Night bus from inle to yangon

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Night bus from inle to yangon

  1. 1. YourLocalBooking.Com Myanmar Airport Transfer- Tours- Hotels- Car Rental Night bus from Inle to YangonRoute: Inle to YangonDuration: 15 hoursPrice: 15 000 kyatTips:Bus is comfortable with working AC, comfy reclining seats and plenty of leg room.The bus station in Yangon is far from the city centre, but apparently there is a cheap shuttle service – asksomeone on the bus about it when you arrive in Yangon; there is a free shuttle.YourLocalBooking.comSkype: yourlocalbooking.comHotline: + 84 979 58 77 44Info@yourlocalbooking.comAdd: 2/6 Le Loi, Hoi An, Quang