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Rural up for oe awards2018

The Rural Up program was launched in 2011 for college students who concern about rural participation and innovation. The program is designed to cultivate students and give them opportunities to solve real problems by putting their own ideas into practice. Students become practitioner who can observe the question behind question, apply essential methods, lead multi-disciplinary teams to address challenges, communicate efficiently and effectively, and implement sustainable approaches that enhance rural development.
The Rural Up provides a participatory learning procedure that enables students to use their interdisciplinary skills to meet social needs. By engaging in collaboration with rural communities, students experience the challenges of solving unexpected problems through the learning process and connecting their work with the local residences.
Since the program was awarded as Asia regional bronze medal in 2015. We keep on working for better motivation system, best practices accumulation and promotion, as well as cooking potential social enterprises. The program guides a roadmap for making better and sustainable rural area.

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Rural up for oe awards2018

  1. 1. Soil & Water Conservation Bureau, COA Yung-Chuan Ko OEAwards2018 RURAL UPInnovative participation program for young fellow
  2. 2. Rural village
  3. 3. Education
  4. 4. Rural communityStudents’ team • Enthusiasm • Creativities • Mult. Skill/knowledge • Enjoy challenge • Desire to change • Practical Experience • Resources How
  5. 5. virtual/real platform Rural Up Rural community Students ’ team Grant InstructorsTraining Dev. Project support Profession Backup Students’ network Gov. support
  6. 6. Participant-centered Collaboration with rural communities
  7. 7. Observer
  10. 10. 圖片來源:廖怡雅
  11. 11. 圖片來源:蘋果日報
  12. 12. 63% Universities in Taiwan 188 Departments Impact
  13. 13. 92.6% trad. classroom are insufficient 83.7% equipped new skills 67% have willingness to return Social Participatory Education
  14. 14. Over 100+ cases online