How to Build a Social Media Strategy... And Why!

Online Lead Generation Strategist, Founding Partner em 451 Marketing
12 de Nov de 2009

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How to Build a Social Media Strategy... And Why!

  1. Presented/Narrated by: AJ Gerritson “ How to Build a Social Media Strategy… And Why!”
  2. Who Is Our Presenter? AJ Gerritson Founding Partner of 451 Marketing Frequent Speaker (Regionally and Nationally) 12+ Years of Interactive Marketing, Digital PR, and Traditional Comm.
  3. 7% Who Is 451 Marketing? Founded in February, 2004 Located on School Street in Boston A collaboration of 20 industry veterans committed to being best-of-breed social media, public relations, and creative specialists Clients include Allstate, Westin Hotels, Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Recently launched the website for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  4. I never learned how to Tweet.
  6. Coca-Cola has 3.6 million fans on their Facebook Fan page.
  7. Major corporations are using the tools to stay in touch with their vocal customers. Social Networking Collaborative Tools YouTube, Flicker Blogs
  8. 300,000,000 users (that’s 300 million!) 10 million “fans” sign up to commercial “brand pages” every day.
  9. Perez Hilton a.k.a. Mario Lavanderia 2004 Launched a celebrity gossip website Average 24 - 45 posts per day Earns $111,000 per month in ad sales alone.
  10. Heather Armstrong Forbes Magazine - “Most Influential Women in Media” 2009 Made famous for her website National Advertisers
  11. New research found that companies with the highest levels of social media activity on average increased revenues by 18% in the last 12 months, while the least active saw sales drop 6% over that period. Source - Wetpaint & Altimeter Group
  13. GOAL: Employee Retention and Recruitment TACTICS: Microblogs, Wikis, Podcasts HELPED TO: Extend Communications, Deliver Trainings Globally, Employee Engagement, Perform Jobs More Effectively
  14. GOAL: Develop Customer Service-Centered Brand TACTICS: Twitter HELPED TO: Deliver Swift Customer Service, Engage Customers, Humanize Brand
  16. How Long is Your Content Effective? 3, 6, 9 months? 1 minute, 1 day, 1 week?
  17. Resources needed to run a campaign effectively Reputation Management Content Research Technologist Content Development Strategist Day to Day Management Practitioner of Social Media Coordination Of all corporate activities Measurement Design Skills
  21. Dell can directly track $3 million in sales from using Twitter.
  22. Building a Social Media Strategy
  23. Step 6 – Establish a protocol 1. What information do we want to keep private? 2. What kinds of information would we benefit from making public? 3. What personal social media use is appropriate? Inappropriate? 4. How will we measure which rules are helpful and which are not? 5. Who are our quality followers? How can we continually engage them? 6. How can we consistently send our messages? 7. Should we have a set of rules for proactive social media use? Reactive social media use? 8. How do we respond to positive engagement versus negative engagement?
  24. Step 7 – Execute Strategy
  26. Execution • Developed Strategy • Optimized Website • SEO/PR • Created Social Communities (3 Blogs, 8 Twitter Feeds, 7 LinkedIn Groups) • Trained Staff (Utilize Tools) • Launched “Recruiting 2.0”
  27. Results • 65% Increase in monthly traffic from Google • Pre-campaign 3,486 monthly visitors, last month 15,910 • LinkedIn Groups have become a tremendous applicant and lead source • Over 100k PR impressions • USP “Recruiting 2.0”
  28. AJ Gerritson, Founding Partner 451 Marketing 21 School Street, 3 rd Floor Boston, MA 02108 617-259-1605 x 204 @ajgerritson