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Genre research

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Genre research

  1. 1. Horror GENRE RESEARCH
  2. 2. • Gothic • Satanic • Suspense • Psychological • Teen terror • Slasher • Demonic • Thriller • Supernatural HORROR SUB GENRES
  3. 3. • Horror is an ancient art which originated from the Egyptian and Abrahamic worlds where they believed in evil spirits and the spirit world, moreover horror also came from myths about darkness and demons, • The horrors which we watch are usually based on modern urban myths and ancient worlds, for example supernatural occurrences and the end of the world. • As well as they’re purpose to scare us, horrors also aim to tell us stories about the darker side of life. HORROR HISTORY
  4. 4. • The first ever horror movie made was called ‘Le Manior du diable’ also known as ‘The Haunted Castle’. It was created by a man name Georges Melies, it contained elements of horror such as a demonic figure, a medieval castle, a flying bat, etc. • It was released in 1896 and was about three minutes long. • Link to the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw8bzC33CGY FIRST HORROR CREATED
  5. 5. Psychological Horrors: • Typically the movie relies on the protagonists emotional inabilities and mental fears. • The movie is usually represented by an ideal theme of the protagonists constant fear of something abnormal. • The iconography is usually shown through things such as creepy music in the background, shadows, etc. ICONOGRAPHY
  6. 6. Supernatural Horrors: • Usually, we see symbols which are linked to the supernatural in some sort of way, and eventually we see an encounter between the protagonist and the supernatural being. • In supernatural horrors, many of the main characters end up dying. ICONOGRAPHY
  7. 7. • The Hero- Ends up beating the horror and surviving. • The Helpless Female- typically the main female protagonist, may act as a side kick to the hero. • The Non-Believer- the one person who does not believe in what is happening and usually is the first victim. • The Old Wise Man- The voice of reason, the person who usually guides the hero in some sort of way. • The Antagonist- can be a serial killer, demon, ghost, etc. CHARACTER TYPES
  8. 8. CHARACTER EXAMPLES Lorraine Warren- The Conjuring Gerry Lane- World War Z Jason Voorhees- Friday the 13th Tim Russell- Oculus