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Finding the information you need

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Finding the information you need. Help with getting started.

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Finding the information you need

  1. 1. Session outline •Finding ejournals on the Library catalogue •Organising your search before you get started •Discovering full text and expanding your search •Finding resources yourself
  2. 2. You can find relevant books, ebooks and ejournals on the Library catalogue Remember on the catalogue you can only search the title or description of the journal – not the individual articles within the journal You will be able to access most relevant journals online
  3. 3. ...organise your search before you get started! For more in depth searching...
  4. 4. Plan your search: • Write down your project title! • Think about what you are trying to find out • Break your topic down into smaller chunks • What are your keywords? • Decide on the most important parts of your project • Once you have defined your topic, set limits (such as date, region, language etc)
  5. 5. Mathematics in Sixteenth Century France Mathematics Break down your topic Sixteenth century France Arithmetic Renaissance Western Europe French Maths Calculation 16th century
  6. 6. Start your search with DISCOVER
  7. 7. Click to find full text
  8. 8. Choose which website to view Bibliographic details of your article
  9. 9. This is the article abstract Click here to open full text
  10. 10. Read, print or download the full text of the article
  11. 11. http://libguides.liv.ac.uk/mathematical-sciences Advanced databases for further searching
  12. 12. Need help? Ask us... email or chat: www.liv.ac.uk.libanswers.com