Software also as above, often involving remote (or some on-site) diagnosis and repair or upgrade, including relevant customer facing skills, controlled using configured “REMEDY” and “SERVICE NOW” incident management tools. • LOCAL and WIDE AREA NETWORKING = installation, testing and troubleshooting, mainly involving Cisco Routers and Switches (but does include others), various Structured Cabling Systems – usually both Data and VOIP Telephony systems involved. • DOCUMENTATION of all the above, in several formats. e.g. “Standard Documentation” for records, and “searchable WIKI/web” documentation for quick and easy information sharing (e.g. for “Field Workers”) • Other relevant experience includes- various other computer configurations, disaster recovery and planning, preventative maintenance, inventory management, quality verification, specification and purchasing. TRANFERRABLE SKILLS AND SPECIALITIES: • Scripting and Computer Coding = creation of “automated enabling” routines- combining and using various computer languages and facilities, to automate and standardise repetitive processes (and even develop new facilities) or enhance and personalise existing standard facilities (particularly “diagnosis” related) • Wide experience with different businesses, situations (see latter pages of CV for details) and processes, often in parallel, usually leading to the standardisation of the above mentioned routines, so that they perform with little or no alteration for different company and system situations. • Computer and Network configuration experience spanning several different facilities and industries APPLICATION OF EXPERIENCE: (see INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENTS and RELATED INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE, later in CV) • Team membership, leadership and independent working, delivering “new installation” and “equipment replacement” projects and computer support, enabling maintenance of services to previously agreed levels. • Wide experience allows “technical input” and possible problem identification and isolation, ideally before operations commence. Also allows effective diagnosis and resolution of discovered problems where necessary, particularly using previously mentioned “self-tailored, target-specific” routines. • Experience of “legacy equipment and facilities” often enhances current knowledge – e.g. “old principles” can often be applied in new situations, or if “legacy facilities” are still required for current working situations. CAREER SUMMARY: Self Employed – various IT related work Computer Engineer 2015-2016 Computacenter (UK) Ltd Computer Engineer April – July 2015 Computer Sciences Corporation (USA company, UK based work) Computer Engineer 2003-2015 Royal Mail, Business Systems, Location Independent Working, UK Project Implementation 1999-2003 Post Office IT Services, Birmingham, UK Project Manager 1999 only Post Office IT Services, Birmingham, UK Project Implementation 1997-1999 Post Office IT Services, Matlock & Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK Implementation 1993-1997 Quad Systems, Barton Under Needwood, Staffordshire, UK Support Analyst 1992-1993 Hazlewood Computer Company, Hazlewood Foods PLC, Derby, UK User Support Executive 1987-1992 FURTHER DETAILS available in the following paragraphs:
  2. 2. (shows “more detailed technical expansions” of the above mentioned items – only applicable if further explanations are required.) TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE (Specialities in bold) • Configuration of operating environments (Server and Personal Computer systems). • Diagnosis and Solution of Technical, Network and Application associated problems. • Set-up, Configuration and Maintenance of Local and Wide Area Networks (Mainly CISCO routers and Switches, includes Synoptics/Bay Area Networks Ethernet & Token Ring equipment, previously DOWTY- CASE DCX Series communications equipment, CRAY X25 and IBM SNA equipment, Synchronous and Asynchronous communications, Ethernet, Token-Ring, Connecting Gateways and suchlike.) • Control Systems and Internal Programming Languages for the above. • Security solutions, Anti Virus configuration and Malware removals • Specification, Purchase, Installation, Configuration and Integration of Personal Computers. • Specification, Purchase and Installation of associated PC hardware (such as Memory Chips, Additional Function Boards, Disks, Communications Devices, Video cards, Printers & input-output devices etc.) • General inter-connection and configuration of devices and information transfer. • Connection and Configuration of Shop Floor Data Capture equipment. • Other (often legacy) inter-computer communication methods (e.g. IBM 3270 & 5250 systems) • Asynchronous (Mainly “legacy” UNIX based) Hardware installation and maintenance APPLICATIONS EXPERIENCE (GENERAL SUMMARY) – with specialities in bold Includes experience of