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6 ways to become more visible on Facebook

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Did you know that small things like badges, frames and filters have a huge impact on CTR or CPC? Here you can read how it is possible to stand out among competitors and make your ad perform better.
View 6 tips and Case Study.

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6 ways to become more visible on Facebook

  1. 1. 6 ways to become more visible on Facebook Facebook Preferred Reseller in Russia and participant of Facebook PMD accelerator program
  2. 2. Aitarget - participant of Facebook PMD accelerator program Preferred Reseller in Russia +
  3. 3. What product did we built Air Aitarget is a tool for SMB e-commerce. It helps to start DPA campaign in 3 steps. Owner needs to: 1. insert XML with product feed on air.aitarget,com, 
 2. set pixel on own e-commerce website, 
 3. start promoting thousands of retargeting ads on Facebook. Air Aitarget also:
 works with all kinds of product feeds – Google Merchant, Shopify, Yandex Market (20m users monthly, 15k listed stores).
 automatically enchances images from product feed
 Instagram Filtres
 Stickers – logos, «new», «special offer»
 Background filling with color
  4. 4. What problem does it solve for marketers? Simplifying campaign start
 Owners don’t have much time to manage campaigns, work on improving results or money to hire agencies. Our approach breaks down barriers for entering Facebook Advertising by simplifying campaign start. Time Saving
 Marketers don’t need to re-code product feed – we accept any XML. More visible images
 And there is no need to spend time and adjust images for Facebook – Aitarget Air enhances images from product feed automatically, makes them more visible and allows to reach better results.
  5. 5. Badges and frames Badges Frames1 2
  6. 6. Centering and background filling Centering - your product will fit in ad space Background filling 3 4
  7. 7. Instagram filters Brightness/contrast Feature filters5 6
  8. 8. Example - incredible CPC=0,02$ Before: CPC 0,7$
 Goods do not fit into space Client: an aggregator for consumer electronics. 1000 shops in one place. Their business goal is to find audience and retarget them to shops where they are likely to buy goods. After: CPC 0,04$
 Goods are centered and have frames
  9. 9. Easy like 1-2-3 Go to air.aitarget.com 1. Insert XML/Product Feed 2. Confirm preview 3. Start! GO
  10. 10. There is no better way to check, than try Try air.aitarget.com