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godaddy promo code $1.49 for a  com domain in june 2015
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godaddy promo code $1.49 for a com domain in june 2015

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Some people has sent email to me, talking about they cannot using GoDaddy Promo Code on my site to discount price when buy a new .Com domain. Some coupon codes that they used can be applied in the shopping cart, and the cost has been discounted, but when they enter the credit card information and click to the Check Out button, then get error message, such as ‘There was a problem processing your transaction. Please verify your payment information or use an alternate form of payment.’, and payment cannot successful. So, few day ago, I has write a explained post this error and some other issues when you make a payment at Godaddy, if you carring, read the post: The Error Message at GoDaddy When Make a Payment.
Ok, Today we have new coupon code for .Com domain, i has using it to buy .Com domain for my customer. It worked as well at this time but i think it’ll expire any time...
get code: http://bit.ly/1IhCbvY

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