installation, configuration, diagnosis, development and use of:- • Windows scripting routines using Visual Basic, Powershell, Windows Management Information Console • Windows System Center Configuration Management (SCCM), Active Directory, Group Policies • Networking, mainly connecting Windows & UNIX type servers via Ethernet/Token-Ring to PC clients • Wide area networking, mainly using TCP/IP and related utilities and configurations (e.g. DNS, DHCP etc.) • UNIX/LINUX scripting and Novell Network Operating System complimentary/in-parallel to the above • MS Office (all versions and “imitators”), Databases (various SQL like or related), Terminal Emulation, Remote Session & File Transfer (various applications and their associated internal routines) • Lotus Notes, MS Exchange/Lync Mail & Messaging, plus various other aspects of e-mail & messaging • IBM 3270 and 5250 based computer connectivity, equipment emulation and configuration, also including the transfer and re-formatting of centrally-held information to 'satellite PC' computer applications • Other various PC and Host computer based applications • System Testing, Performance and Diagnostic applications • Modular Business System applications (various different packages and PC/Host platforms) • Desktop Publishing, Presentation and Display graphics MAIN COMPUTER EXPERIENCE involves Business Systems concerned with:- • Transaction processing/logging, track and trace information • Real Time Customer Service Information collection and presentation • Central and Satellite information processing • Stock Control and Materials Requirement Planning systems and software • Sales Order Processing systems and software • Sales/Purchase/Nominal Ledgers and Payroll systems and software • Shop Floor Data Capture and Time & Attendance monitoring hardware and software • Virtualisation of computer systems (Mainly VMWare and Citrix) Duties have involved:- • Installation, Integration and Connection of equipment • Customer Instruction and Training upon installation • Customer Support after installation • Design, Writing and Maintenance of “configuration or reporting” software and routines (facilitating easing and standardisation of repetitive tasks) • System/User Security and Preventative Maintenance • Large Data Centre “on call” Engineer, focussing on diagnostics and hardware/software repair • Usually backed up with experience of 'non computer' based business procedures OTHER RELEVANT EXPERIENCE: • Wide Area Networking (using (“legacy” DOWTY-CASE, CRAY) CISCO, IBM equipment and others) • Other inter-computer communications (various LAN/WAN and point-to-point connection methods) • SQL Database Languages – various types and dialects, mainly MySQL & Workbench, and MS Query
  3. 3. • Programming using COBOL, Intel Assembler, “Command Line” and VB Scripting plus proprietary languages • Various Spreadsheet & Communication Package languages and operating system control languages. • Electronic Data Interchange (mainly exchange of sales-order & payment details etc.) • Voluntary Work = educating “extremely new” computer users – PCs and Tablet Computers – all aspects!
  4. 4. RELEVANT TRAINING: Various “Internal/Relative” Courses (Powershell, WMI, VB Scripting, Perl, SQL etc.) CSC University Cisco Catalyst Switch Essentials Getronics Implementing Windows Professional and Server Azlan Training Internetworking with TCP/IP Azlan Training Microsoft Core Technologies Azlan Training Notebook & Desktop PC Essentials AST Windows Essentials QA Training Supporting Windows QA Training Advanced PC Support QA Training Supporting Personal Computers QA Training Installing SCO UNIX Frontline Understanding Data Communications PDA IBM AS400 (subsequently iSeries) Peer Connectivity IBM (Novell) Intranetware Support & Administration with Windows QA Training Introduction to PC Programming QA Training COMPUTER SYSTEM EXPERIENCE AND OTHER RELEVANT DETAILS COMPUTER/INTERNETWORKING OPERATING SYSTEMS (in order of current use) • PC/Server = Windows (all versions), LINUX, SCO UNIX, “Command Line Interface” programs/routines • CISCO = IOS and CatOS (Router/Switch Internetworking Operating Systems) • IBM AS400 and iSeries = OS400 equivalent and associated Command Language programming • Hewlett Packard HP9000 and IBM RS6000 series = HP-UX (UNIX) and IBM AIX (UNIX) • Hewlett Packard HP3000 = MPE and MPEX (no longer used, but the same “principles” apply) COMPUTER LANGUAGES (currently only used occasionally) • COBOL, FORTRAN, 8086/8088 assembler, various BASICs and proprietary languages ‘FOURTH-GENERATION’ LANGUAGES (No longer in regular full use, but “usage/working” principles still apply) • Synon II (IBM RPG Code generator), Speedware (HP 'Reactor Language Code' generator) The items presented below are included solely as achievements that were relevant to my employment at the time. The ‘subjects’ may not necessarily be relevant at present, but ‘principles’ involved at the time are quite often relevant today