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Puzzle Families

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Puzzle Families

  1. 1. Puzzle Families
  2. 2. Puzzle PersonalizedFamily TripsEvery family is special, and every family wants somethinga little different. Some thrive on their unique traditions,some would like to combine their journey with a Bar orBat Mitzvah ceremony, and some may be looking to add amore adventurous pace. We offer wonderful options andcombinations to any and all.Whether you want to celebrate a special day overlookingsunrise at Masada, explore the tunnels of the Western Wall,or the City of David, ride horses through the Galilean Hills,take Jeep and a guide through the Golan Heights trails, skydive in Carmel Mountains, or snorkel in the Red Sea. Whetheryou want to lounge at a luxury hotel in Jerusalem, camp inthe Negev under the stars, we will accommodate all of yourneeds and desires.We invite you to explore our various programs, findingactivities and sites that satisfy your personal interests, timeframe, and budget. Ultimately allowing us to shape yourcustom journey with your guidance.Your wish list is our command, and your dreams are ourvision. Exploring Israel with us, never regretting the decision. 1
  3. 3. About Us Tomer Shoham Tomer Shoham, was born and raised in the Galilee community,Start dreaming of Israel, as youve never imagined it before. We welcome you to Yuvalim. From 2002 to 2008 Tomer served in various elite units ofa country bursting at the seams with many languages, distinctive cultures, and the IDF and after his release from the army he traveled throughoutbreathtaking sights. Five young adults recognized the drastic need for deeper Australia, New Zealand and the United States. He loves to exploreengagement in Israel and Israel advocacy from young adults around the globe. Israel in his 4x4 and takes every opportunity he can to travel. He lives in Jerusalem where he works for Magen David Adom after 10 years ofThey combined their unique talents to build Puzzle Israel, a travel company voluntary service and is a licensed tour guide of Israel.specifically for young adults who wish to explore Israel from the ground up. Nir Margalith Eyal Levy Nir Margalith, grew up in Yuvalim, a village in Misgav, Israel, Eyal Levy, grew up in Kamun, a village in the Lower Galilee. He served surrounded by the magical nature of the Lower Galilee. From six years as a combatant officer and captain in an elite IDF unit.  After, 2003 - 2006 he served in the IDF as a driver and assistant to a he spent ten months traveling the Silk Road through Central Asia, senior officer. Since he can remember, hikes, trips, and nature Nepal, China, and India, also spending time in Mongolia and New have always been important to him. He has traveled extensively Zealand. He holds a B.A. in Economics and Philosophy from Hebrew independently as well as with his family and friends. Every day University and loves hiking, playing soccer, horseback riding, reading meeting new people, discovering new places, and trying new foods and spending time with his friends. helps him to continue his journey of exploration. Guy Marom Nikki Avershal Guy Marom, was born and raised in Koranit, Misgav. His appreciation Nikki Avershal, is from Philadelphia. She grew up speaking Hebrew for nature and his love of Israel stems from his grandparents, who with her Israeli father and visiting Israel often to see family. In 2009 helped build the land of Israel after escaping the Holocaust. Guy served she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Political 3 years in the IDF and after, he spent eight months traveling around Science. Throughout her studies and after, she worked various New Zealand and the Far East. His travels gave him a fresh perspective positions in the Jewish community in Pittsburgh. She moved to Israel on Israel and what makes his homeland so unique. He holds a B.A. in to participate in OTZMA, a yearlong volunteer program. Following this, Behavioral Sciences from Bar Ilan University and loves riding horses, she received her International MBA from Tel Aviv University. She loves cooking, traveling, and music. yoga, singing and playing guitar, hiking, and reading. 2 3
