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Working with Router Users

User accounts are required on a router in order to log in.

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Working with Router Users

  1. 1. Working with Router Users YASER RAHMATI www.yaser-rahmati.ir Creating a user in the account database : To create a user in the account database, use a command like the following to specify the username and password: Removing a user : To remove a user, you can use the standard no command and then specify the username in the same way that following the command removes the user named remoteuser from the local database. Router(config)#username remoteuser password remotepass Router(config)#username edt password edpass Router(config)#no username remoteuser Showing connected users : At times, you will want to find out who is connected to your router and performing management operations. You can easily do so using the show users command. Here is an example of the output: Router#show users all Line User Host(s) Idle Location * 0 con 0 idle 00:00:00 65 aux 0 00:00:00 66 vty 0 idle 00:02:01 67 vty 1 00:00:00 68 vty 2 00:00:00 69 vty 3 00:00:00 70 vty 4 00:00:00 71 vty 5 remoteuser idle 00:01:05 Interface User Mode Idle Peer Address Enable user-level protection : Finally, you need to enable the login local setting on the interfaces you want to protect with this user-level protection, using a command similar to the following: Router(config)#line aux 0 Router(config-line)#login local