TECHNICAL EVALUATION – Sarbanes Oxley “consultancy” work Essentially, a period spent at Land-Rover/Jaguar (Coventry, UK – then owned by Ford Motors) evaluating Windows and Intel (Wintel) computer systems and their accompanying processes, defining current working practices and methods – and designing new processes and adjustments where necessary to ensure “Sarbanes Oxley” compliance. ADDITIONAL TRAINING (experience no longer in use, but “principles” still apply): Synon II Application Programming Synon Speedware 4GL Application Programming Infocentre Systems Analysis & COBOL Programming Guy Associates EXTRA (NON-IT) RELATED PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT DETAILS: J. Copley (Retailer), Mansfield. Administrator Brealey-Smith Ltd., Nottingham. Stock/Financial Control Nottinghamshire County Council. Surveyor/Draughtsman EDUCATION: Eastwood Hall Park Technical Grammar School, 3 'A' Level GCE passes Nottinghamshire including Mathematics & Physics 8 GCSE (equivalent) Passes including. English & French languages University of Liverpool. B .Eng. (1st Year) PERSONAL INTERESTS:
  5. 5. Motor Sport, Aviation, Travel, Technical Reading, Music/Video and Technology related interests, Walking. RELATED INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: presented to identify areas worked in previously, these are “business accounts” I have worked with in the provision of IT Services, and where other relevant experience was acquired prior to that. Most relevant experience appears first. EMPLOYER SUMMARY Royal Mail Group (Mail, Parcel Delivery and Retail Services – includes “Royal Mail”, “Parcel Force”, “Post Office Counters”, “Post Office Crown Offices” and cash handling section) Computer related work located in “Large Offices”, Data Centres, Production locations (sorting offices) and Small Remote Rural locations nationwide- also involving Mobile Workers, Local and Wide Area Networking (including Voice & Video services), Distributed and Personal computer facilities. Shop floor data capture equipment. CQC (Care Quality Commission – “NHS Inspectors”) Computer related work located mainly in Offices- also involving Mobile Workers, Local and Wide Area Networking (including Voice & Video services), Distributed and Personal computer facilities Bombardier (Locomotive Manufacturers/Railways) Computer related work located in Offices, Manufacturing locations - also involving Mobile Workers, Local and Wide Area Networking (including Voice services), Distributed and Personal computer facilities, “High Specification” Workstations involving Computer Aided Design facilities. Shop floor data capture equipment. Jaguar/Land Rover (Motor Vehicle Manufacturer) Analysis and evaluation of Windows/Intel based computer systems and processes, ensuring “American Sarbanes-Oxley” principles are identified, exist (or are created) and followed. (this could be classed as “consultancy” work) Hazlewood Foods PLC (Food Manufacturers) (Currently trading as Greencore Group) Computer related work located in Offices, Manufacturing locations and Small Remote Rural locations, Local and Wide Area Networking, Centralised, Distributed and Personal computer facilities. Main experience involving Sales Order Processing Systems and Stock Control/Material Requirements Planning acquired within this position. Brealey – Smith Ltd. (Plastic Engineers specialising in Motorcycle Accessories – not IT related) Manufacturing and Engineering – mainly focussing on Stock Control, Production Planning, Purchasing of raw materials, and a degree of financial knowledge and control. Fundamental experience used in subsequent positions was acquired here. VOLUNTARY WORK EXPERIENCE SUMMARY RCAN IT Champions Project (Rural Community Action for Nottinghamshire charity) Educating “silver surfer” students how to use their new Desktop or Laptop PCs, Android or Apple Tablet PCs – even including smart phones! - enabling them to “take part” in the ever expanding digital world rather than have it accelerate past them. VERY different “skills and concepts” required than used in previous employments! Computer related work mentioned in the paragraphs above can be anything from “making sure it's switched on” to total reconfiguration or replacement (or new installations). Varies from “individual items” through to “major equipment refresh” projects (often involving significant alterations to infrastructure and working practices). The main incentive would be to “keep things working”. All involve “self penned productivity and efficiency enhancing” routines Small sites could be as little as a single PC on an occasional networked connection or even a “stand alone” situation.
  6. 6. Large Sites include Data Centres (involving thousands of servers – before virtualisation took hold) and major offices (and “call centres”) with significant computer facilities, including Servers, Printers, Desk based Workstations and Production Area based control equipment.
