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MIS understanding

Compile by Zafar Ayub

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MIS understanding

  1. 1. Management Information System Understanding Compile by Zafar Ayub
  2. 2. Basic Concepts Data - User inputs into a computer is Data, likes raw material before data processing. Data maybe relates as facts, figures, events, transactions, images, songs, and(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) documents. Data is also refers to unprocessed information. Compile by Zafar Ayub Information - When data is processed into meaningful format, by specific program, it becomes information. Information is also know as results. Conclusion - When data feeding operator fill any type of form, commonly page have empty fields with specific field heading, and operator fill this form (mean data input), and when press execute or save command all data going for main software for processing, and store in central database system, and output report is information. 2
  3. 3. Example - Student admission form, at time of submission college collect required student data like name, age, pervious history of education, certificates, picture and signature. When admission department process in their system with some specific program (student enrolment software), after successful process, students get admission(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub and issuing student ID card, student ID card is information of student. NADRA ID card, passport, business agreement, purchase invoice, compile presentation, electric bill, and video film are all of informations. Process • Student • Enrolment and documents, • Admission Student ID signature, pics process Information Data 3
  4. 4. Policy – A policy is typically described as a principle or rule to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes, within organization.  Business Policies are the guidelines developed by an organization to govern its actions.(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub  Business Policy defines the scope or spheres within which decisions can be taken by the subordinates in an organization.  They define the limits within which decisions must be made.  Business policy also deals with acquisition of resources with which organizational goals can be achieved.  Business policy is the study of the roles and responsibilities of top level management 4
  5. 5.  Policy describe organization goals and long term run acting plan.  Policies are generally adopted by the board of or senior governance body within an organization.  All policies are documented with board of director(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub approval, also know as law of company. Conclusion - organization guidelines, scope of work, working limits, resource management, responsibilities of senior management, long term goal, define at board, and documented. 5
  6. 6. Strategy – A strategy is a plan of action, designed to achieve policy goals.  Business Strategy develop acting time line chart of an organization.  A strategy is the practical methodology used to achieve(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub a target as prescribed by a policy.  Strategy is concerned with those organizational decisions which have not been faced before in same form.  Strategy is the high level approach to an issue that is planned to produce change through implementation of a policy.  Board of directors discus business strategies and convey to senior management 6
  7. 7.  On the behalf of business strategy company outcomes may possible.  Strategy also be documented but not law of company. Conclusion - action plan, practical methodology, discus on(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) possibilities, high level approach, pass on senior Compile by Zafar Ayub management, outcomes depends, not a company law. 7
  8. 8. Procedure – A procedure is a set of executions guidelines, in the manor of organization policies and strategies.  Step-by-step sequence of activities that must be followed in the symmetric order to correctly perform a task.(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub  A procedure is sometimes called a work instruction.  A Procedure tells users how to, and who will, implement the policy.  Detail documents, which are part of organization manual or law book.  A procedure is a way that you achieve consistent results.  Procedures define by senior management, with board of directors approval. 8
  9. 9.  With government / standardized institute collaboration, these procedures also be packed in SOP (Standard Operate Procedures).  For execution of SOP’s, senior management pass through to management; monitor and take reporting with(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub them. Conclusion – step by step instructions, how and who will done job, document and part of law book, make continues result, define by senior management, SOP, pass through to management. 9
  10. 10. Comparison – this step may clear concepts and confusions; Policy what should be(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) done? Compile by Zafar Ayub Strategy when and where should be done? Procedure how should be and who will be done? 10
  11. 11. Example – Organization vision to deploy central data storage for business activities; Policy(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) board of director visualize that company Compile by Zafar Ayub data must be store, in Head Office data center Strategy board define scope that should be done before 2011-2012 audit, and IT department perform main roll Procedure head of IT define process of data storage in HO and branch offices, and for execution forward to IT managers with dead lines 11
  12. 12. People - All skill human manpower, which may qualified, technical trained, obey the policy, follow the procedures, and share information with system / organization, known as People.(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub 12
  13. 13. We make deference between peoples in an organization with respect to their job rolls and responsibilities; these job roll also known as organization chart. Job Job roll Pictures Board of Define business policies,(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) director strategies and control it Compile by Zafar Ayub Senior Develop and monitor working Management procedures as per board Management Execute and reporting policies with respect to procedures Staff Support operation Labor Workforce 13
  14. 14. Hardware - All physical devices which are used for input data, process on it, generate output, store data and make communication links are Hardware. Input Process(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub Communication Store Output 14
  15. 15. Hardware support during business process, it may divide into two categories like, Computerized Hardware(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub • Desktops, laptops, workstations, servers, printers, scanners, and storage Specialize Hardware • Biometrics, IP cameras, PABX, photocopier, and USB 15
  16. 16. Software - All computer define instructions / programs, which may operate hardware and process user input data for output, known as Software. User • Operator input data(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub Application • Oracle form is data entry form Software System • Windows XP used as Software operating system • Computer Hardware 16
  17. 17. Softwares perform key roll in business processing, all of computer activate with system software (operating system), and specialized programs are used for business processing.(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub System Software • Windows XP, Red Hat Linux, Sun Solaris Unix, and Mac OS X Application Software • MS Office, WinZip, Norton antivirus, Oracle 10g database, yahoo messenger, EA games, and Photoshop 17
  18. 18. Network – An interconnected system of computers, devices, communication channels / links, terminals, and specialize software known as Network.  Today business industries used network as core IT tool in their business processing.(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub  Network is support and maintain communication link between computer to computer, department to data center, branch to head office, and customer / end user to organization.  With the network, efficient and real time reporting possible.  Network replace branch back office with central head office ERP.  Remote monitoring is possible by network technology. 18
  19. 19.  Network facilitate online and offline both business transaction type activity.  Network place symmetric business facility for all clients and company users.  Immediate(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) board dissension and policies Compile by Zafar Ayub implementation.  Effective business control with-in and out of organization. Conclusion – core IT tool, communication link, real time reporting, support central ERP, remote monitoring, online business, symmetric business environment, immediate policy action, and control of business. 19
  20. 20. Categories – network may separate into two categories with respect to their geographical boundary and working limitation; With respect to geographical boundary;(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) LAN (Local Area Network) Compile by Zafar Ayub • Within building communication network is LAN MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) • Within city building to building and branch to branch connectivity, knows as MAN WAN (Wide Area Network) • City to city and world wide network connectivity, is WAN 20
  21. 21. With respect to working limitation; Internet • Open web base, email, storage, chat, and VoIP service for any user around the world.(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub Intranet • An Internet like network with-in organization; web base application, email, storage, real time reporting, and VoIP service for organization users world wide. Externat • A network provide selective network resource of company to their partner, customer, supplier, and open market. 21
  22. 22. What is Information Technology?  IT is technical knowledge of data and information, which are associate with relative softwares and deployed on hardware based system, and environment is network.(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com)  Information technology deals in data, information, Compile by Zafar Ayub hardware, software, and network. Data Network Information IT Software Hardware 22
  23. 23. What is Information System?  An information system can be organize combination of data and information, which may associate specialize software running on hardware with network environment;(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) and all of these activities should be perform with respect Compile by Zafar Ayub to organization policies, strategies, and procedures. • Company rules Data Policy Network Information • Company Strategy action plan IT • SOP Procedure Software Hardware 23
  24. 24. What is Management Information System?  An MIS, complete information system model; with respect to people with their level of authorization in an organization, interaction with-in system.(zafar_ayub@hotmail.com) Compile by Zafar Ayub IT IS MIS • Data, • Policies, • people information, strategies, hardware, procedures software, network 24

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