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Video Content Marketing: The Making of Clips

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Consumers have an increasingly wide variety of options available to entertain themselves. This poses a challenge for content aggregators who want to effectively promote their video content online through original trailers of movies, sitcoms, and video games. Marketers are now trying to produce much shorter video clips to promote their content on a variety of digital channels. This research is the first to propose an approach to produce such clips and to study their effectiveness, focusing on comedy movies as an application. Web-based facial-expression tracking is used to study viewers’ real-time emotional responses when watching comedy movie trailers online. These data are used to predict both viewers’ intentions to watch the movie and the movie’s box office success. The authors then propose an optimization procedure for cutting scenes from trailers to produce clips and test it in an online experiment and in a field experiment. The results provide evidence that the production of short clips using the proposed methodology can be an effective tool to market movies and other online content.

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Video Content Marketing: The Making of Clips

  1. 1. From: Liu, Shi, Teixeira & Wedel (2018)  To entice viewers to watch entire video. This could be an ad, a TV show, or a movie—any piece of video.  Most platforms preview content with the first 5-30 seconds of the content.  Key research finding: Viewership can be increased if the preview shows the most emotional scenes in a logical narrative order. Why make a preview “clip” of a longer video?
  2. 2. From: Liu, Shi, Teixeira & Wedel (2018)  Facial tracking software is used to identify the most emotional clips to be extracted. How to make a preview “clip” of a longer video? Best clip Good clipBad clip An algorithm is then used to create the clip of the desired length by eliminating scenes that reduce watching intention the most (i.e., are lowest in happiness).
  3. 3. From: Liu, Shi, Teixeira & Wedel (2018) Results: What clips get viewers to watch the entire video? Higher Watching Higher moment-to- moment happiness Higher peak and end happiness Increasing trend in happiness Longer scene at the end, increasing video volume
  4. 4. From: Liu, Shi, Teixeira & Wedel (2018)From:  Lab Experiment  Watching full video: +11% for optimized clip  Intention to watch full movie: 32% higher for optimized clip  Expected increase in box-office revenues: +3.2%  Field Experiment with Netflix  Promotional emails were sent to Netflix customers just before launch of one of Netflix’s original romantic comedy movies.  40,000 Netflix customers from non-U.S. were exposed to an optimized clip, a benchmark clip (more typical of Netflix), or a static image (non-video).  Results: several streaming measures improve by 10-13%. Findings