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Twitter Marketing

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Twitter Marketing

  1. 1. Twitter Marketing owerly.com
  2. 2. Setup header graphic/cover photo 1500 x 500 pixels bio - searchable, benefits/copy, keywords profile picture pinned tweet make an impact Website link or link to capture page Company username
  3. 3. Setup 400x400 pixels Professional profile pic or logo Add location if local business
  4. 4. Profile Mobile Click banner and edit Click logo and edit Click gear icon
  5. 5. Content 140 characters Explain benefits of blog article before linking to it Humor Advice Insight and information/facts
  6. 6. Content Current events/news questions promotional tweets Use search keyword phrases in your tweets
  7. 7. Content entertaining or educational actionable tips how-to Images get 18% more clicks, Visual Content 1200x628 videos
  8. 8. Content promotions & ads (not too many or will look spammy) curate great content from others. Retweet others content (they might return the favor) Include sense of urgency (limited time) Answer people's questions Quotes/motivation
  9. 9. IFTTT (If This Then That) service that allows you to connect various apps and services to create automated tasks between the apps. set up triggers (IF) on one channel that initiate action (THEN) on another channel. IF you post a tweet with a specific hashtag, THEN share that same post on Facebook. Add people with specific # or @ to public list to get them notified
  10. 10. IFTTT (If This Then That) Using IFTTT, you can do a variety of Twitter searches for specific kinds of users, and add them to a list that you've created. put people in list who are: Following other specific Twitter profiles (competitors, for instance) Mentioning other specific Twitter profiles Using specific hashtags
  11. 11. IFTTT (If This Then That) Add rters to favorite people list command add receive an email notification when someone tweets a link to your website from recipes
  12. 12. IFTTT (If This Then That) www.ifttt.com
  13. 13. IFTTT (If This Then That) Recipe
  14. 14. Press Build relationships with journalists Follow journalists and media outlets And engage Follow their top followers Retweet Twitter List
  15. 15. Press Use and Follow the hashtags and keywords that they use #haro #profnet #Journorequest #PRrequest #Bloggerrequest #Bloggerrequest #HelpAReporter #UrgHaro Follow @profnet and @helpareporter
  16. 16. Call-to-action Promote links to a coupon or capture page Valuable free offer for opt-in Sense of urgency (limited time or amount)
  17. 17. Best time to Post Weekdays for Business to Business Weekends and Wednesday for consumers highest retweets at 5PM highest click through rate 12PM and 6PM. Be consistent
  18. 18. Followers Ask for Retweets. RT Ad campaign to gain followers
  19. 19. ads.Twitter.Com
  20. 20. Followers Follow for follow back Unfollow non followers Tag users and companies you mention and they may retweet (@username) can only follow 10% more Twitter accounts than those following you
  21. 21. Followers Respond to your mentions @yourname Mention or Brand24 to monitor Hootsuite or TweetDeck monitor your Twitter mentions Thank people that RT your content. DM them and make a connection
  22. 22. Mentions App mention.com
  23. 23. Hootsuite https://blog.hootsuite.c om/use-hootsuite- social-listening/
  24. 24. Brand 24 brand24.com
  25. 25. Followers Engage in topics Answer questions and give value Tweet influencers when you reference them in a blog so they can potentially share it Embed tweets referenced in blog posts Comnect email to twitter & Import Followers
  26. 26. Engage Reply Quote Like Message
  27. 27. Engage Retweet Quote tweet button
  28. 28. Engage Say “thank you” for retweets. Block spammers and abusive people
  29. 29. Advanced Search Twitter.com/ search-advanced People. "To these accounts" @competitorname See who is following and sharing your competition and follow those people to potentially gain them as a follower Search options Everything, all people, everywhere
  30. 30. Advanced Search Places modifiers. near:Burbank within:20mi None of these words -http (no links) All of these words http (only links) Save searches and access from search bar
  31. 31. Hashtags hashtagify.me niche and industry specific Makes tweet searchable #keyword #keywordphrase
  32. 32. Hashtags Trending Related to current events, news Custom brand hashtag Make related tweets searchable for your event Use 2 or 3 per tweet (character limit)
  33. 33. Hashtags Don't use trending hashtags inappropriately like advertising during a social issue Keep hashtags relevant to post
