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Top 20 tips for entrepreneurship and small business

Are you an entrepreneur? or willing to be? Do you have a small business? or willing to have?
A must read presentation containing selected top 20 tips for entrepreneurship and small business
Provided by Eureka Digital

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Top 20 tips for entrepreneurship and small business

  1. Top 20 tips for entrepreneurship and small business
  2. Believe in what you do! Entrepreneurship is opportunity for you to have your life and your work on YOUR terms.
  3. Find a business buddy having not only the same spirit but also an added value. Meet regularly.
  4. Read both success and failure stories This will expand your thinking as an entrepreneur.
  5. Time management is crucial for an entrepreneur Avoid wasting your time in useless things … (take care of social media, it wastes a lot of time)
  6. A double weapon ! Being the boss isn’t worth it if you don’t exploit the freedom it affords you.
  7. Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. How are you building your stamina?
  8. Bartering is a very tricky business practice. If you MUST do it, create terms that are reciprocal and fair!
  9. Get motivated ! Celebrate your success. Even the small ones count.
  10. Expand your network. Connect with one new contact a month.
  11. Leverage your expertise. Do people know how much you know? If not, start telling them.
  12. Help others. Be sure that: what goes around comes around.
  13. Don’t forget exercising .. Don’t let you body stiffen!
  14. Take your time before decision Don’t say yes or no on the spot. It is always OK to say you need more time to consider.
  15. Don’t be shy to ask for help. Have a group of advisors that you as for help
  16. Create your own definition of success. Ignore other definitions set by others
  17. Surround yourself with entrepreneurs that have you and your business’s best interest in mind.
  18. Appreciate your customers. Let customers know they are valued.
  19. Break up with bad clients. No amount of money is worth a client that does not respect you or your work.
  20. Look for inspiration outside your industry. How can you translate others’ good ideas to your work.
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