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Invite the tester to the party

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This slide deck was used at the Global Scrum Gathering in Prague in 2015. The deck provides inspiration on:
* How to make the tester part of the Development Team
* How to eliminate the need for "Quality Control"
* Foster collaboration within the team.

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Invite the tester to the party

  1. 1. Contact information Email: allan@coreagile.eu Twitter: @rennebo Phone: +45 60 84 85 00 Invite the tester to the party Global Scrum Gathering – Prague 2015
  2. 2. About me Allan Rennebo Jepen • Agile Transformation Coach • People enthusiast • Former IT-everything (almost) • Founder of Agile Copenhagen • Senior Partner and Founder of Coregile • Have a bunch of badges ☺
  3. 3. Who are you? • How Scrum mature is your organization? • How extensive is your personal Scrum experience? • What is your current role?
  4. 4. What are your biggest frustrations?
  5. 5. My promises to you • You will get practical inspiration on how you can include the tester - starting Monday morning. • You will be able to help eliminate the need for "Quality Control". • You will be able to turn the battle between developers and testers into a collaborative process.
  6. 6. Let’s get started With a tour in the real world
  7. 7. Production line mentality • Testing is always down prioritized (it comes last) • Most solutions are inferior (if not completely useless) Result • Talk to the sponsors • Analyze what you need to build (User Requirement Specification) • Create solution design • Build the solution • Test it • Go Live Theflow
  8. 8. • There is very little room for the team to navigate • Developers don’t take responsibility for quality • The solution is never in a stable state • Tests only verify the requirements – not that the needs are met • Software is created as an iterative process • Define accept criteria for all requirements in great detail • Design test cases as part of the User Story definition • Developers build the solution according to specification • Testers verify the solution after the Sprint is completed ResultTheflow Iterative production line
  9. 9. Scrum (with waterfall elements) • Testers are always bored in the beginning of a Sprint • Towards the end of a Sprint the testers are overloaded • The Sprint ends before all bugs are corrected • You get a tale of corrections that has an impact on future sprints • Create software iteratively • User accept criteria is defined for each User Story • Developers evolve the solution as a creative agile team • Testers verify the solution when developers have built it ResultTheflow
  10. 10. A different world How do we get there?
  11. 11. Pop Quiz • Who do you consider your primary stakeholders? • What does it take to be done in your team? • Why do you perform testing?
  12. 12. A Imagine you are buying a new car
  13. 13. Are you happy?and this is what you get delivered
  14. 14. Use of the Scrum board • Get stuff done (and not just coded) • Limit the work in progress
  15. 15. Stage 1: Adjust the flow Developers picks a task Developers explains the solution to tester Tester validates and provide feedback Developers and tester agrees Developers implements while tester prepares Tester verifies the implementation Tester and developer updates the board together
  16. 16. Stage 2: The tester doesn’t test How does that satisfy the need of the customer? Have you considered [Problem statement] ? What would happen if someone was to [Unexpected behaviour] ?
  17. 17. Wrap it up
  18. 18. Sprint Review • Starting Monday morning (or maybe even Thursday): • Make the tester as a central part of the team collaboration by making the test process part of the development flow (If you don’t have limits on Work in Progress, it will help you to introduce them • Eliminate the need for "Quality Control“: • By reducing risk! When the tester is a natural part of the development flow, you have addressed the issues in real time. (You are not able to “repair the car while driving”) • Enable collaboration between developers and testers: • I hope that part is obvious ☺
  19. 19. Contact information Email: allan@coreagile.eu Twitter: @rennebo Phone: +45 60 84 85 00 Invite the tester to the party Global Scrum Gathering – Prague 2015