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Maintain Jonathan McReynolds Lyrics

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Maintain Jonathan McReynolds Lyrics

  1. 1. MAINTAIN Jonathan McReynolds featuring Chantae Cann
  2. 2. Hmmm... You see me moving all unneeded people out my life And I'm trying to get these crazy thoughts out of my mind Yeah, You gave me all the weapons, but it's still a fight So help me maintain Help me maintain
  3. 3. Yeah, I don't wanna live in stress or fear 'Cause its getting crazier everyday out here All the love and peace you gave to me I hold so dear So help me maintain Help me maintain
  4. 4. 'Cause soon as I walk out the door I need You more and more
  5. 5. Hmmm... See, I realized that sometimes I'm just not that smart But I desperately just wanna be where You are And compared to a while ago, I've gotten far So help me maintain Help me maintain
  6. 6. Hmmm... Cause soon as I walk out the door I need You more and more You know what's in store I need You more and more
  7. 7. Hmmm... I recognize this is a day that You have made So I walk in love and put a smile on my face But in case I run into someone on a different page Help me maintain Help me maintain
  8. 8. All my joy, God, help me maintain All my peace, help me maintain My sanity, help me maintain My smile, Jesus, help me maintain
  9. 9. My Life, help me maintain My heart, Lord guard it, help me maintain Every part of me, help me maintain Hmmm, help me maintain