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Inside Bokete: Web Application with Mojolicious and others

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Developing apps using Perl
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Inside Bokete: Web Application with Mojolicious and others

  1. 1. Inside Bokete: Web Application with Mojolicious and others. Yusuke Wada a.k.a yusukebe From Yokohama, Japan 2013-06-05 YAPC::NA 2013
  2. 2. Introduction of myself - Yusuke Wada a.k.a yusukebe - From Japan, Yokohama. - A Web Application Enginner. - CEO of Wadit Inc and CTO of Omoroki Inc. - I got the award of the YAPC::Asia 2012 popularity vote. - My trip is supported by Japan Perl Association.
  3. 3. Development of “Bokete” My work I spend a time to developing web site named “Bokete”. “Bokete” is my work.
  4. 4. What’s Bokete? Bokete is Japanese popular entertainment web service like a 9gag.com. - Japanese entertainment web service by Omoroki Inc. - It’s like a 9gag.com
  5. 5. Bokete has ... - Web site for PC browser and smart phone browser - iOS App and Android App - 3 hundred million Page View per month overall - Backend system is written by me Web site for PC and Smartphone browser, mobile application of iOS / Android are available in Bokete. We have 3 hundred million page views per month overall. Backend system is written by me. http://bokete.jp/
  6. 6. Screenshot of web site
  7. 7. Screenshot of mobile App
  8. 8. Users generate contents Bokete services User who has funny things. Post See User who want to laugh. Bokete have a many contents generated by users. User who has funny things post the “boke” to Bokete sites. And other users who want to laugh see these contents.
  9. 9. Boke = Photo + Short Text What are contents of Bokete? So, what are contents of the Bokete? The answer is “Boke”. Boke is constructed of a photo and a short text. Let’s see bokes on Bokete.
  10. 10. Boke No.1 You know, get this calmly. You are hitting your referee.
  11. 11. Boke No.2 Who forgot a uniform ?
  12. 12. Boke No.3 Hey! You didn’t say UNO!!
  13. 13. Boke No.4 They give up.
  14. 14. Boke No.5 This man is the murderer.
  15. 15. How about bokes? How about the bokes on Bokete? We have books of Bokete, so please ask me later if you have interests of bokes. Then I’ll introduce backend system of Bokete.
  16. 16. System of Bokete About using Perl Technical topics Bokete is made by Perl! We love Perl.
  17. 17. Structure of servers Web App EC2 Instances Elastic Load Blancing RDS MySQL Master RDS MySQL Read Replica API App EC2 Instances Elastic Load Blancing Memcached Memcached Browsers Mobile Apps
  18. 18. Using Mojolicious! - Mojolicious as a Web Application Framework - But Mojolicious is very “thin” not like a Ruby on Rails - So, we should use other CPAN modules - Many modules written by Japanese author are used We use Mojolicious to implementing Bokete. Mojolicious is good Web Application Framework. But, Mojolicious is very “thin” and too simple that is not like a Ruby on Rails. So, inside Bokete, we use other CPAN modules that are written by Japanese Author. I think these modules are not so popular in overseas from Japan. One of this talk theme is introduce Japanese CPAN modules.
  19. 19. PSGI/Plack Interface between app and server Enable to use Plack Middlewares and Starman/Starlet as high-perfomance app server PSGI Web App Web Application Framework Web Server supports PSGI Web App Web Application Framework Web App Web Application Framework Web Server supports PSGI Web Server supports PSGI Plack Middleware
  20. 20. “.psgi” example use Mojo::Server::PSGI; use Plack::Builder; use Bokete::Web; my $psgi = Mojo::Server::PSGI->new( app => Bokete::Web->new ); my $app = $psgi->to_psgi_app; builder { enable "Runtime"; enable "ServerStatus::Lite", path => '/server-status', allow => [ '' ], scoreboard => '/var/run/server'; $psgi->to_psgi_app; }; Add X-Runtime Header It’s like a Apache’s mod_status
  21. 21. Mouse Fast class builder package Point; use Mouse; has 'x' => (is => 'rw', isa => 'Int'); has 'y' => (is => 'rw', isa => 'Int'); sub clear { my($self) = @_; $self->x(0); $self->y(0); } 1; Moose compatible, Fast because using XS and No dependencies.