  4. 4. lan No rthern Go Northern Star ights (Route 5) He ur • Jeep To lcanic Cra ter  • Birka t Ram- Vo ivan ing- Ein Z • Fruit pick (seasonal) l   (optiona • Nim rod Castle ctivities) / reen actment a historical  ion bridge e r suspens 2) Banias Riv ermon te om Mt. H Gali lee (Rou Meron, • Obse rvation fr r Uppe tri nd Mt . p arou verlooking Leban on Hu la Valley Museum  (Route 3) lking to • Wa vation poin n Baruch obser • Maaya on ahal Snir rip t Dalt roup for iking in N ATV T d visi • H dan River • ve an it the g on the Jor ma Ca tion to spl • Rafting Beit Hille l) •  Al ry (op a oshrim / Wine nd children ) sh Pin (Hag bservation of or Ro ts (R oute 4) Reserve (o ) lan Heigh Golan Heights  t a in Tsfa • Lake Western Galilee (Route 1) adults ur and D inner birds in th e reserve ption Go in • To ara cliff (o the rivers • observation of Rainbow it the Man and • Trip to Cave and • Vis of adults Gamla hike in Nahal Betzet, Naha l Kziv to split the group • Visit to g and Montfort Castle ack Ridin children) • Horseb vening on the• Rosh Hanikra site tour Gader - E ck) • Hamat s (depending on tra• Option for swimming hot spring tion accomoda• Tour of Acre - Bhai Tem ple, Akko • Camp site Market• Dinner at Uri Buri T he Galilee and the Golan offer green landscapes rich with fascinating history, a variety of cultures, as well as distinctive traditions and tastes. We invite your family on an eye-opening trip with highlights like rafting the Jordan River, walking in the footsteps of Biblical heroes in the green hills of ancient towns and hiking along the Kinneret, the main water source for all of Israel, all while encountering ancient ruins, exotic foods and rich cultures. Visit the castles and battlegrounds of Muslims and Crusaders, ride horses as the Mongols did, and sit atop the city walls of Akko that Napoleon saw from his fisherman boat. Learn about the renewal of Zionist settlements in Israel and visit along its Northern borders to gain a greater understanding the beauty of life in the North, and the heroes who fought to make it possible. 4 5
  5. 5. oute 1) iv - Jaffa (R Israel Tel Av ch Museum / Center Star • The Pa lma Children  Acti vities for Museum/ iv (option al on r of Tel Av Jerusa P u • City to bicycle / Segway) lem Pa ur of Jaffa • Go rt I uzzle offers your family a • Evening to • Tou verno rs Pal (Route 2) r of O ace Vi combination of the “must-see” ld City ewpoi • Vis nt  it the C • Tou ity of attractions, as well as a glimpse r of N David shuk w achlaot a into the hidden gems. Visit ith coo nd • Op tiona king w Machne Ye TelAviv, the “White City,” the orksho huda David l Night act p Light iv most bustling, progressive, and Show) ities (Towe r of innovative city in the Middle East. Walk on foot and travel by jeep on the road from TelAviv to Jerusalem full of caves, green forests and endless springs. Travel the same way the first settlers did when they marched with armies and ovrin JerusaBeit G (Route 5) • Th lem Pa rt II of fighters into the holiest hLachisll caves at Govrin  e Road (Route city in the world. On our • Tou to Jeru 3) r the c salem walk through Jerusalem e b ity lin • The   • Am munit e p Tour ur ion Hi understand for yourself • Jee nery to ll and h ish wi Mt. Sc that "Ten measures of beauty • Lac el  opus ni Isra • Mi descended to the world, Jerusalem took nine". Uncover the many features, stories and sites of the city that grew over thousands of years and attracts millions of people to visit the esert (Route 4) Judean D a (the visit ors holiness and beauty of the f Masad ancient city. Experience the • Tour o seum) center mu ature Res erve winding Judean riverbeds as eE in Gedi N al • Visit th tion; Nah we descend to the Dead Sea, (walkin g track op David) a  the lowest point on earth, and e Dead Se • Swim in th g worksh op to climb to the top of Masada. or Cookin • Outdo 6 7
