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SF Service Jam Day 1 Deck

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Presented at day 1 by Nick Remis and Izac Ross of the SF service jam

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SF Service Jam Day 1 Deck

  2. 2. @SDNSF @Cooper
  3. 3. Meet your volunteer facilitators!
  4. 4. Friday
  5. 5. Housekeeping
  6. 6. What is a Jam?
  7. 7. 100+ jams working on the same theme..
  8. 8. Creating something that 
 you could not create by yourself
  9. 9. Show don’t tell
  10. 10. Build on other jammer’s ideas
  11. 11. Have fun!
  12. 12. Overview of the weekend!
  13. 13. Don’t get too deep
  14. 14. If can’t choose a direction, prototype both
  15. 15. Bring the service to life
  16. 16. We’re more concerned with if there should be a brochure, not it’s layout.
  17. 17. SAN FRANCISCO GLOBAL SERVICE JAM 2014 Service Design… what?
  18. 18. What has 30 year done to services?
  19. 19. BIG IDEA Checks Phone Mail Branch
  20. 20. BIG IDEA Checks Phone Mail Branch Debit card ATM Online banking Mobile web Txt iPhone Android
 Mobile check deposit Retail partners Twitter
  21. 21. BIG IDEA Printing press ! ! ! Graphic Design Industrial age ! ! ! Industrial Design ! Computer age Mobile age ! ! Interaction design Coordinating all these resulting channels ! Service design
  22. 22. BIG IDEALove...
  23. 23. BIG IDEALove...
  24. 24. BIG IDEAHate…
  25. 25. BIG IDEA 80% of service companies believe that they have a superior service proposition 8% of customers agree
  26. 26. BIG IDEA Service Anticipation Gap 8% of customers agree
  27. 27. What are services?
  28. 28. …outcomes in which customers do not take ownership of physical elements involved.
  29. 29. Services are co-created by service users and service employees.
  30. 30. BIG IDEA More than just the user Service customers Service users Frontstage employees Backstage employees Partner employees
  31. 31. Your outcome and experience is likely to be very different than mine.
  32. 32. BIG IDEA GIVE Time Money Skilled labor Goods Information Data Knowledge Aesthetics Experiences GET Time Money Skilled labor Goods Information Data Knowledge Aesthetics Experiences
  33. 33. BIG IDEAExchanges occur through mediums…
  34. 34. BIG IDEACalled touchpoints…
  35. 35. BIG IDEAPeople Employees and other customers encountered while the service is produced. Place The physical space or the virtual environment through which the service is delivered. Prop The objects and collateral used to produce the service encounter. Forms, products, signage, etc. Partner Other businesses or entities that help to produce or enhance the service encounter. Process Workflows and rituals that are used to produce the service encounter. Relates the people, place, props, and partners. The 5 P’s…
  36. 36. BIG IDEA Which take place over time… Service Cycle Entise Enter Experience Exit Extend Use Retain Orient Attr act Entice
  37. 37. BIG IDEA Which take place over time… Service Cycle Entise Enter Experience Exit Extend Use Retain Orient Attr act Entice
  38. 38. BIG IDEA Front stage ! Back stage
  39. 39. SAN FRANCISCO GLOBAL SERVICE JAM 2014 Service Design...
  40. 40. SAN FRANCISCO GLOBAL SERVICE JAM 2014 User centered
  41. 41. SAN FRANCISCO GLOBAL SERVICE JAM 2014 Holistic IN HOUSE ENTITIES SECONDARY PARTNERS DIRECT PARTNERS $ $ $ SELL PAYFORENERGYSELLEXCESSENERG Y CERTIFIES ENERGY PRODUCTS SELL SELL FUNDING&INCENTIVES PROVIDE ECO MORTGAGE SECURITIES CLIENTS & CERTIFICATION COM M ISSION & PRICING PROVIDE SATELLITE DATA PROVIDES DATA & CERTIFICATION OF PRODUCTS SELL SELL SELL SELL TECH DATA REGULATE ENERGY MIX/CARBON ALLOWANCES REGULATE ENERGY MIX/CARBON ALLOWANCES SELLENERGY SUBSIDIZESCONSUMERCOST DETERMINE DETERMINEABOUTOFECOLOANS CONTRACT CONTRACT REGULATEDEMAND REGULATEDEMAND DETERMINE POLICY DETERMINE POLICY PROVI DE ENERGY BILL DATA $ $ $ $ $ $ ! $ Cash Sources Threats to Peek $ COMMISSIONSTOBUILD COMMISSIONS TO BUILD INSTALL AND SUPPORT Peek Renewable Energy Certificates Personal PV System Installation Energy Brokerage Department of Energy Fannie & Freddie May Local Utilities ! Renewable Electricity Providers Renewable energy certificate providers Carbon Offset providers Green-E ! ISOs Mint.com Smart Grid Policy Federal Government ! State Government ! Local Utilities Home Owners with renewable Power Resources Green-E OEM for Controller Boxes Solar Panel OEMS ! Solar Panel Dealer/ Installers EEM Auditors Contractors for Home Efficiency Local Utilities Credit Bureaus Smart Grid Policy ! Local and State Government ! Congress Bing Maps OEM for Controller Boxes & in Home Energy Monitoring touchpoints peek
