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  1. This presentation contains forward-looking statements about the Company’s financial and operating results, which may include expected GAAP and non-GAAP financial and other operating and non-operating results, including revenue, net income, earnings per share, operating cash flow growth, operating margin improvement, expected revenue growth, expected current remaining performance obligation growth, expected tax rates, stock-based compensation expenses, amortization of purchased intangibles, shares outstanding, market growth, environmental, social and governance goals, expected capital allocation, including mergers and acquisitions, capital expenditures and other investments, expectations regarding closing contemplated acquisitions and contributions from acquired companies. The achievement or success of the matters covered by such forward-looking statements involves risks, uncertainties and assumptions. If any such risks or uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions prove incorrect, the Company’s results could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements it makes. The risks and uncertainties referred to above include those factors discussed in Salesforce’s reports filed from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including, but not limited to: risks associated with our ability to successfully integrate Slack Technologies, Inc.’s operations; our ability to realize the anticipated benefits of the Slack Technologies, Inc. transaction; the impact of Slack Technologies, Inc.’s business model on our ability to forecast revenue results; disruption from the transaction making it more difficult to maintain business and operational relationships; the impact of, and actions we may take in response to, the COVID-19 pandemic, related public health measures and resulting economic downturn and market volatility; our ability to maintain service performance and security levels meeting the expectations of our customers, and the resources and costs required to avoid unanticipated downtime and prevent, detect and remediate performance degradation and security breaches; our ability to secure and costs related to data center capacity and other infrastructure provided by third parties; our reliance on third-party hardware, software and platform providers; the effect of evolving domestic and foreign government regulations, including those related to the provision of services on the Internet, those related to accessing the Internet, and those addressing data privacy; current and potential litigation involving us or our industry, including litigation involving acquired entities such as Tableau; regulatory developments and regulatory investigations involving us or affecting our industry; our ability to successfully introduce new services and product features, including any efforts to expand our services beyond the CRM market; the success of our strategy of acquiring or making investments in complementary businesses and strategic partnerships; our ability to compete in the market in which we participate; the success of our business strategy and our plan to build our business; our ability to execute our business plans; our ability to continue to grow unearned revenue and remaining performance obligation; the pace of change and innovation in enterprise cloud computing services; the seasonal nature of our sales cycles; our ability to limit customer attrition and costs related to those efforts; the success of our international expansion strategy; the demands on our personnel and infrastructure resulting from significant growth in our customer base and operations; our dependency on the development and maintenance of the infrastructure of the Internet; our real estate and office facilities strategy and related costs and uncertainties; fluctuations in, and our ability to predict, our operating results and cash flows; the variability in our results arising from the accounting for term license revenue products; the performance and fair value of our investments in complementary businesses through our strategic investment portfolio; our ability to protect our intellectual property rights; our ability to develop our brands; the valuation of our deferred tax assets and the release of related valuation allowances; uncertainties regarding our tax obligations in connection with potential jurisdictional transfers of intellectual property; uncertainties regarding the effect of general economic conditions; and risks related to our debt and lease obligations. Forward-Looking Statements 031621
  2. Martin Lezer (Bordeaux - User Group) Hugo Rosario Marjolaine Colmart (French Riviera - User Group) Simon Lafont Benjamin Serra (Montpellier - Admin Group) Julie Boncour Yohann Chevreux (Nantes - Admin Group) Jean-Michel Mougeolle (Paris - Admin Group) Yosra Saidani Doria Hamelryk (Paris - WIT Group) Thierry Trouin Fabrice Challier (Toulouse - User Group) Frédérique Mounier (Lyon - WIT Group) Fabien Taillon Thomas Paraiso (Paris - Developer Group) Julien Lemaire (Lille - Admin Group) Elodie Loiseau (Aix-en-Provence - Admin Group) Margaux Canales Bertrand Rousset (Lyon - Admin Group) Arnaud Sourdillon (Lyon - Architect Group) Julien Coatelen (Paris - Marketing Cloud Group) Jean-Marie Vital (Paris - Non Profit User Group)
  3. Table of Contents ● Customization ● Mobile ● Flow ● Plateform ● Mobile & productivity ● Security Enhancement ● Devloppement ● Sales Cloud ● Marketing cloud
  4. Customization
  5. Dynamic Forms for Leads & Cases Quickly customize pages Customize field layouts from directly within Lightning App Builder, rather than having to go to the Page Layout Editor in the Setup menu. Drag and drop individual fields into field sections. Create personalized experiences Conditional visibility rules allow for more control of when certain fields and field sections are displayed. Field settings can denote whether a field is read-only or required. Improve page performance Progressive page rendering means improved page load times. Granular control over user experiences on the Lead and Case Object
  6. Dynamic Related Lists Now, the ‘View All’ link will appear on the Dynamic Related List component, allowing users to open a page that displays all the records (up to 2000) that match the Dynamic Related List filter criteria. See the right information at the right time - for example, show me only open opportunities on an account - and allow me to filter and sort too. The quick filter panel has two sections: one that shows how the admin has filtered the related list and a section that allows the user to create their own filters for their session. “View All”
  7. Dynamic Actions for All Standard Objects *Note: The Chatter Group object will still use the actions defined in the Group Page layout. Save time by managing actions in just one place! Build and configure dynamic actions for all Custom and Standard Entities* in the Lightning App Builder. Previously, dynamic actions were generally available only for Account, Case, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity for desktop. Control Actions on Records Now your users will see only the actions they need to see based on criteria you specify. For example, configure Actions which only show for end users on desktop when certain criteria are met - for example, Create Task only shows when a certain field has a value to trigger it.
