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Different climatic regions of the world

Brief overview of Different climatic regions of the world with images and animations

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Different climatic regions of the world

  1. 1. Different Climatic Regions of the World
  2. 2. I. Major Climate Zones  Climate is the average weather conditions over a long period of time.  Earth is a complex mix of climates.  Geographers identify these climate by observing:  Temperature  Precipitation  Native plant life
  3. 3. I. Major Climate Zones  With these observations we can divide Planet Earth into fiver basic climate zones:  I. Tropical  II. Temperate  III. Polar  IV. Dry  V. Highland/Mountain
  4. 4. I. Major Climate Zones  I. Tropical Climates  Occur near the equator and the lower latitudes  These climates extend from the Tropic of Cancer through the Equator and down to the Tropic of Capricorn.  This climate tends to be warm, muggy, and rainy year-round.  Temperatures average around 80°F  Rainfall averages between 70-450 inches per year!!!  This is why it is known as the rainforest.  Monsoons- Seasonal winds that bring either dry or moist air
  5. 5. I. Major Climates Zones  II. Temperate Climates  Occur about halfway between the equator and the poles in the middle latitudes.  This climate has four distinct seasons.  Summers are short and hot.  Springs and falls are mild.  Winters are long, cold, and typically snowy.  Plant Life: Tall grasslands to both coniferous and deciduous trees  Main areas in U.S.: Great Plains, Midwest
  6. 6. III. Temperate Climates  This climates tends to have mixed forests.  Deciduous trees  Lose their leaves each fall.  Coniferous trees  Do not shed their leaves and are green year- round.
  7. 7. I. Major Climate Zones  III. Polar Climates  Occur near the poles  Higher latitudes  Even with this extreme cold, polar bears, penguins, whales, and seals are able to survive quite well in this frigid climate
  8. 8. I. Major Climate Zones  IV/V. Dry and Highland Climates  These can be found in many different latitudes.  This climate can be several climates at once.  It depends upon elevation.  As you go up the mountain, temperatures drop and plant life grows more scarce.
  9. 9. I. Major Climate Zones  World Climate Regions:  Humid Tropical  Tropical Savanna  Desert  Steppe  Mediterranean  Humid Subtropical  Marine West Coast  Humid Continental  Subarctic  Tundra  Ice Cap  Highland
  10. 10. World Climate Regions Humid Tropical Tropical Savanna Desert SteppeMarine West Coast Humid Continental Subarctic TundraIce Cap Highland
  11. 11. THANKS