  42. 42. SAN FRANCISCO GLOBAL SERVICE JAM 2014 Co-creative
  43. 43. SAN FRANCISCO GLOBAL SERVICE JAM 2014 Sequential
  45. 45. SAN FRANCISCO GLOBAL SERVICE JAM 2014 Service design tools
  46. 46. Expansive tools Service design has a wonderfully diverse toolset and range of methodologies.
  47. 47. Your best tool is other Jammers I’m not just saying that. They really are.
  48. 48. Journey mapping Map out the customer’s journey through an existing or future service.
  49. 49. Journey mapping By maybe more like this.
  50. 50. Service Blueprinting A good tool for exploring the operations of your service. Think of it like an architectural blueprints, it tells you how to build it.
  51. 51. Service Blueprinting By maybe more like this.
  52. 52. The business model canvas Great tool if your service involved a business model 
 innovation or change.
  53. 53. Value prop canvas For the Jam it may be a bit overcomplicated. But a good tool if you’re stuck.
  54. 54. Storyboarding Excellent tool for refining your service story and communication. Don’t worry about the quality of the drawing. Go for it!
  55. 55. Paper prototyping If you need to work out an interface a paper prototype is the way to do. Quick, easy, and beast of all, easy to change.
  56. 56. Desktop models If your service has a large environmental component, grab some foamcore and whip one up.
  57. 57. Rough prototyping Don’t try and make the prototype real right off the bat. Start rough and iterate, learning as you go. You can use the play room.
  58. 58. Bodystorming Get active and brainstorm with your body.
  59. 59. Experience videos Grab an iPhone and start shooting. Cup your hand over the base for better audio. We have phone booths for voiceovers.
  60. 60. www.servicedesigntools.org A great resource for additional tools or more information.
  61. 61. Now get out there and get your Jam on
  62. 62. Let’s break the ice a bit
  63. 63. And the theme is…
  64. 64. Shout out what the
 theme means to you.
  65. 65. • With your group (still not final group) generate some service areas to explore based on theme. For example, a service for addressing community elder care. • The prompt: “What if we used ____ to address ____” • Remember to think outside the… box? • Select 2 ideas to share with the whole SF Jam. Idea brainstorm Service categories • Government • Community • Business to business • Sharing platforms • Rental • Transportation • Healthcare • Legal • Food services • Entertainment • Financial services
  66. 66. Share top exploration areas with Jam
  67. 67. Team selection
  68. 68. Overview of what’s needs to happen before heading home • Get to know your team • Create your focus statement • Make a team page on the planet jam site • Post your focus statement to your project page
  69. 69. Get to know your team • Find a work area. Marked with the jam jars. • Exchange contact info • As a team, each member states their reason for attending the jam, what they hope to get out of it, something they can offer the group, and something the group could help them with. • Name your team
  70. 70. Focus statement • What sector are you working in? • What are you focusing on for the Jam? (for example: we want to explore improving the service experience for package delivery) • We’re not looking for solutions. Just a direction to head in Saturday morning.
  71. 71. The Jam is on! Meet back up here at 8:45pm to share your focus statement.
  72. 72. Share your teams focus statement
  73. 73. Saturday
  74. 74. Sunday
  75. 75. Before you leave • Tomorrow your on your own for meals. Fit them into 
 your workflow. • Bring tools • Camera • Legos or simular • Notebook • Laptop • Bring a random toy or prop for you and other jammers to use. • Doors open at 9am. Coffee and snacks will 
 be provided