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Ultra-Reliable Networks – A Mobile Operator Perspective

Presented by Critical Communications World, Amsterdam – June 2nd 2016 by Mansoor Hanif, Director of Radio Access Networks, EE

*** Shared with permission ***

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Ultra-Reliable Networks – A Mobile Operator Perspective

  1. 1. 1 Ultra-Reliable Networks – A Mobile Operator Perspective Critical Communications World Amsterdam – June 2nd 2016 Mansoor Hanif Director of Radio Access Networks
  2. 2. 1. Introduction: EE/BT driving UK comms to the front and center 2. Characteristics of an Ultra-Reliable Network 3. A Roadmap to Ultra-Reliable Networks 4. The Role of Innovation 5. Future Business for Ultra-Reliable Networks 2 Contents
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. 02/06/2016EE Confidential 4 Characteristics of an Ultra-Reliable Network EE is building an “Ultra-reliable” network because we believe every call is Mission Critical • Networks should work always and everywhere • Mobile Coverage: Close to 100% population coverage, 95% Geographical coverage • IoT Coverage: Close to 100% (Indoor and Outdoor) • >4*9s Reliability on system level through layered contingency • Voice Drops < 0.05%, Data Drops close to 0% in a pervasive seamless multi- RAT environment (LTE/Wifi/LAA/D2D) • Airborne rapid response within 1 hour/ Terrestrial within 3 hours/Temporary coverage replacement through tethered balloons and UAVs • QoS prioritisation and capacity on demand
  5. 5. 5 Ultra Resilient Network Battery/Generator backup Building an “Ultra” Resilient Network Flood protection 2nd Transmission link Air mast/UAV/Network in a Box Site Design solutions Temporary solutions Rapid response Vehicles (Mobile BTS with Satcom) Portable Transmission unit Existing Operational contract uplifted to deliver improved SLA Swap out old (20+ years) BTS & Txm equipment for new equipment with improved reliability and monitoring Operational support uplift Network refresh
  6. 6. 6 • Coverage & Capacity: new site builds, carrier aggregation, 800MHz deployment + VoLTE • Investment: Battery Backup, Fixed and Mobile Generators, resilient transmission, Flood defences, RRVs • Mindset: Site Access, Preventive maintenance, Mobile Generator pre- positioning. Revised SLAs • Regulatory: Wider powers for site access and planning permission/antenna heights, power protection, access to underground tunnels • New 3GPP features: Security, QoS-Prioritisation, High Availability and Resiliency, MC-PTT, Pro-Se, Nb-IoT, eMTC • Innovation: Sat backhaul, Airborne DR, Amphibian RRV, NiB Predictive policing Remote health management Building an Ultra-Reliable Network Community reassurance and crowd sourcing
  7. 7. 7 Rural small cell with in-band backhaul Rural small cell with satellite backhaul Some high terrain not suitable for terrestrial coverage Rural small cell – BT products Infill railway coverage (cuttings) Railway tunnel coverage Tethered Balloons & UAV NiB solutions Innovating to Reach 100%
  8. 8. Mission-critical things: on land sea & air • Guaranteed Narrow-Band+ QCI-Priority+D2D: tighten the net • Rel 13 brings eMTC and NB-IoT: less bandwidth and more deep indoor coverage (up to 20dB) for lower data rates and battery life up to 10 yrs – modules expected <5USD • Mission-critical 4G networks can provide location tracking and command/control services nationally for commercial UAVs or any connected vehicle • A mission-critical 4G network is the best solution to avoid accidents, enforce no-fly zones and controlled descent • EE proposes to work with CAA/NATS/MOD/OfCom and the RPAS community to pilot, socialise and industrialise UAVoLTE networks • Future D2D capability will bring 100% coverage by meshing all devices to the macro network
  9. 9. Ultra-reliable networks for Business • Guaranteed LTE-Pro Networks: One ring to connect them all • Unbeatable Coverage and Capacity compared to any dedicated “vertical network” • New 3GPP features to offer tiered QoS to Businesses (Industrials, Energy, Education, Defence, Broadcast) and Public Services • Mission-critical command-and-control services for connected cars, UAVs, trains, ships • Mission-critical IoT with Nb-IoT and eMTC • A2G + LTE-Satellite Backhaul + Airmasts: Building Hetnets in the Blue Sky • Mobile Vehicle Gateways + D2D: A moving mesh to reach 100% coverage and reliability