  7. 7. MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT EXAMPLES – these are examples of “going the extra mile” within previous employments. Principles using the experience mentioned here, still apply today. These are “mainly individual” achievements. (Where relevant, documentation and examples or results of items featured below, are available on request. Warning – this section gets technical!) NETWORK ROUTER WITH LOST CONFIGURATION • SITUATION = The main router for a remote site had lost power, and when power had returned, a non valid “default” configuration had been automatically loaded and the router would not work. All staff on that large site requiring Wide Area Network connectivity were affected. No other “Remote Access” method was available. • SOLUTION = a “backup” configuration was required (and existed off site) – solution involved acquiring that configuration via a “dial up” connection and file transfer, connecting a local PC to the affected router with a “roll over” serial cable to the console port, transferring the configuration to the affected router using XMODEM file transfer protocol and “reprogramming” it to allow remote access again • EFFECT = within 30 minutes of arrival on site, router was available remotely (routing tables were able to be reconfigured- took longer) and site was fully working again within the same day • SKILLS USED = Networking knowledge (particularly Cisco IOS) , Legacy Equipment knowledge (“roll over cable”? XMODEM? “Legacy” networking knowledge!) DATA TRANSFER PROBLEMS • SITUATION = Within a Hardware/System Migration Project, a “new” data transfer method was introduced making use of a Wide Area Network without considering the inadequate bandwidth of the Wide Area Network concerned. (The method did work on a Local Area Network, but very slowly on a Wide Area Network) • SOLUTION = rapid development of a Peer To Peer Local Area Network scenario, based on previous “self penned” software routines • EFFECT = Hardware/System Migration Project was able to be completed within agreed timescales • SKILLS USED = Computer Scripting experience, investment of previous “personal coding time” and experience, and adaptation for the relevant/current situation • EXTRA = the developed routine copies data from geographically separate source and target computers, via an unattended independent controlling computer on the same network, without interfering with (or impeding) any of the computers – but it can be slow – possibly unimportant if performed “overnight” or the equivalent? INADEQUATE TRANSFER OF DETAIL WITHIN INCIDENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM • SITUATION = Details of affected computer equipment passed within incident management system inadequate • SOLUTION = Computer based routine that automatically collects and displays details for affected equipment in seconds (ideally either directly, or from previously acquired records) • EFFECT = With adequate information and knowledge, many incidents were able to be solved immediately and remotely, rather than “passed down the system”, possibly involving extra waiting time (especially for the affected customer) and an often unnecessary site visit • SKILLS USED = Computer Scripting experience, Networking and Hardware knowledge • EXTRA = the principles mentioned above have been subsequently expanded in to a “self penned” specialist diagnosis routine, covering “any” sort of networked computer equipment (e.g. Printers, Routers, Switches as well as computers) – a “more immediately available” version of more standard available facilities. TESTING OF NEW EQUIPMENT/VALIDATION OF EXISTING EQUIPMENT • SITUATION = New Equipment could arrive incorrectly configured. Existing replacement procedures could not fully anticipate replacement equipment configuration requirements • SOLUTION = Self penned “instant/remote evaluation” software routine, comparing “what exists” against maintained lists of “what is required” and “what extras” are required • EFFECT = Enables inadequate equipment to be identified before any working time is wasted on it. Identifies FULL requirements for replacement equipment, easily enabling correct preparation. Enables instant detailed accurate configuration instructions for subsequent work (e.g. by Contract Staff?). Instructions are immediately accurate rather than based on “previous” information, as they are calculated “immediately” in “real time”. Methods mentioned here can be applied on a large scale automatically, as well as on an individual item. • SKILLS USED = Computer Scripting experience, Networking and Hardware knowledge INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE • SITUATION = No “formal” method of “information and knowledge” exchange exists, other than a centrally held unstructured document repository, or “contacting someone who might know” • SOLUTION = Development of “Intranet WIKI” facility, where registered participants are able to post and share information (suitably controlled/moderated), searchable by “key” topics (or even “any word”!)
  8. 8. • EFFECT = Relevant information freely available and easily accessed within limited registered participant group. Information updated informally by members of that group, rather than via receipt, examination and moderation of a central controller, and not broadcast externally. • SKILLS USED = Suitable Standard Application identification, installation and configuration.