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Water Works2008

  2. Our History… Zyvax Started the semi-permanent Mold Release Industry in 1960. The original formulators of Frekote. We have been here since the beginning. You are in good hands. . .
  3. Make your mold process as consistent and repeatable as possible. Zyvax can help. Zyvax Quality Statement: Zyvax is committed to providing all of our customers with the highest quality goods and services in the industry, in a timely, efficient, and consistent manner. Zyvax is also committed to complying with the requirements of and continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system. Consistency is the key to Success
  4. AS 9100 2004 REV.B / ISO 9001:2000
  5. The Surface of your Mold Magnified
  6. Send an e-mail to Cage Code: 1QNX9 [email_address] Customer Service: 1 (800) 858-4111 (in N.A. only) 1 (706) 698-4405 +34 96 338 4338 (European sales) +61 2 9807 4132 (Asia Pacific) To Order WaterWorks or other Zyvax Products