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Integrated Business Process Management System

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A thought for total performance environment using common industry solutions.

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Integrated Business Process Management System

  1. 1. Integrated Business Process Management System (IBPMS) Thought for Total Performance Environment Yeshraj Singh
  2. 2. What is Wh t i it?  Business Process Management (BPM) – IS WHAT WE DO  AND Business Process Management System (BPMS) – ARE THE TOOLS WE USE  AND Integrated Business Process Management System (IBMS) – IS THE INTEGRATED FRAMEWORK FOR THE PROCESSES AND TOOLS WE USE
  3. 3. How d we use it? H do  Process Optimization  Automation  Performance Improvement HOW ARE WE CHOOSING OUR ACTIONS? WHAT ASPECT DO WE SEEK TO IMPACT?
  4. 4. Why i Wh is it important? i t t?  Outside – in View; Focus on Customer Outcomes – The way to survive in today’s economy - DISPLACEMENT  Low Price  Integrated p g products and services  Operational Efficiency – HEAD TO HEAD  Happy workers = Happy customer ppy ppy  People commitment and support – Big resource for economic growth
  5. 5. Integrated Business Process Management S t M t System  Connect Deployment Deployment, Iterative and Step change phases  Tackle mess due to processes documented in word and spreadsheet  Respond quickly to external and internal factors – ex. organization restructuring, new potential customer
  6. 6. IBMS C Conceptual F t l Framework k Increase in Increase in Increase in Increase in Records external electronic files stack of files – emails and images paper work
  7. 7. Structured / Unstructured D t St t d U t t d Data  Don t Don’t rely on unstructured data  Prone to be altered and faulty  Resource consuming  High risk and low productivity
  8. 8. Procedure vs Practice P d P ti  Automate transactional processes  Lean entire Business Process Management from Integration prospective
  9. 9. General Processes & Related Metrics Need Automation M t i –N dA t ti  Growth Management  Customer On Boarding  Invoicing  Customer Outcomes  Employee Referral and On Boarding  Governance  Case Management  Project Management – Flexible and Scalable System  Management Reporting  Compliance  Asset Management A tM t  Resource Management and Utilization  Performance Management All processes interlinked together hence shall be leaned through integrated framework
  10. 10. Faster Access to Revenue through Effective C t Eff ti Customer O bOn-boarding di  A work fl k flow th t automates account that t t t opening from start to finish  Support for multiple lines of business and customers  Ease-to-use browser-base interface for staff, enabling faster customer set-up and multiple account creation  Automation of Legal and Credit on- boarding step  Real-time visibility of on-boarding status across business
  11. 11. Reduce Costs & Improve Cash Management i the Invoicing Cycle M t in th I i i C l  Reduce cost per i R d invoice i  Cut billing processing time  Eliminates errors due to re- keying of invoicing data  Eliminate paper from the invoicing process  Stream St lines li approval l processing  Increase productivity of staff
  12. 12. Improve Productivity & Efficiency Through Effective Employee On- g p y boarding  Integrate employee referral process I t t l f l with on-boarding process  Shorten time to productivity for all new hires  Reduce on-boarding costs  Ensure compliance of on-boarding procedure  Automatically detect and handle on- boarding issues b di i  Common platform to view the on- boarding status across business
  13. 13. Improve Operation Efficiency Through Effective Project g j Management  Automate complete project A t t l t j t life lif cycle l – Requirements to Output  Tightly integrate different components of project management – Requirement, Estimate, Forecast, Process Compliance, Resource Utilization etc  Auto extract of operational related metrics – Yield, Shift Utilization, Effort Over run  Auto metrics to forecast work load at group- >CoE->Organization; on team vs people  Tightly integrate employee on boarding and invoicing process with operation efficiency process  Automate and integrate customer outcome or customer satisfaction index process with project management  Common and scalable platform
  14. 14. Win Employee Engagement Through Empowerment & Visibility
  15. 15. Open & scalable platform t capture the growth O l bl l tf to t th th potential and optimize operational cost