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Automated tools for project management wrinke

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Automated tools for project management wrinke

  1. 1. Automated tools for Project Management - Wrinke Ion-Adrian CUZA First year, Master TI
  2. 2. Introduction  Wrike, Inc. is a privately held project management application service provider based in San Jose, California.  Wrike's primary product is an online tool for project management and collaboration. It enables its user to control projects, keep an eye on the deadlines and schedule, prioritise tasks and collaborate with others in multifunctional teams to get things done.  Wrike is one of the top Project Management Software Products.
  3. 3. Features  - Wrike features organizing projects and subprojects in a flexible hierarchy, editing schedules on a Gantt chart, creation of tasks from emails, file sharing, time tracking, RSS & iCal feeds.  - Microsoft Excel import and export, task version control, Microsoft Project import, activity stream, API, Google Apps integration (including Gmail contextual gadget), permalinks, rich text in descriptions, tagging, a central dashboard, a three-pane layout, and mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad and Blackberry.  - Wrike has basic CRM functionality and now includes custom fields and custom workflows.  - Wrike's front-end is built using the ExtJS Rich Internet application framework.This provides for a responsive feel, and for seeing updates made by other team members without reloading the current page.  - Wrike allows managers to decentralize updating and control of overall plans and permits online access to plans that is equal for all selected participants.
  4. 4. Goals  Wrike is a real-time workspace where teams collaborate to get the job done.  Cut internal email by an average of 55%, accelerate project delivery by 35%, increase productivity.
  5. 5. Links  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrike  https://www.wrike.com/