  8. Dynamic Forms on Mobile (Pilot) Read the FAQ - This release will be a pilot release in customer sandboxes for custom objects, Accounts, Opportunities, and Contacts. Future plans are subject to change at any time, but a public beta of Dynamic Forms on Mobile is planned for the Summer ’23 release. Save time! Single record activation for field-level and component-level visibility for desktop, phone, and tablet. Reduce mental overhead for mobile workers Remove unnecessary fields and use visibility rules so your reps only see what they need to see and can concentrate on what they do best. In this example, mobile users won’t see the System Information field. Sandbox Pilot: sign up at
  9. Flow
  10. Nouveautés pour les #flownatics ! Builder - Description visible - Nouveau composant pour effectuer des HTTP callouts Screen Flow - Data Table passe GA - Nouvelles options pour les Lookups - Communication entre les composants (Beta) Record Trigger Flow - Process builder migration tool disponible ! Slack - Screen flow pour Slack passe GA
  11. Platform
  12. Release note & Podcast Sandboxes on Hyperforce: Quick Clone Enhancements (GA) Rohit Mehta (Senior Product Manager for Sandboxes and Scratch Orgs) a présenté en décembre 2022 sur le podcast Salesforce Admin des infos sur le futur des sandbox. Performances améliorées pour la création de sandbox : 2X - 15X Objectif : 10X Winter 23 : quick clone dev & dev pro Spring 23 : quick clone partial & full sandbox Pilot en spring 23 (annoncé mais introuvable) : quick create Rapidly clone Sandboxes on Hyperforce to release changes faster
  13. Trailhead Go Depuis le 23 janvier : ● Mode offline ● 2 nouvelles langues latines : Offline content & new languages
  14. Configure Searchable Fields for Each User Profile (Beta) Help your team get results related to their work by configuring all your searchable fields for each user profile. In Search Manager, you can now edit the fields to make them searchable or not searchable for each user profile.
  15. Configure Searchable Fields for Each User Profile (Beta) Help your team get results related to their work by configuring all your searchable fields for each user profile. In Search Manager, you can now edit the fields to make them searchable or not searchable for each user profile. Non-Sales Users Sales Users
  16. Clean Up Inactive Picklist Values Bulk Manage Picklist Values (GA) ● This feature is available only for custom picklist fields on an object. It’s not available for standard or multi-select picklist fields. ● This feature is only for picklist fields that have defined values. It’s not available for picklist fields that use a global value set.
  17. Pin Important Content on the Right Side of Record Pages Read the FAQ - ● Only for Pages with Desktop as
  18. Mobile and productivity
  19. Mobile Features Panel Admins can now opt-in to newer mobile features with a simple click of a button. With items like Reports and Contacts, the Mobile app behaves differently to the web-based desktop version, so we allow admins to turn these things off if they want the more basic version of the UI. You can expect more features to be available here in future releases as well. Landscape Support for Phones (Beta) Now you can opt-in to a beta feature that allows you to use your phone in landscape orientation. It isn’t recommended for production use as there are numerous usability issues to address. Rotation continues to be supported on tablets. Simplified Features opt-in
  20. Enhanced Lightning Reports Available the week of February 13, 2023 A new, native reports interface tailored for phone and tablet will be auto-enabled for all customers. Built natively for mobile, resulting in to up to 6x faster load time Interactive experience with faster sorting and manipulation. Support for Charts, Viewing & Editing Filters, Conditional Formatting, & much more! Natively Rendered Summary & Tabular Reports
  21. Enhanced Contacts (Beta) Available the week of February 13, 2023 Enhanced contacts allows you to take your contact management to the next level. ● New, native contact home with recent contacts and lists at a glance ● Searchable contacts from home and from within lists ● New Swipe actions for calling and emailing ● Bulk import and export support ● Compact and customizable contact detail views to show only relevant fields. Opt-in beta from SF Setup, End Users can toggle feature on or off as they prefer.
