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10 Step Website Planning Blue Print To Prepare For Your Future Website

Follow these 10 Steps to plan and prepare for your next website. We Will cover: 1. ) Tips on how to determine your website's purpose 2.) Why Market Research at the Beginning is Important 3.) Planning and Organizing your Pages 4.) Creating your Content 5.) Design Your Style Guide and Appearance 6.) Finding Website Images 7.) Outline Your Websites Home Page 8.) Register Your Domain Name, 9.) Select Your Platform, 10.) Choose your Hosting. Also learn the benefits of choosing to do it yourself or choosing to hire someone to complete your website. Also find out why I recommend using Self Hosted WordPress for your website. See bonus presentation on integrated digital marketing strategies for your website.

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10 Step Website Planning Blue Print To Prepare For Your Future Website

  1. 1. 10 Steps To Prepare For YOUR Future Website 10 Step Guide
  2. 2. 10 Step Website Planning Blue Print Determine Purpose Market Research Planning and Organizing Create Content Design Style Guide Find Images Outline Home Page Register Domain Select Platform Choose Hosting
  3. 3. 1.) Determine Your Purpose Begin with the end in mind Why are you creating a website? Who are you creating it for? What is your most important goal? How are you planning to build value?
  4. 4. 2.) Research Your Target Market Who are you looking to help or serve? Where do they congregate? How can you speak their language? What are their biggest concerns? Who are industry leaders and competitors? What are their common problems and objections?
  5. 5. 3.) Plan & Organize Your Pages Plan out how many pages you will need Determine the purpose for each page in one sentence Organize your navigation’s intended order Sketch out what your home page intends to focus on Plan how you will balance your content and images Draft out a list of content for each page
  6. 6. 4.) Brainstorm and Create Your Content Nobody knows your industry and market as well as you, write your own content! Have someone conduct and record an interview You can voice record it and hire someone to type it Discuss & Brainstorm over recorded phone call Encourage employees to submit ideas Outsource and hire copywriter when needed
  7. 7. 5.) Design Your Style Guide You will need a logo You will need a color scheme You will need a style ( modern, vintage, etc.) You will need to select fonts Find examples of websites you like Consider branding and other design elements
  8. 8. 6.) Find Or Create Your Images How To Get Pictures Stock Photo Websites Creative Commons ( Free) Hire a Photographer Take your own pictures How You Will Use Images Product Images for e-commerce Images for blog posts Graphics for social media Website Images
  9. 9. Creative Resources For Your Images Free DIY Tools Pixlr Canva Pixabay / Picjumbo PicMonkey Aviary App Word Swag App Paid Options Graphic River  Shutterstock Dreamstime iStockPhoto 123rf.com
  10. 10. 7.) Outline Your Home Page This is the most important page of your website! Have a clear and single call to action Keep it clean and simple Collect your visitor’s contact information Know your audience and purpose Keep your branding / language consistent
  11. 11. 8.) Register Your Domain Register your domain name for 3-5 Years Keep it short and memorable Don’t make people think Keep consistent with branding Search for current Godaddy promo codes
  12. 12. 9.) Select Your Platform Do it Yourself Tools Wix Weebly Squarespace Godaddy Sitebuilder Yahoo Sitebuilder Top CMS Platforms WordPress Joomla Drupal MODX
  13. 13. Why I recommend Self Hosted WordPress Very stable and scalable platform Community driven innovation Easy to use even for “newbies” Complete control and flexibility Easy to get help or do collaboration *1,000 more reasons could go here : (Maybe in a future presentation ;) )
  14. 14. 10.) Choose Your Hosting What To Look For In A Hosting Company: o Uptime and Reliability o Tech Support o Daily Back-Ups o Customer Reviews & Reputation o Email Features o Ease Of Use o SSL Certificate Pricing o Security and Stability o Average page load speed o Storage / Bandwidth o CMS Support o Price point and affordability
  15. 15. Decision Time Next Steps … Hire Somebody OR Do It Yourself
  16. 16. Compare Benefits of DIY VS. Hiring DIY Website Option Great low (no) budget Option Comes with a learning curve Takes a good amount of time Some Tech Savviness required Great opportunity for new skills Hire Someone Need to have a budget Get ongoing professional input Quicker turn around time Saves you time and stress Do research to find right person
  17. 17. View 8 Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Website Click Here To View This Presentation
  18. 18. Aida Rojas WordPress Entrepreneur, Genesis Designer, and Blogger. I am passionate about storytelling and content marketing. I help small business owners create growth focused digital marketing strategies . Connect With Me: Blog : AidaRojas.com Website : iSocialDesign.com Connect On Twitter Connect On LinkedIn Connect On Google+