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Climate change champ 2


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Climate change champ 2

  1. 1. Сталі зміни в поведінці, бізнесі та соціальній взаємодії
  2. 2. WE GREENCUBATOR! ARE platform for connecting energy talents promoting sustainable innovations We focus on energy innovations that are good for environment and good for society Community Start-ups Media EnergyCamps innovative format of open-air, off-grid, renewables-powered energy forums Education network of over 3 000 renewable energy and sustainability pro's and enthusiasts Advising leading business media on green economy and producing 6 “Green Issues” of InvestGazeta, Delo, Delovaya Stolitsa developing academic energy-culture and community of green-minded educators 7 Energy Efficient Universities Conferences developing green entrepreneurship eco-system through networking, hackathons and mentoring
  3. 3. What we do? 2 Ukrainian green startups presented themselves at CeBIT as a result of Greencubator - CODE_n cooperation
  4. 4. Impact: energy innovators! TeslaCamp invites you to join energy innovations fun Media coverage 3 TeslaCamp 3 teams become finalists of RockStart Accelerator Smart Energy program (out of 120 contestants) oeš‘“›⁸best energy startup’”⁹ at IBM Mentors Kay, winner at hack4good now resident in RockStart Accelerator
  5. 5. Focus areas Behavioral changes for energy efficiency and waste minimization Incubators development social innovations entrepreneurship education media Sustainable Media School for journalists and bloggers Local economies development Energy Efficient Universities Lectures of leaders in green entrepreneurship Communities empowerment Energy innovations hackathon Curricula development International cooperation Joint media projects Green content: video and text for syndication by Ukrainian media
  6. 6. «Спалювати нафту - все одно що палити асигнації» Дмитро Менделеєв
  7. 7. Енергія Транспорт Будівлі Вода Їжа
  8. 8. This is how our building look in thermal cameras
  9. 9. Aren’t you forgetting something? Extraction Generation Distribution Consumption
  10. 10. An average energy efficiency promo for consumers Агітплакати
  11. 11. Why nobody gives a damn? Aliens, predators, oligarchs? Who’s guilty?
  12. 12. Geometry vs. physics! No financial returns!
  13. 13. People hate saving energy but they love saving money
  14. 14. They are actually saving … brain energy Have you ever tried quitting smoking?
  15. 15. Brain is the center of energy efficiency ecosystem
  16. 16. Energy Policy 2.0 • Consumer-driven • Consumer-driving • Consumer-engaging • Interactive
  17. 17. People can be a powerful change agent
  18. 18. Hippies as drivers of energy revolution They revolted against huge utilities
  19. 19. Advertising is not enough Behavioral design rules!
  20. 20. If you are not shaping the behavior… you are not shaping the market*! (actually, you are missing it) * If you got this presentation through Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg did a nice job shaping your behavior :)
  21. 21. Energy Policy 2.0 People are Advocates Watchdogs Investors
  22. 22. Investors? What investors? Our people are poor, lazy and apathetic!* *a major stereotype
  23. 23. An average car 20 years passed
  24. 24. An average heating control 20 years passed Yes, it’s fortochka, baby!
  25. 25. There are some advantages of ancient technologies
  26. 26. But some things have to go go away, go south, live in our memories
  27. 27. People love being cool even more than saving money!
  28. 28. Add feedback loop financial! People love saving money!
  29. 29. Build smart networks I even dare to say «Smart Grid» «This Internet thingy is highly insecure and easily hackable»
  30. 30. Smart ads! This works! Yes, energy is warfare too
  31. 31. Financial tools Money fuel the change Consumprion-based invoicing Credits & interest rates coverage Funding energy-audits and renovation
  32. 32. Things to stop Worst enemies are well-knows Punishing energy-efficiency Sticking to inefficiencies Feeding monopolies
  33. 33. Behavioral tools there are things to stop and things to launch Key tools Gamification Peer pressure Engagement
  34. 34. People power Enabling collaboration and upstream generation Empowering communities Enabling small-scale generation Grid access to new players
  35. 35. Energy innovations Worst enemies are well-knows Energy apps Consumer networks IT for energy
  36. 36. Energy sector capitalization Market cap of sector is better then losses of NaftoGaz New business ideas Capitalization growth for energy sector Investments attraction
  37. 37. Тенденції споживання • Un-owning • dematerialization • collaborative consumption • peer-to-peer economy
  38. 38. Перфоратор і дірка
  39. 39. Zilok
  40. 40. AirBnB
  41. 41. ZaipCar
  42. 42. CarZapp
  43. 43. Herz
  44. 44. 4-13 авто мінус з доріг
  45. 45. Міські інновації
  46. 46. Carpooling
  47. 47. City bike
  48. 48. Philips
  49. 49. Кава - Шіітаке
  50. 50. Cradle 2 Cradle
  51. 51. Unconsumption
  52. 52. Patagonia
  53. 53. Converting peer pressure into savings
  54. 54. Monetizing sustainable behavior Recyble Bank
  55. 55. Mosaic: Crowd-investing solar energy
  56. 56. We are open for cooperation! Roman Zinchenko +380 67 4492876 roman@greencubator.info find greencubator at