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Introducing 4i. An Open Innovation Company

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4 Innovation is an international company based in Madrid, Tel Aviv, and in Singapore.
Our SUNN platform (Start Up Neural Network) connects the supply of disruptive innovation worldwide to
the demand for competiveness.

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Introducing 4i. An Open Innovation Company

  1. 1. INTRODUCING   4  INNOVATION   An  Open  Innova;on  Company   SUNN:  A  PLATFORM  FOR  INTERNATIONAL  OPEN  INNOVATION  PROCESSES   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  2. 2. INTRODUCING    4  INNOVATION   AGENDA   Sub  headline   “Companies  need  to  go  beyond  compe'ng.  To   It  is  not  a  ques'on  of  crea'ng  innova'on,  but  of  knowing   where  to  find  it  and  having  the  capacity  to  integrate  it  into   industry  in  the  fastest  and  most  effec've  way.     In  order  to  do  so,  one  has  to  explore  blue  oceans  and  find   new  sources  of  compe''veness  and  growth,  wherever   they  may  be,  in  Spain  or  beyond.   seize  new  profit  and  growth  opportuni'es,   they  also  need  to  create  blue  oceans”.     Blue  Ocean  Strategy   W.Chan  Kim,  Rene  Mauborgne   Inside-­‐Out  Innova;on     Outside-­‐In  Innova;on     Spanish  disrup've  innova'on  should  be  placed  in  high-­‐demand   technology  markets  with  op'ons  for  real  investment  returns   and  access  to  capital  markets.  The  only  way  to  compete  with   large  scale  models  is  through  innova'on  and  the  added  value   perceived  by  markets.   Interna'onal  disrup've  innova'on  is  a  market  of  strategically   and  financially  high-­‐value  transac'ons,  vital  to  Spain’s   compe''veness.  It  should  be  systema'sed  and  integrated  into   the  Spanish  industry.   2   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  3. 3. INTRODUCING    4  INNOVATION   AGENDA   Sub  headline   Who  we  are   •  4  Innova'on  (est.  2009)  is  an  interna;onal  company  based  in  Madrid,  Tel  Aviv,  and  in   Singapore.   •  Our  SUNN  plaIorm  (Start  Up  Neural  Network)  connects  the  supply  of  disrup've   innova'on  worldwide  to  the  demand  for  compe''veness  by  Spanish  and/or   interna'onal  companies.   •  4i  has  received  several  innova;on  awards  in  2013  (Madrid  Network,  Ministry  of   Industry,  financial  magazines),  and  we  work  with  major  industrial  corpora'ons,   financial  groups  and  venture  capital  funds   •  Our  model  has  been  assessed  by  interna;onal  and  na;onal  experts,  by  the  American   equity  research  firm  Incremental  Advantage  and  by  the  Group  of  Informa'on   Technology  for  Business  Management  (TIGE)  of  the  Polytechnic  University  of  Madrid.   Both  companies  have  highlighted  the  innova've  nature  of  our  approach  and  the  lack  of   compe'tors  offering  similar  services.  The  high  value  informa'on  on  Israeli  companies   that  4i  owns  has  also  been  praised.     c   Our  mission  is  to  systema;cally  scout  disrup;ve  innova;on  in  countries  with  high  industrial  research  capabili;es,   and  to  bring  such  innova;on  to  our  clients 3   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  4. 4. INTRODUCING    4  INNOVATION   AGENDA   Sub  headline   Our  Performance   • We  have  mapped  3000  startups,  funds  and  research  groups  in   Israel.   • We  have  assisted  as  deal  flow  makers  in  5  relevant  listed   companies  in  Spain  and  several  funds.   • We  presented  to  our  clients  some  150  Israeli  startups  seeking   financial  and  strategic  investment,  with  a  total  investment   proposi'on  of  around  $100  mill.   • We  developed  the  first  Open  Innova;on  Management  System   to  monitor  our  ac'vi'es  in  Israel.   • We  work  with  large  Spanish  companies,  funds,  governments   and  universi;es.   4   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  5. 5. INTRODUCING    4  INNOVATION   AGENDA   Sub  headline   Media  Impact   5   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  6. 6. INTRODUCING    4  INNOVATION   AGENDA   Sub  headline   Global  Innova;on  and  Compe;;veness  Index  2012-­‐2013   Countries  specializing  in  disrup;ve  innova;on   Finland       Indicator   Rank   Innova;on   R&D  University-­‐industry  collabora'on   3   Venture  Capital  availability   13   Firm-­‐  level  technology  absorp'on   6   Quality  of  research    ins'tu'ons   Indicator   4   PCT  patents   USA       2   13   Singapore   Indicator   Rank   Innova'on   8   R&D  University-­‐industry  collabora'on   5   PCT  patents   13   Venture  Capital  availability   Rank   4   Innova'on   6   R&D  University-­‐industry   collabora;on   3   PCT  patents   12   Firm-­‐  level  technology  absorp'on   8   Venture  Capital  availability   10   Quality  of  research    ins'tu'ons   12   Firm-­‐  level  technology  absorp'on   14   Quality  of  research    ins'tu'ons   6   Israel       Indicator   Rank   Innova;on   R&D  University-­‐industry  collabora'on   8   PCT  patents   Source:  Global  Compe00veness  Report  2012-­‐2013   3   4   Venture  Capital  availability   3   Firm-­‐  level  technology  absorp'on   5   Quality  of  research    ins;tu;ons   1   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  7. 7. INTRODUCING    4  INNOVATION   AGENDA   Sub  headline   ”Internovaliza;on”   In  a  context  of  economic  slowdown  and  produc;on  reloca;on,  it  is  necessary  to  establish  access  strategies  to  highly  innova;ve   markets,  to  facilitate  the  transfer  of  innova;on  to  emerging  or  mature  industries.     Growth  Dimensions   Current  restric'ons  in  the  organic  growth  of  companies  are  causing  global   movements  of  great  strategical  interest,  based  on  the  need  for  technological   diversifica;on  and  interna;onaliza;on,  in  two  dimensions:   •  New  Markets  (downstream):  Diversifica'on  towards  emerging  growing           geographical  markets  (India,  China,  Brazil  and  developing  countries).  In  this   dimension,  companies  scout  for  alliances,  purchases  and  market  entry  strategies   in  order  to  open  new  markets  where  sales  growth  may  be  created.   •  New  Technologies  (upstream):  The  need  for  growth  also  involves  introducing   new  products  to  diversify  companies'  business  and  product  porjolios,  or  to  allow   the  replacement  or  upgrade  of  exis'ng  technologies  with  fast  life  cycles.       c   7   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  8. 8. OPEN  INNOVATION  SPACE   AGENDA   Sub  headline   ”Internovaliza;on”   Powerful  new  innova;on-­‐intensive  sectors  unfold  in  interna;onal  markets,  in  which  the  countries  are  in  turn  posi;oned  as  research   producers  (Israel,  USA,  Singapore),  implementers  (China,  USA)  or  traders  (USA,  China,  India,  Europe,  Brazil).     Specialisa;on  in  value  chain   Globaliza;on  is  forcing  countries  to  specialize,  causing  some  of  them  (such   as  the  United  States,  Israel  and  Singapore)  to  aim  to  create  innova'on   ecosystems.  These  ecosystems  present  tech-­‐based  research  proposals  to   the  interna'onal  markets  that,  in  general,  are  only  valuable  if  they  are   complemented  by  the  necessary  produc'on  and  distribu'on  capabili'es.   These  countries  present  the  following  characteris'cs:   •  High  concentra;on  of    venture  capital  funds   •  High  presence  of  startups,  spin  offs  and  companies  in  different  stages   of  innova'on.   •   Specializa;on  in  emerging  sectors:  Energy,  Cleantech,  Security,  ICTs,   and  Life  Science.   •  High  and  rapid  capitaliza;on  for  strong  company  turnovers  with   public  offerings.   c   •  Presence  of  interna;onal  research    centers  in  these  countries,  that   increases  the  collec've  intelligence.   8   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  9. 9. STARTUP  NEURAL  NETWORK  (SUNN)   Innova'on  is  not  simply  entrepreneurship.  Breaking  technological   cycles  and  turning  added  value  into  a  compe''ve  advantage  is  a  skill.   Open  innova;on   Term  coined  by  professor  Henry   Chesbrough  expressing  a  new   paradigm  in  the  pursuit  of   innova'on  beyond  the  limits  of  the   internal  R&D  of  regions  or   companies.   Compe;;ve  innova;on   Disrup've  technologies  or   processes  that  increase  sales  or   streamline  business  costs,   providing  a  compara've  advantage   throughout  the  opera'ng  'me  of   the  patent.   Interna;onal  innova;on   The  need  to  invent  disrup've   technological  applica'ons  enables   countries  such  as  Israel,  Singapore   and  Finland  to  become  great   4innova'on   innova'on  partners  for  SIpain.    Company   An  Open   nnova'on   All  rights  reserved    
  10. 10. Startup  Neural  Network  (SUNN)     AGENDA   Sub  headline   What  is  SUNN?   Project  Goals   •  SUNN  technology  plaIorm,  developed  by  4i,  provides  a  link  between  different  agents   of  the  innova'on  system  (research  groups,  disrup've  start-­‐ups,  venture  capital  funds   and  companies)  and  allows  them  to  interact.    SUNN  is  a  neural  system  that  learns  from   the  supply  and  demand  requirements  of  disrup've  technology,  by  understanding  the   rela'onship  that  exists  between  industrial  capabili'es,  compe''veness  factors  and   technological  innova'on.   •  The  system  is  based  on  extensive  research  of  Israel’s  innova;on  model,  carried  out   between  2009  and  2013,  in  which  we  have  come  to  understand  and  standardize  the   success  of  the  so-­‐called  Start  Up  Na'on.   •  SUNN  will  allow  users  to:   •  Automa'cally  access,  search  and  browse  interna'onal  innova'on  opportuni'es   that  can  affect  industrial  compe''veness  (patents,  spin-­‐offs,  research  groups  and   startups,  from  Israel,  Singapore,  the  U.S.,  Finland  or  Spain)   •  Increase  the  visibility  of  university  research  groups  towards  the  demands  of   interna'onal  industrial  corpora'ons.   •  Detect  na'onal  and  interna'onal  disrup've  innova'on  projects,  financed  by   venture  capital  funds.   •  In  both  cases,  watch  and  be  watched  in  the  interna'onal  environment  of   disrup've  innova'on.   c   •  Nowadays,  SUNN  includes  about  3,000  Israeli  companies,  research  groups  and  VCs   organised  by  Innova;on  Ecosystems.   10   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  11. 11. Startup  Neural  Network  (SUNN)     AGENDA   Sub  headline   What  is  SUNN?     SUNN  is  a  permanent,  technological  mee;ng  point  for  the  innova;on  needs  of  the  industry  with  a  global   supply  of  disrup;ve  startups,  research  groups,  patents  and  na;onal  and  interna;onal  venture  capital   funds.     It  is  a  workflow  between  interna;onal    agents  of  the     innova;on  system   1   If  they  do  not  transfer  innova'on  to  industries,   companies  will  gradually  lose  compe''veness.   It  is  a  technological  plaIorm  of  neural  networks   2   Without  a  technology  that  manages  the   rela'onships  and  transac'ons  of  an  innova'on   system,  the  effec'veness  of  the  transfer  processes   is  reduced.   It  is  another  way  of  understanding   interna;onalisa;on+  Innova;on:  “Internovaliza;on"     3   If   we   do   not   know   how   to   access   and   work   with   countries   with   a   global   compe''ve   posi'on   in   the   applica'on   of   industrial   science,   we   will   lose   compe''veness.   