  6. 6. Southern Star Small and Large crat er (Route 1) Maale Ali   ation p oint from   • Observ in Yirkam ahal H atera to E Sde Bo • From N and Art a nd Activit ies  ker (Route • Colore dS Avnon of • Vi sit to B 2) oin t from Mt. • Me en Gu • Viewp r  et w rions grave large crate (optio ith represen nal) tatives • Lo of the ng trip Negev Avdat to Ein   Akev, • Bed short ouin h trip to ospita Ein • Vis lity an it th (Natio e Nabatean d cam el ride Mitzp nal Pa city of s  e surrou Ramon and • Op rk) Avdat tional visi (agric ultura t to Karmi A nding • De sert Ex l settle perien v ment) dat farm (Route 3) area fire (co ce ev • Mitz oking more on a c ening arou pe and ex Ramon Visi ...) ampfi n re, sin d the • Hi planat to ion of r Center - O ging a ke the nd the cra bserva • Bik Ramo ters tion e trip n Crat to th er - M instea ount A d of w e Ramon C rdon  • Wo alking rater ( rkshop trail) option and imna Park ta • As s / yo al tronom ga / m T editatT y Cen otva childr ter an ion fo Kibbutz Y en  d nigh r adul t activ ts he Israeli desert makes up ities fo r (Route 4) y farmalmost two-thirds of the country’s tvata dair • Visit Yolandscape and plays host to incredible at Yotvata rs • Safari mons Pillaand dynamic scenery. Puzzle Israel Timn a and Solo • Mount Parkinvites you to experience one of the most nd Timna • ATV arou ors Cente r Park Visitpowerful places in Israel. ATV, hike, • Timna e lake ting on thbike, and ride camels along the colorful • P addle boacliffs and magical landscapes, through huge craters, and steep riverbeds. We will visit a city built by desert dwellers out e 5) living the vision of David Ben-Gurion, and working every day towards o unt ains (R ins making the desert bloom. Experience the famous hospitality of desert Eilat M in the Eilat MfoEilat (the rip unta Bedouins who continue the traditional lifestyle of their ancestors and pt so ding o n • Jee untain et he mo lected depen take part in yoga and meditation workshops that will connect us to •  Hik will be se group ) t rack lities of the f Eilat  the silence of the desert. Finally, at Israel’s most southern point capabi Gulf o nal the the (optio ion of visit Eilat’s Dolphin Reef to experience the beautiful coral reefs servat vatory • Ob ter Ob ser of an underwater world and enjoy your time relaxing in derwa ay) • Un g the d the city of eternal sun. durin 9
  7. 7. and Bat Mitzvands h Bar ea ritual adv entur Yoga Join us on a spi or daught ers We be Work ce lebrate yo ur son adulthood with anywh lieve tha sh ere by t Yoga can op into spec ial journey tel, to Mas ada hour b work anyone. Jo e practice e Ko Puzz le. From th of the Galilee you th shop as sk in us for o d hills to t he rolling d Bat rough illed t u eache r two spe cial Bar an ed and m vario us yo rs we design riences tai lor indfu are en l med ga po guide xpe and stures Mitzvah e uniqu e customs lity coura ged a itation . Be to you r familys child s persona shape s and nd Yo ginners as w ell as your her special day.  sizes gis of all traditions hlight his or are w elcom o hig and taste t e!  Army Work We ddingts e Galilee h ing Puzzle Israel invites you to shop do verlook es of the get ready to p take a deep b reath and vineyar hor lunge into thIn a s, on the s he vastness For four hou e world of ID F soldiers. m ountain ea, or in t alongside so rs, you will w ork and train s psMedite rranean zzle Israel hel ldiers who f ought in IDF , Pu e units. You w of th e desert once-in-lifetim world and w ill get a uniq ue view into elite r you b uild you ding essentials ork with the m to collabo their ed various chal event . Your w d centerpieces, lenging activ ities. You wi rate on an camouflaged fro mf lowers and colorful and disguise ll be designs us, well given opera d, and will b e Chupah zed men Our fully tr tions to com p p i ersonal am every step , your of ained staff w lete. te view construct ta ill carefully w ork as a the perfect le d, Puzz . participants sks and acti vities for ith foo the way. W da mazing table event . We will pr ovide all eq riends an an unforget and a once in a lifetime uipment closest f u create experience. o helps y 10 11
  8. 8. CONTACT US:USA No. (215) 764-6412Nir Margalith 972 (52) 226-1323 1236Nikki Aversh al 972 (54) 453- omwww.Pu zzleIsrael.c PuzzleIsra el@gmail.com 12
  9. 9. Contact Us:USA No. (215) 764-6412Nir Margalith 972 (52) 226-1323Nikki Avershal 972 (54) 453-1236www.puzzleisrael.compuzzleisrael@gmail.com