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How effective is the combination of my media

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How effective is the combination of my media

  1. 1. By Victoria Graham
  2. 2. Advertisement PosterI think that my main media product and ancillary texts are effective in the way that they stick to the criteria of the project I was set out as all aspects of my media product that I have used in the production have been relevant to the topic I chosen to focus on. The ancillary texts were also relevant and did not move away from the topic I was concentrating on as all of the texts used such as on the advert for example we had to find a way of displaying details about the documentary in a short and precise way in addition to being creative with how we did so. The advert text had to be short and to the point as a large chuck of text would have differed from the conventions of documentary adverts as adverts are only given an allotted time of 30 seconds maximum to fit all of the information in. The text and logo used was relevant to the documentary and to the channel it was being broadcasted on to help the view remember and distinguish what kind of programme is being advertised to them and whether it is of interest to them. By using text in this way I believe has made our ancillary texts much more effective when combined with our main product as not only is it relevant it is interesting, informative and follows the conventions that I had earlier researched for these type of texts.
  3. 3. I also think that the combination of my media product and ancillary texts are effective in the way that the texts narrate the images that my media products show and example of the use of this would be in my documentary when titles narrate who is talking and their profession to highlight who they are and their relevance to the documentary topic. This is very effective in letting the audience know who is being interviewed as this might effect their opinion on the content of what is being said in the interview. This effect also highlights the type of person being interviewed whether they are a professional in the field that is mentioned in the topic or if they are just a regular person. Ancillary text have played a significant part in our documentary as all of the texts used in all o9f our media products highlight relevance to the topic and provide clarity to the audience about the content of the media products. These two factors are very important when creating effective media products as they provide vital information to the audience that otherwise would be hard to get across without using effective ancillary text which I believe the texts I have used are.
  4. 4. If I got to redo my media project in reference to how effective it is would be with my radio add. If I was to recreate my radio add I would use a different narrator as the one that I currently have does not sound enthusiastic enough which affects how effective the voice over is as the usual connotations of a radio add for a programme that is going to be aired on E4 is quite enthusiastic and lively as the target audience for this type of media is a the younger generation such as teenagers and young adults. When targeting this type of audience the most effective type of marketing is to have enthusiastic elements to it to not make the media products sound too dull or mundane. The voice over for our current media add is not as effective in this case due to these connotations of advertising to young people as the voice over is not enthusiastic as what it should be for this type of target audience. Excluding the voice over no my radio add I do not think i would change any of my other media products as I think the ancillary tests on all of my other pieces of work are effective as they contain all of the criteria and connotations to documentary ancillary texts and is relevant to our target audience as in have established in earlier points.