  34. 34. Advertise Add a Twitter link on your website/blog Embed/share tweets into blog articles
  35. 35. Twitter Lists group of accounts that you want to target industry professionals prospective and current clients competitors (private list) Great content producers
  36. 36. Twitter Lists engage with individuals See types of content that gets engagement Customer service, retention (don't spam) Engage with personalized video
  37. 37. Twitter Lists Build relationships with influencers Add them to a public list so they get notified Re-tweet their quality content, personalize, tag Use/copy other people's lists by looking at their's or lists they are on TwitListManager tool subscribe to lists that have already been created
  38. 38. Keyword Research keyword search using the search bar then selecting the “Accounts” tab twitter.com/ search-advanced Search keyword phrases from influencers, based on questions, interests Discover new accounts to follow and list
  39. 39. Twitter Chats forum to discuss topics Business networking conversation about a topic At a scheduled time Use a designated chat hashtag to participate
  40. 40. Twitter Chats Discussion on a set topic or Q&A, special guest TweetChat.com login and view conversation in more readable format Great way to engage and learn Websites that list upcoming twitter chats
  41. 41. Twitter chat Use #WORDchat #BlogChat #BrandChat Hashtracking, generate a transcript of the chat to share with others, plus you’ll receive statistics for each chat Q1 for question, A1 for answer
  42. 42. Twitter Polls Create new Tweet and hit poll button four choices active for 24 hours Engage and Entertain Survey for upcoming products/services & Reviews Market research
  43. 43. Direct Message Avoid spamming/sucking value Change privacy settings to receive DM from Public Don’t send unsolicited information/links
  44. 44. Direct Message Great for personal/private/customer service messages Invite someone that @yourname to DM you directly Automated response messaging, can ask questions to see how you can help them and offer them value Auto DM service like from socialoomph
  45. 45. Twitter Cards Tweets of your content will include link previews add a few lines of HTML to your webpage links to your content will have a “Card” added to the Tweet Summary Card: Title, description, thumbnail, and Twitter account attribution. Player Card: A Card to provide video/audio/media.
  46. 46. Twitter Cards Choose a card type https://dev.twitter.com/cards/types Add meta tags https://dev.twitter.com/cards/markup Run your URL against the validator tool https://cards- dev.twitter.com/validator If Player Card, request approval for whitelisting
  47. 47. ps://dev.twitter.com/cards/types/player#Getting_started
  48. 48. Twitter Card name="twitter:card" content="summary" /> <meta name="twitter:site" content="@theowerly" /> <meta name="twitter:title" content="Become YouTube Famous. Hello Twitter." /> <meta name="twitter:description" content="Subscribe at Owerly.com." /> <meta name="twitter:image" content="http://www.owerly.com/wp- content/uploads/2016/10/image-e1475367787408.png" /> All in One SEO Pack
  49. 49. Twitter Cards Tweet the URL and see the Card appear below your tweet in the details view. https://dev.twitter.com/cards/analytics For Twitter Card Analytics
  50. 50. Conversion Pinned Tweet lead to enticing content or capture page offer
  51. 51. Syndicate Triberr community of Bloggers and Influencers come together to read and share content. Add your own RSS feed to Triberr
  52. 52. CONTESTS “RT to win” “Follow to win” Fastest correct answer after a webinar Binkd has a free Twitter contest app photo contest With your company product and #
  53. 53. Contest tweet a caption for the photo and include the hashtag For a photo Best answer with # or @yourcompany Random # chosen off tweets Tweet # and link
  54. 54. Facebook groups Automated message invite to join “Hello. Great to connect. I’d like to invite you to join my free FB group where We share the latest updates in SEO.” tweet out invitations
  55. 55. BuzzSumo shows you the most popular content on a specific topic ranked by the number of social shares. Also shows who shared it find people who will be interested in your content “Twitter shares”, “View Sharers”, click on “export”
  56. 56. BuzzSumo Hi. Love your content. I have been folllowing for years and really appreciate the value you bring. I see you recently posted about ____ and have a similar article with the latest tips on ____. Would you be interested in something like that?