11   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  12. 12. Startup  Neural  Network  (SUNN)     AGENDA   Sub  headline   Start  Up  Neural  Network  Spain   •  The  rela'onship  between  innova'on  actors  takes  place  within  the  so-­‐called  Ecosystem,  as  a   group  of  disrup've  technologies  of  interna'onal  demand.  The  Innova'on  Ecosystems  are  those   that  can  change  global  industries.  The  so-­‐called  “source  ecosystems”  are:  Energy,  Cleantech,   Advanced  ICT,  Life  Science  and  New  Materials.     International Funds – Research Groups, patents – Spanish Industrial Companies - Disruptive startups •  4i  has  understood  the  rela'onship  between  all  actors  in  the  ecosystems,  and  the  rela'onship   between  them  and  tradi'onal  industries,  and  groups  innova'on  into  four  compe''ve  areas:   innova;on  affec;ng  the  core  business  of  companies,  innova;on  adding  substan;al  value,   innova;on  allowing  business  diversifica;on,  and  currently  undeveloped  “alpha”  projects.     Disruption - Time 12   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  13. 13. Startup  Neural  Network  (SUNN)     AGENDA   Sub  headline   Agents  and  Resources  Connected   Startups   Funds   Disrup'on   Demands  for   Innova'on   Patents   Innova;on   Agents   Companies   Research   Groups   Ecosystems   13   Innova;on   Resources   Industrial   Capabili'es   Compe''veness   Factors   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  14. 14. Startup  Neural  Network  (SUNN)     AGENDA   Sub  headline    4i  Watch   14   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  15. 15. Startup  Neural  Network  (SUNN)     AGENDA   Sub  headline   SUNN's  Ecosystem  Watching   Industrial  demand  of  innova;on  in   early  stages   Observatory   Industrial  capabili'es  connec'ng  to   ecosystems   Patents  Exposure   Commercial  workflow     VC   Funds   R&D   Groups   Pledge  Funds   Industrial  Ecosystem:  demand  of   innova;on,  industrial  capabili;es   Observatory   Compe''ve  analysis   Ra'ng   Coopera'on  workflow   Interna'onal  sanity  check   Investments       Start-­‐Ups   Tech  Accelera'on   Strategic    Investment     15   Ecosystem  startups     Deal  Flow  in  emerging  markets   Deal  flow  organiza'on  and  scou'ng   Risk  Analysis   Sanity  checks   Pledge  funds   Technology  follow  up   Due  diligences     Ecosystem  startups  ,  R&D  groups   Areas  of  Innova'on:   Companies Reinven'ng  core  business     Added  Value   Diversifica'on   Alpha  Problem   Innova'on  Workflow   Pledge  Fund   Tech  Vigilance   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  16. 16. Startup  Neural  Network  (SUNN)     AGENDA   Sub  headline   Our  approach   1.   Understanding   Your     Ecosystem   2.   EXAMPLE   Building  your   TEXT     Scou;ng Go  ahead   and  replace  it   3.   Matching  your  Strategy   EXAMPLE  TEXT     with  Disrup;ve   Go  ahead  and   Innova;on   replace  it  with   your  own  text.   1   Understanding   Mapping  na'onal   innova'on  system   resources  and  agents   2   Building   Building  and  priori'sing  the   Ecosystems  of  the  region  to   organise  the  value  chain   according  to  innova'on  and   compe''veness  demand   criteria   3   Search   4.   EXAMPLE   World     Deal  with  the  TEXT of   Go  ahead  and  replace   Innova;on   it  with  your  own  text.   Establishing  the  Innova'on   Ecosystem  Search  and  semng   up  the  plajorm  to  access,  as   a  first  stage,  the  na'onal   innova'on  of  Israel  and   Singapore   4   Connec;ng   Semng  up  an  Open   Innova'on  Office  that   manages  the  interac'ons  of   the  system  agents  in   projects   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  17. 