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How AI will transform work and organizations

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The deck I presented at the Beyond HR conference in Amsterdam, describes how Artificial Intelligence can be an enabling technology for transforming organizations to innovative ecosystems of networked "microbusinesses".

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How AI will transform work and organizations

  1. 1. George Zarkadakis, PhD, CEng Digital Lead, Willis Towers Watson Amsterdam, July 7, 2017 Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work @zarkadakis
  2. 2. Photo by Adam Levey @zarkadakis
  3. 3. The impact of AI on business @zarkadakis
  4. 4. Enablers of work automation Robotic Process Automation Cognitive Automation Social Robotics TASKS Routine, High-volume Non-routine, creative Routine, collaborative MATURITY HIGH EMERGING MEDIUM IMPACT MEDIUM HIGH HIGH @zarkadakis
  5. 5. What can AI do for your business 1. Automate & re-engineer tasks and processes 2. Develop new products & services 3. Gain new data insights @zarkadakis
  6. 6. Why AI is more than an add-on @zarkadakis
  7. 7. Welcome to the era of mass corporate extinction In the next 10 years, 75% of the S&P500 will be gone @zarkadakis Source: Creative Destruction Report, Innosight, 2015
  8. 8. Why companies fail? @zarkadakis Chief Idea Killer Officer VP of No VP of Status Quo VP of Stay the Course Director of Onerous Reporting Director of Bureaucracy Director of Rigidity Director of Analysis Paralysis Manager of New Growth Ideas (Vacant)
  9. 9. Deconstructing the organisation Hierarchies and departmental silos Network of loosely coupled full stack business/software teams (“micro-businesses”) Goal & Strategy Guidance @zarkadakis
  10. 10. The Innovative Organisation @zarkadakis An agile, fluid, cloud-native, innovative, networked organization that continuously learns and optimizes talent and technologies in order to deliver superior products and services. Composable systems Agile Business/ Software teams (“micro- businesses”) Microservices /Distributed Apps Shared & Encrypted Data INTELLIGENT DATA STORES OPEN-SOURCE SERVICEECOSYSTEM Robots & Sensors (IoT)Blockchains
  11. 11. A knowledge architecture for talent Micro- business A Micro- business B Micro- business C Micro- business D Shared talent platform; Humans augmented by AI @zarkadakis IT HR CS
  12. 12. Augmented jobs: A more “humane” doctor? Proficiency role (now) Pivotal role (future) Doctor Performance Doctor Performance PatientSatisfaction PatientSatisfaction AI - Enabled As cognitive automation gets better with diagnosis human doctors (a “proficiency role”) can spend more time with patients, becoming a “pivotal role” in healthcare systems @zarkadakis
  13. 13. New HR roles created, new HR skills needed Data, Talent & AI integrator Virtual Culture ArchitectRobot Trainer Cyber Ecosystem Designer AI Ethics Evaluator @zarkadakis
  14. 14. Future-proofing @zarkadakis
  15. 15. Transforming the organization: the role of HR Source: “Lead the Work” by R. Jesuthasan, J. Bourdeau, D. Creelman Assignment Organisation Rewards • Self-contained • Hierarchical • Exclusive • Stable • Deconstructed Tasks • Dispersed • Project-bound • Constructed Jobs • Anchored • Employment-Bound • Long-Term • Collective and consistent • Traditional • Permeable • Networked • Collaborative • Agile • Short-term • Individualised and Differentiated • Imaginative AI ENABLED @zarkadakis
  16. 16. Thank you @zarkadakis @zarkadakis