  22. Let Customers Pick Their Own Meeting Times When emailing customers, reps can now avoid the back-and-forth and include a link to their Outlook or Gmail calendar so that the customer can choose their meeting time. When creating an email, reps click the scheduling icon and select Add Scheduling Link. Now available as part of InBox features (prior was only Preferred Times)
  23. Dynamic Activity Composer The dynamic activity composer gives reps activities at the click of a button and offers more choices than the tabbed activity composer. 1. Users click the buttons to perform the action, or they can click the dropdown menus for more actions. 2. The dropdown menus offer new features. In the Email dropdown, if a user has more than one email address, they can choose from up to three addresses to send the email. Users can also get to their email preferences quickly. And users can easily add email to their to do list. Take Action More Quickly in the Dynamic Activity Compose
  24. Security enhancement
  25. End of live of Permission Set on Profile Soyez prêts pour 2026!
  26. Permissions enhancements
  27. Sharing enhancements See who can access records and why
  28. Apply and Automate Mass Access with User Access Policies (Beta) More info: se-notes.rn_permissions_access_user_access_p olicies.htm&release=242&type=5 For access to the User Access Policies (beta): N_Rb5x-_SLps23sPS00Vn_-2MPFbzQZjoOI2C6I onC74A/viewform Demo: mforce_2022/series/Administrators/episode/episo de-s1e6.
  29. Recalculate Account Sharing Rules Faster (Beta) Salesforce provides implicit sharing between a parent account and its child objects (cases, contacts, and opportunities). Creating implicit sharing records virtually speeds up the recalculation of these sharing mechanisms. ● Org-Wide Defaults ● Sharing Rules ● Group Membership ● Manual Sharing For information on enabling this functionality, contact Salesforce.
  30. Development
  31. (Beta) Enable Third-Party Integrations with Light DOM Light DOM allows third-party tools to traverse the DOM Share JavaScript and CSS in tree DOM
  32. Old style : New Style : Conditional statements Lightning Web Component If:true, if false —> lwc:if, lwc:elseif, lwc:elseif....., lwc:else
  33. Old style : New Style : Query DOM Elements with Refs this.querySelector() -> this.refs
  34. Secure Apex Code with User Mode Database Operations
  35. Synchronize Component Data Without a Page Refresh Using RefreshView API (Beta) An official replacement for legacy force:refreshView Both fire and register events Faster and more efficient than force:refreshView
  36. Fetch Data Using the GraphQL Wire Adapter (Pilot) Based on Salesforce GraphQL API
  37. Fetch Data Using the GraphQL Wire Adapter (Pilot) Query records with relations, filters and ordering, without Apex !
  38. View Debug Information for Your Wired Properties $0 to Debug @Wire
  39. Dynamically Pass Bind Variables to a SOQL Query Pas la meilleure nouvelle de la Spring 23 !!!!
  40. Run the SandboxPostCopy Script as Automated Process User (test only) deploy Refresh Attendre que le script tourne pour voir qu’il n’a pas fonctionné et recommencer le cycle Test then deploy Refresh Plus d'inquiétude vu qu’on a pu tester Before spring 23 Spring 23
  41. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement
  42. MCAE Optimizer ● Fonctionnalité disponible en version Beta ● Dashboard de check-up pour chacune de vos Business Units MCAE ● Suggestions concrètes pour améliorer les performances (délais d’envoi des emails, visiteurs, automatisations…) ● Où le trouver ? MCAE Settings → Account Settings → Performance sub-tab.
  43. Actions requises sur MCAE 1 - Validation de la synchronisation du champs « opt-out » : Définir le comportement de synchronisation du champs « opted-out » entre Pardot et le CRM avant le 11 juin. 2 - Authentification des domaines d’envoi en DKIM 3 - Activation / mise à jour du tracking avec les cookies 1st party
  44. API et tracking des activités externes Amélioration API v5 – alignement avec les Best Practices d’intégration : ● Exports améliorés : Support étendu à 28 objets ● Actions groupées : Lancez des actions de table multi-sélection pour le traitement asynchrone en masse des enregistrements. ● Monitoring des actions externes : « Daily external actions calls » et External actions errors »
  45. Sales Cloud
  46. Salesforce Product Roadmap: Ideas & Winners
  47. Shape Salesforce Roadmap & Discover what’s next Use your coins - Ideas prioritization Check what's coming next! Bonus: check DevOps Center Roadmap here ⇒
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  49. #FTD23 30 Nov - Tickets ->
  50. Kahoot !