  57. 57. Advance Search Advanced Search at https:// twitter.com/ search- advanced and find the section marked “mentioning these accounts.” @usernames of your competitors. Follow people that mention your competitors for possible follow back
  58. 58. Followers http://alltop.com/new/ Is a blog aggregator that allows you to find relevant sites in your industry. locate their Twitter accounts. SimilarWeb.com and type in your domain in the search bar.
  59. 59. Hashtags measure the results of a hashtag. Several apps and services, such as Radian6 or Hashtracking, data from all the people who use the hashtag how many people viewed the hashtag
  60. 60. Radian6
  61. 61. Tweet-ups are Twitter community get-togethers. Tweet-ups are Twitter community get-togethers. tweeting out the details of the tweet-up at least two weeks in advance.
  62. 62. Syndicate WordPress plug-ins for sharing blog posts on Twitter AddThis DiggDigg Easy Social Share Shareaholic Jetpack by WordPress
  63. 63. Embed Tweet into Blog
  64. 64. Syndicate to Facebook Click above Tweet in the upper-right corner Select share via Facebook
  65. 65. Ads Target followers of other accounts Related to your industry target related keywords. Can use text on images event-targeting
  66. 66. Ads Twitter event targeting calendar Twitter Analytics dashboard click the events tab at the top View calendar with a list of events you can target review of the previous year’s engagement.
  67. 67. Ads Tweet Engager Targeting tool that tracks the people who have engaged with your promoted Tweets. Can Advertise to these accounts again segment your audience by gender, city, and mobile device. Targeted times and specific audience 25k
  68. 68. Ads ads.twitter.com
  69. 69. Ads Types of Ads
  70. 70. Ads Keyword modifiers
  71. 71. Tools Hootsuite Buffer.com - automatically share content SocialOomph.com - automatically share content PostPlanner.com to schedule your posts TweetDeck
  72. 72. Tools Word Swag App Canva commun.it automatically mention and engage with new followers, people that mentioned you Click to Tweet is a WordPress plugin that allows you to turn your content into tweetable quotes Tweroid see when your audience is most active.
  73. 73. https://wordpress.org/plugins/ click-to-tweet-by-todaymade/
  74. 74. tweriod.com
  75. 75. Tools email alert to notify you automatically when someone on one of your Twitter lists asks a question. set up a filter to check that the text of the tweet contains a question mark. Exclude @ and http
  76. 76. Hootsuite or TweetDeck Hootsuite or TweetDeck see all your followers’ tweets and the messages you tweet, Direct messages and any search terms or hashtags you follow,
  77. 77. http://sproutsocial.com handle multiple Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social accounts. scheduling tweets, Sprout Social offers insights and analytics so that you know how well your social media campaigns are working.
  78. 78. syndicate your blog’s posts to your Twitter account
  79. 79. http://tweetcaster.com Manage multiple accounts from your smartphone.
  80. 80. https://bufferapp.com Schedule your tweets so you can have them go live at a specific time, even if you’re not online.
  81. 81. Twitter share buttons Twitter share buttons on your blog or website, go to https://twitter.com/about/resources/buttons Wordpress social share plugins
  82. 82. Tools Post Planner has a feature called “Requeue” which allows you to share the same content over and over again, automatically.
  83. 83. Tools Snip.ly is a tool that allows you to overlay your own message onto any website. This allows you to get traffic even if you are promoting a competitor’s blog post.
  84. 84. Analytics top follower each month see the mention and content that drove the most engagement. Audience profile/demographics (age, gender, etc.) See if a strategy/campaign works
  85. 85. Analytics Find which Tweets get most engagement to advertise with Paid campaign
  86. 86. Analytics tool owned by Moz, FollowerWonk
  87. 87. Analytics Stats, top followers http://analytics.twitter.com