17. Startup  Neural  Network  (SUNN)     AGENDA   Leadership Team Sub  headline   Our  Team   Carlos  Marqueríe   Founder,  Global  Partner  and  CEO   §  Advisor  Naje'  VC  Fund   §  Director   at   Union   Fenosa,   Indra,   CapGemini  and  Coopers  and  Lybrand   §  Consultant   at   KPMG   and   Principal   at   Arthur  Andersen   §  Law     graduate   from   Complutense   and   MBA   -­‐   IE   Business   School   and   London   Business  School   Julio  Lage   President   §  Telecommunica'on   Engineer,   PhD   in   Computer   Science   and   MBA   in   Knowledge   Engineering   at   Polytechnic   University   of   Madrid.     §  Long   experience   in   the   banking   industry,   where   he   held   several   Managing   Director   posi'ons:   IT   %   Systems   Managing   Director   at   Banesto,   Managing   Director   at   Santander   Group  and  Managing  Director  at  La  Caixa.     §  Also   member   of   the   Board   of   Banco   Herrero   and  Visa  España,  among  others.     §  Formerly   Partner   at   Arthur   Andersen   and   Founding   Partner   and   President   of   Europa   Management  Consul'ng.     §  He   is   currently   Vice   President   of   the   "Associa'on   of   Gallegos"   of   Madrid   (AEGEMA)   and  Chief  Advisor  of  several  companies.   Rafael  Delgado   Global  Partner   §  Law   graduate   from   the   University   of   Valladolid  (Spain)   §  He   has   vast   experience   in   the   prepara'on   and   development   of   strategies   for   coopera'on,   compe''veness,   business   innova'on   and   development,   as   well   as   in   different   management   and   financial   technology  companies.   §  He  has  held  various  posi'ons  in  the  areas  of   economy,   industry,   educa'on,   culture   and   R  &  D  in  the  Autonomous  Region  of  Cas'le   and   León.   President   of   Sodical,   Society   of   Capital   Risk   and   Fund   Management.   President   and   CEO   of   Technology   Parks   of   C.  and  L.  ,  S.A.  and  Gesturcal  ,  SA.       4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  18. 18. Startup  Neural  Network  (SUNN)     AGENDA   Leadership Team Sub  headline   Our  Team   Carlos  Blanco   General  Manager   §  Telecommunica'on   Engineer   at   Polytechnic   University   of   Madrid.   MBA   at   Na'onal   Distance   Educa'on   University.   Harvard   Execu've   Program   (Real  Colegio  Complutense  de  Madrid).   §  Long   experience   in   the   Communica'ons   &   Media   sectors,   across   a   range   of   companies   including   Telecom   Operators,   Informa'on   Technology,   Broadband  Networks,  Mul'media,  TV  and  internet   companies,   in   the   areas   of   Strategic   Planning,   Business   Development,   R&D   and   Innova'on,   Marke'ng,  Product  Development  and  Sales.   §  Innova'on  Director  at  Madrid  Network;  Director  of   Broadband   Services   at   Hispasat;   Mul'media   Manager   at   BBVA;   Digital   TV   Services   Manager   at   Telefónica  R&D.   Eduardo  Gómez-­‐  Acebo   Venture  Partner   §  MD   Universidad   Complutense   Madrid   and   MBA   IESE  Universidad  de  Navarra   §  Execu've   posi'ons   in   Pharmaceu'cal   Industry   in  An'bio'cos  SA  Spain  and  Montedison,  Italy   §  Advisor  and  execu've  as  well  as  Board  member   in   Zel'a   Group,   Genomica,   Neuropharma,   Sylen's   §  Founder   and   shareholder   of   companies   in   Biotechnology,   Mycetus   Biotechnology,   Soil   Biogenics,   Seprox   Biotech,   Renewable   Energy,   Northeolic,  Helionorth   §  Member   of   the   Board   of   NGOs   such   as     Habitafrica,  APS,  Vencer  el  Cancer     4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved    
  19. 19. When  it  comes  to  innova;on,  we  must  start   from  the  beginning,  but  we  know  it  is  a   process  that  never  ends.   4innova'on   An  Open  Innova'on  Company   All  rights  reserved