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Visual Imagery for Blogs - Bar Camp Berlin 3

  1. Visual Imagery for Blogs Mark Melnykowycz An American Peyote Scribble Blog Camp Berlin 3 October 19th, 2008
  2. Goal • Discuss the use of pictures on the web • Integrate visual and text blogging • Increase blog visibility • Build new connections to readers/viewers
  3. Blogging • Create a reaction in the reader • Communicate or invoke emotion • Transfer knowledge • Give value to the readers
  4. Blogging with Text • Efficient - readers scan and read text • Google indexes posts via keywords, tags, content, titles, etc. • Easy to produce
  5. Fear Adventure Beauty Love Cool Hate Dramatic Desire
  6. Fear Adventure Beauty Love Cool Hate Dramatic Desire
  7. Google • Text based searching • Flickr photos indexed in Google • Links in Flickr description to your blog • Good image search capabilities
  8. Flickr for Photographers • Ability to share images with an audience • Fast posting (faster than text) • Discussion forums (group interaction) • The image stands on its own with little context
  9. Flickr for Bloggers • Images indexed in Google/Yahoo • Use as image server • Post photos to groups • Use images in group discussions • Participate in group communities
  10. Flickr Workshops Blog Partners Discussion Reader Blog Photo sharing Interaction Network
  11. Flickr Posting Photo Text Post Link
  12. Flick Photos Blog Post Flick Discussion
  13. Key Points • Use the power of visual images • Understand reader needs • Understand value of timing • Provide unique value • Create multiple connection points to content • Engage in discussion outside of blog
  14. Reactions to Images • Context, text defines the base for the image • Viewer preconceptions about the image or presentation form
  15. Images • Instant understanding Reaction • No translation needed based on your • Emotional response experiences • Open to interpretation What is the context?
  16. Context • A visual images means something because of its context • Context defined by your experiences • Context defined by text content • Images reinterpreted based on new context
  17. Text Text • Photography as a Weapon (Errol Morris) •
  18. U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell addressed the U.N. Security Council Feb. 2003
  19. Is Truth Defined by Context? • Images are as flexible as text to lie with
  20. Discussion