  22. 22. DBIx::Skinny or Teng Minimal O/R mapper Supporting transaction, raw SQL, inflate/deflate lightweight, and fast Prepare your database on SQLite or MySQL, others. package MyDB; use DBIx::Skinny; 1; Make some modules for Database access. *Teng is newer version of DBIx::Skinny
  23. 23. Using DBIx::Skinny use MyDB; my $db = MyDB->new({ connect_info => [ 'dbi:SQLite:' ] }); $db->insert('table', { col => 'value' }); # Insert my $row = $db->single('table', { id => 1 }); # Select say $row->col; my $iter = $db->search('table'); # Iterator instance while ($row = $iter->next) { say $row->col; } package MyDB::Schema; use DBIx::Skinny::Schema; install_table ‘table’ => schema { pk ‘id’; columns qw/id col/; }; 1;
  24. 24. FormValidator::Lite A form validator FormValidator::Lite->load_constraints(qw/Japanese Email/); my $validator = FormValidator::Lite->new($self->req); my $res -> $validator->check( name => [qw/NOT_NULL/], mail => [qw/EMAIL/], { mails => [qw/mail mail_confirm/] } => ['DUPLICATION'] ); if($validator->has_error) { $self->stash->{messages} = $validator->get_error_messages(); return $self->render; } ...; Fast, simple, customizing error messages
  25. 25. HTML::FillInForm::Lite fill HTML forms with Perl data $self->helper( render_fill => sub { my ( $self, $template_name ) = @_; my $html = $self->render_partial($template_name)->to_string; return $self->render_text( HTML::FillInForm::Lite->fill( $html, $self->req->params ), format => 'html' ); } ); 2 times faster than HTML::FillInForm # In controller return $self->render_fill(‘/post’) if $error;
  26. 26. HTML form is filled with request parameters
  27. 27. Shortcut method for controller - Check request parameters - Show error messages - Fill HTML form with request parameters sub post { my $self = shift; if($self->form('Post')->has_error) { return $self->render_fill('/post'); } }
  28. 28. Devel::KYTProf Profiler for I/O blocking time use Devel::KYTProf;
  29. 29. Carton / v0.9.15 Manager of Perl modules Like a ruby bundler, using cpanfile Carton manages dependency of modules. CPAN modules in App An environment No.1 CPAN modules in App An environment No.2 Same version modules Carton is now experimetal ! API is likely to chage.
  30. 30. Using Carton. # on cpanfile requires ‘Mojolicious’, 4.07; requires ‘Mouse’; requires ‘Teng’, 0.18; $ carton install $ carton exec -Ilib -- plackup myapp.psgi carton.lock file is generated and module files is installed into “local” directory Execute perl command with core libraries and local libraries
  31. 31. Server::Starter Daemon for hot-deploying # On daemontools run script start_server --port 8001 -- plackup -s Starman bokete_web.psgi Supporting Starman/Starlet and other HTTP servers $ sudo svc -h /service/bokete_web To gracefully restart the server program, sending SIGHUP to this daemon.
  32. 32. Cinnamon Simple deployment tool use Cinnamon::DSL; set repository => 'git@github.com:yusukebe/MyApp.git'; role 'web' => [qw/001.server.name 002.server.name/], { deploy_to => '/home/user/www/myapp', branch => 'master', damoentools_dir => '/service/myapp' }; task deploy => { setup => sub { my ($host, @args) = @_; my $repository = get('repository'); my $deploy_to = get('deploy_to'); my $branch = 'origin/' . get('branch'); remote { run "git clone $repository $deploy_to && cd $deploy_to && git checkout -q $branch"; } $host; } }; $ cinnamon web deploy:setup
  33. 33. And many other modules - Data::Validator - Validator for Perl data - CloudForecast - Web Application for server monitoring - Data::Page::Navigation - Pager - Test::mysqld - Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy - Plack::Middleware::AxsLog - Starman
  34. 34. Bokete is supported by many CPAN Modules Mojolicious is good but minimal. We combine CPAN modules which is choosed. It’s like LEGO blocks !!
  35. 35. Wrap-up - I’ve talk about... - Bokete as a Japanese entertainment web site - We are using a Mojolicious !! - Other CPAN modules by Japanese authors - There is more than one way to develop web applications !! And ...
  36. 36. YAPC::Asia 2013 will be held ! - September 19 - 21 on Keio University near the Tokyo . - Early Bird Tickets On Sale ! - 1,000 JPY discounted . - Talk submissions are accepted now . - Most biggest YAPC in the world (Maybe) .
  37. 37. Thank you !!