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Live Demo: RackNAP - Cloud Service Delivery and Business Process Automation Platform

This webinar is a live demo of RackNap - a cloud service delivery and business process automation platform that ZNetLive provides with its +1 Partner Program. With RackNap, partners can sell, deliver and provision all cloud services (Azure, IBM-SoftLayer, AWS, OpenStack, etc.) along with their existing services (domains, web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers) and also manage all their business operations from a single panel. For more information about RackNap, visit www.racknap.com. For more information about ZNetLive’s partner programs, visit: www.znetlive.com/cloud-partner-program

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Live Demo: RackNAP - Cloud Service Delivery and Business Process Automation Platform

  2. 2. WORLD CLOUD SUMMIT 2016 – SESSIONS Understanding the Cloud Boom and the Opportunity - Sabarinathan Sampath 1 2 3 4 Winning with IBM Cloud - Sanjay Kathuria/Uday G. Chinnikatti Take Control of Your IT Infrastructure in the Cloud - Ravi Kumar Atrey/Bhupender Kumar Automation and right partnership: Preparing for success in the cloud - Dakshesh Verma
  3. 3.  Indian SMBs and enterprises is growing at 25% and is expected to reach INR 20 billion by FY2018  84% of Indian SMBs and enterprises are most likely to buy cloud services from a single provider  Infrastructure services will dominate the IT spend for the next 3 years  Traditional IT spend will be equal to Cloud IT Spend by 2020 CLOUD BOOM
  4. 4. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Worldwide Cloud IT Infrastructure Market Forecast by Development Type 2015 – 2020 (Shares based on value) Traditional IT Cloud IT
  6. 6. PRE-REQUISITES OF BECOMING A CLOUD SERVICES PROVIDER  What is your strategy? • Which services? • What pricing? • Differentiating factors? • Risk factors?  How will you make yourself known?  Why will your customers stick with you?  ‘Automation’: How do you plan to deliver Cloud?
  7. 7. THE IMPORTANCE OF AUTOMATION IN SELLING CLOUD SERVICES 1 2 For service providersFor customers
  9. 9. RackNap is a Cloud Service Delivery and end-to-end Business Automation platform for cloud, datacenter, hardware and software distribution, SaaS and subscription, telco, and hosting industry. It enables providers to sell cloud services on their own infrastructure, as well as via third party providers like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM – SoftLayer, and others. RackNap also automates all facets of business operations – SaaS and subscription billing management, sales and marketing, inventory management, support, marketplace and multi-tier partner management – all backed by business intelligence. AUTOMATING YOUR CLOUD SERVICE DELIVERY AND BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT
  10. 10. What can RackNap do for the Cloud Service Providers? RackNap provides an end-to- end complete business platform with complete automation for all functions, so that CSPs can handle everything at one place. Sales&Marketing Billing&Pricing Support&CRM PartnerChannels Marketplace BusinessAnalytics Inventory&Assets CustomerPanel Public Cloud Cloud Service Provider IAAS SERVICES PAAS SAAS
  11. 11. Existing RackNap Services IaaS/PaaS/SaaS Domains/Hosting INTEGRATIONS SERVICES
  12. 12. Existing RackNap Plugins / Integrations INTEGRATIONS PLUGINS
  13. 13. RackNap Services Integrations Beta INTEGRATIONS BETA
  14. 14. Backend Automation Panel  Pre-Integrated to Cloud providers (via open APIs)  Automates provisioning of services  Generates consolidated bills  Provides good analytics to make informed decisions 1 2 Responsive Website 3 Complete Marketing Assistance 4 Pre-Sales Activities 5 White-labelled Technical Support 6 Dedicated Partner Manager
  15. 15. Features +1 Partner Premium Enterprise Billing Management Yes Yes Yes Sales Management Yes Yes Yes Client Self-Service Portal Yes Yes Yes Service Assurance / Service Desk Yes Yes Yes Inventory Management Yes Yes Yes Branded Marketplace Yes Yes Yes Sub-Partner Management No Yes Yes CLOUD SERVICE PROVIDER PLANS
  16. 16. Special Features +1 Partner Premium Enterprise Installation Model Cloud Self-Managed Infrastructure ZNET Infrastructure Instance Shared Dedicated Dedicated Sell Non-Cloud Services Yes Yes Yes White Label Support Free Free Free Dedicated Technical Account Manager No Free (worth $500 per month) Free (worth $1000 per month) Digital Marketing, SEO, Branded Marketplace No Free (worth $2000 one-off) Free (worth $4000 one-off) CLOUD SERVICE PROVIDER PLANS
  17. 17. Charges +1 Partner Premium Enterprise One time Set-up Fee $999 (40% discount if signed by 31st Jan 2016) $2999 (50% discount if signed by 31st Dec 2016) Contact us Monthly Minimum Commitment $200 $1,000 $2,000 Revenue Sharing 5% 4.5% 4% CLOUD SERVICE PROVIDER PLANS
  18. 18. partners@znetlive.com Q & A